Mixing media – I need to have a blog at my company, BUT…

Most of you know I am an event planner and we are adding a blog at our corporate website, ergo, no mixing of my work as an advocate/blogger and my “real” job. With that said, Marnie sent me the gosh darn funniest link to a blog called Cakewrecks yesterday. I am privileged to work with the country’s best cake designers on a daily basis and remain in awe of their ability to create gorgeous and tasty masterpieces (and I’m not talking about that guy on the Food Network – although his staff is fun to watch). I’m talking about the MASTERS, people; those who spin sugar into fantasy and leave us breathless and a little poorer.

Much like party planners, everyone thinks they can be a cake designer. Not so, on either count. Planning your own tacky wedding doesn’t qualify you for either and yet – oh, the mountains of resumes! “Hi! I am an investment banker, but since planning my wedding, I know my TRUE calling is that of event planning and I wondered if you had any…..” No. No. No.

That’s why I give big love to this blog about really bad and stupid cakes. You’ll remember my post way back when over a year ago about the awful cake picture someone sent me? I think I should send it in – they do indeed have a section for the truly tasteless.

Enjoy your Friday afternoon and laugh it up. You’ll never think of Cookie Puss the same way again. No, you’ll revere him.

Retail Spotlight Friday – a little indulgence for Mother’s Day!

Generally, I like to spotlight things that are affordable, responsible in some way/giving back, etc. but today, some serious indulgence for the Mom, mom to be or mom “in your head”. You can be a mother without being one. Let’s recognize them with some luxury, shall we?

The Tali Gilette “Mama” jewelry range – I am so hoping for a necklace, but probably for the birth of my son. My husband is so busy, I don’t expect anything but sleep! These are just gorgeous and a great alternative to the ubiquitous baby shoe charms.

Also, I have the Mauri Pioppo “Love Letters” necklace with an “A” for Ava from last year’s Mother’s Day. You can choose the discs and initials with tiny diamond and also the color of the stones. