My official thoughts on the allegations against Chris Brown.

With the release of Chris Brown’s “I’m Not A Monster” YouTube piece – I won’t even post it here – I want you all to read my official position on domestic violence and that case in particular.

Enjoy and please comment.

Craigslist rapist convicted, slams victims, portrays himself as one.

I don’t care if you are a prostitute…you don’t deserve rape. This gem of a guy, David Gage, a former law enforcement officer (does that mean cop?), was sentenced to 29 years in the clink for raping women he met on Craigslist.

At his allocution, he slams the victims in his apology by saying they “got themselves into the situation”. I would have lit my own hair on fire at that point. If you are sitting there at sentencing, you should just say “I’m really sorry. Let’s go to jail now”, thereby sparing the victims any further pain by laying blame on them.

He also claims that he was a victim. Rape is the only crime that I know of when the victim is positioned in a place of responsibility. When will that end?

UPDATE: Gage was found dead in his cell yesterday of an apparent suicide.

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) suggests AIG Execs “commit suicide” over bonus outrage.

This is the sickest thing – and rather akin to what I was saying about how we, as Americans, value money more than human life. Yes, AIG is a terrible scandal, but for this asshat to suggest suicide as a way of making amends is beyond the pale. I suggest Senator Grassley spend some time with a family that has lost a loved one to suicide.

Extreme days call for extreme measures. Why does no one suggest Josef Fritzl commit suicide? I would not condone such a message, but clearly, the priorities in this country are messed up. Do these people hear the stupidity before they open their mouths and say incendiary things? Now, he’ll always be known as the “AIG suicide suggester guy”. Lord.


UPDATE: The good Senator wants to clear the air and say he obviously didn’t mean the suicide suggestion.

Forgiveness is overrated. Thank you, Elie Wiesel.

Elie Wiesel is one of the great humanitarians and heroes of our time. If you’ve not read “Night”, please run out and do so. Mr. Wiesel lost his fortune to Bernie Madoff.

He says he cannot and will not forgive Madoff.

This is not about me, but this is my answer to those calling for my head as they perceive my unwillingness to forgive my rapist. I’d much rather have lost all of my money. I can get that back. My virginity and dignity cannot be bought back or restored. Forgiveness is a word bandied about like so many these days and I refuse to be vilified for appropriate anger in response to a crime against my person and humanity. If Elie Wiesel (practically a saint, in my book) cannot do so, then I support him.

Enough said.

Chris Brown is sorry for “what transpired”. Not “for what I did to her”.

The language of the offender – whether rapist, wife-beater, etc., is always so carefully spun. One need only check out Beebe’s YouTube speech (I won’t link it as I cannot bear to look at it) to see how carefully crafted words remove accountability from these assholes. Chris is “sorry for what transpired”. Very big difference between that and him saying he is “sorry for beating Rihanna”. I call this the “non-apology apology”. It’s rampant. At least A-Rod straight up admitted his crap and by the way, his steroid use didn’t hurt anyone but himself. I am exhausted with the whole Michael Phelpsian taking to task of role models for stupid decisions while people are getting beaten, raped and murdered all the while saying “I’m so soowwwwwy”. Poor me, I was drunk/abused as a child/came from a broken home.

No, Chris Brown, I don’t need to wait until all the facts come out. Those people calling for “all the facts” are what I call “perpetrator perpetuators”. You know these folks, “Well, I am totally against rape, BUT….what was she doing at the party/wearing/walking home alone for?” You know the type.

Rihanna is entitled to her privacy. She is also, I hope, entitled to speak out and do some good, drawing attention to this awful thing called violence against women. Praying for strength for the gorgeous songbird from Barbados, that she can use this to teach so many young women what even she, with her fame and wealth, could not stop.

Ah – the old deathbed confession.

I have often said, I wish the other douchebags of Phi Kappa Psi would speak up NOW, rather than later, about the other two complete evil beings who raped me. I don’t really want to know the details, but I am trying avoid the following scenario:

Douchebag who didn’t cooperate with the Police contracts brain cancer or pancreatic cancer. Doesn’t have long to live. Doesn’t want to meet his Maker with this knowledge that he lied and covered up. Wants to cleanse his soul. On his deathbed, he confesses to what he knows. I am probably about 65 and playing with my grandchildren when this awful shit again permeates my life and I get another letter or phone call. Just sayin’. They should have gotten it out now.

