Breaking – Florida reverses itself and seeks the death penalty for Casey Anthony

In a groundbreaking maneuver, the State of Florida has reversed its prior decision and will now consider Casey Anthony eligible for the death penalty in the murder of her daughter, Caylee.


UPDATE: I have seen reports that Jose Baez may not be able to represent Ms. Anthony as he is not certified to argue a death penalty case. She needs to bring in the big guns.

That said, I have a theory about what happened. Yes, she should just plea and stop the lies and the death penalty thing will be off the table. I don’t believe that she intended to kill her child. Yes, you heard me. I think, in a partying haze, that perhaps she left the baby in a car, maybe aided by chloroform to “help her sleep”. Come on, Casey is quite dumb. The car overheated, Casey was a) out partying or b) with a man who expressed that he did not like children and the child died. Casey, in a panic, did not call 911. Instead, she began to weave this INSANE web of lies to cover up the child’s death. She carried the corpse in her car until she found the opportunity to wrap her in trash bags and bury her, never thinking she’d be found.

Now, her parents are going on “Oprah”. They won’t cooperate with Zenaida Gonzalez’s attorneys in the civil suit, they keep arguing that they want privacy, and yet, they will go on “Oprah”. I don’t know what to think. There’s part of me that really feels for these people, especially George. Cindy seems unhinged, but who am I to judge? She could be grieving for Caylee. While Cindy and George may not seem likable, who knows how one would act in the spotlight? Casey clearly is not getting any good advice from Mr. Baez (the most loathesome of any of the players at this point) and she should just break it down to the Judge and plea already.


  1. liz,

    to repeat what i said b4, i’m opposed to the death penalty on principle, but its cases like these where children are murdered that really strain my opposition.


  2. I unfortunately do not feel the same way. I am very pro-death penalty, particularly when it comes to cases of murder and victims of sexual assault when they are children.

    A lot of people criticize me for this, but I have very strong feelings that sexual predators can not be reformed and are better off not being able to ever be released or let back into society.

    Statistics strongly approve they re-offend. Putting them away for life costs me tax dollars.

    I truly do not believe that life in prision reforms them, makes them sorry, or controls their urges. I just don’t. My rapist raped again. If I had it my way, he’d be dead.

    When you’ve never been through it, it’s very hard to understand what survivors go through. While we can make the best of things, the aftermath of rape is a prison of it’s own. In my view- Rape is murder of one’s Soul.

    As far as Casey Anthony goes- well… Her lawyer is the dumbest fuck I’ve ever seen. Everyone knows she did it. I think the death penalty will be off the table if she just pleads, which is why I think the prosecutors went this route. It’s clearly a legal tactic.

    But he’s too busy getting face time in the media to tell his client she has no chance in hell. I think it’s very irresponsible for a lawyer who knows his client is doomed to put her through a defense he will never possibly win, milk her family for all their money, and drag a family of modest means through the mud.

    They lost a grandchild already. If their daughter doesn’t admit to what she did, they will lose her too.

  3. She’ll be sentenced to death but they won’t execute her. She’ll appeal, and they will eventually commute her sentence to life. Florida doesn’t do a lot of executions, and regardless of the horrible nature of her crime, she is a woman. Ol’ Charlie Crist isn’t going to execute a woman, not even Casey Anthony.

  4. You’re probably right. But, I just think that it’s ridiculous that her family is spending the money that they are on this guy.

    It’s plain as day she did it. She has no chance in hell. NOT A ONE. If this were my daughter and the evidence were that damning there would be no way I’d stand by her or belive in her innocence. I mean there is just no freaking way ANY parent could possibly still believe their daughter had nothing to do with this after all the lies she told.

    A fake baby sitter, stolen checks, stolen gas cans, partying it up when your kid goes missing. EARTH TO GEORGE AND CINDY- and isn’t he an ex cop? ummm… Hello???

  5. @ Erin – I agree totally
    @ Michele – I think the only reason to have a defense attorney speak so publicly is to lessen the penalty. He’s not the sharpest knife, but he’s using tactics that generally work. His job is to minimize her exposure to the system.

    Yes, George is an ex-cop, which REALLY makes me wish they could make his suicide note part of evidence. I still do not understand how she could live with her parents and they a) did not know she didn’t have a job, b) did not know the “nanny”, c) PS – if you don’t have a job, what do you need a nanny for? Gosh, I could go on and on.

    My point is, I don’t really believe she sat and plotted her daughter’s murder. Yes, I believe she killed her, but not with that cold-blooded malice aforethought. Heck, I have been wrong before. She just seems like an irresponsible tool whose Mom forced her to have this baby and who is socially retarded.

  6. It will be interesting to see how it all turns out. I think they are all socially retarded, but what do I know?

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