A little miracle…welcoming baby Leo.

After a dramatic water-breaking (at the beach during Tropical Storm Hanna – don’t ask why I felt the need to connect with the ocean during a storm) and a 24-hour labor, we are so proud to welcome our little miracle surfer baby Leonardo Michael. He is named as such because he is, like a lion, “brave and strong”. He is very blond, weighed 8 lbs and 1 oz and arrived Sunday afternoon.

Such joy and love – we are humbled and proud. Today, show your love for an innocent child. They make the world a beautiful place and our lives worth living.

With love and hugs, Liz, Mike, Ava and Leo


  1. liz,god bless baby leo!mario

  2. Congrats he is so sweet

  3. New to your blog… CONGRATULATIONS on a beautiful baby boy and a wonderful blog!!Valerie

  4. Liz, Congratulations to you, Mike, and Ava. He is adorable! Enjoy him. They grow up so fast.Michele

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