But this post is about Virginia’s own Sharron Diane Crawford Smith, who killed two women in 1967 because they taunted her (Smith) about her being a lesbian. Shot them right in an ice cream store in Staunton. She was arrested and charged with first degree murder after her November 28 confession and a trial date was set, but it never went to trial because of Smith’s health problems. The police and the Commonwealth Attorney still say they have questions about the case. Sounds like brilliant police work.

And get this! The murderess GAVE the gun to a member of the Staunton Police, David Bocock, who buried it for her. This cop is the same cop who, according to the article, taught her how to shoot! Jesus! He’s now dead. KARMA. Some woman brought the gun in when she heard. Seems HER husband, a cop, was given the gun by Bocock and told to hush about it. I love small town justice.

Anyway, here’s to some justice and peace for the families, who you’d think might have known this all along if the cops had done their jobs. I’m just saying. Funny how these cases in Virginia are open until there’s a confession.

What do you all think of this case?

I love Glenn Sacks – and I want you all to read this lively discourse.

Glenn Sacks is a wonderfully prolific author, blogger and commentator on the rights of men and families. Some of his blog commenters like to attack me about statistics and such and that’s cool – the blogosphere is a weird neighborhood and the issues get lost. What matters is that I like Glenn’s work and some people find that mystifying.

That said, his recent entry – guest blogged by Pierce Harlan – about Arkansas wanting to do away with the statute of limitations on rape is a good one. Semantics aside (acquaintance rape versus, um, “real” or stranger rape with DNA), go to the comments section for the lively discourse between Pierce and Georgia Girl. Good stuff.

My own issue of course, is that without the lack of a SOL on rape in Virginia, we wouldn’t have gotten our guy. Clearly, he remembered it as he contacted me with the date and details. Gee, thanks. And I DID remember every detail possible about it, 22 years later, not that that matters unless you must testify, which I did. No DNA. It seems to me we call all agree on one thing: there should be sanctions for those who falsely accuse. That said, there are not millions of falsely accused “rapists” behind bars. I would posit that there are more rapists walking around free because, wait for it – VERY FEW MEN OR WOMEN WHO HAVE BEEN RAPED EVER REPORT IT because the system is just too damn hard on the (real) victims.


Carlie Brucia’s killer wants the Fla. Supreme Court to overturn his death sentence.

You know, I think justice is always important and I would never want to see an innocent person locked up. That said, when convicted killers come back into the light of day, arguing over things such as “why was the jury shown photos” and “we think the DNA was mishandled” when it was clearly a fair trial, I get pissed off that the taxpayers have to spend more time on these scumbags. Perhaps there is evidence for him to pursue this and my judgement is off, but I really don’t believe it is.

You will remember that Joseph Smith abducted, raped and murdered Carlie Brucia in 2004 and her abduction was captured on a security tape. It was a terrible case that many will never soon forget. That this public defender has the balls to do this kills me. Let Carlie lie in peace and let Mr. Smith have his sentence. That’s all I am saying.

And now, we have Carlie’s Law. Thank God. Because you know he was out on probation when he did this. Surprise, surprise!

The University of Virginia rebuked by the Fed for attempting to silence sexual assault victims.

Four years after the college safety nonprofit Security on Campus filed a complaint against UVA for its mishandling of sexual assault cases, the Department of Education has ruled that the university has, in fact, violated federal law by threatening victims of sexual assault with punishment if they spoke about their cases.

I cannot say enough kind words about Security on Campus, the Clery Act or Annie. You can read about it here.

UPDATE: A huge “thank you” to Susan Russell, whose efforts spearheaded what happened in this case. She is a concerned mom to a survivor, an activist and the founder of an amazing website that I wish didn’t have to exist. You can check it out here.

He was violating his probation? You don’t say!

Read here as to why Michael Mele was trolling the clubs. Good job, Probation Officers.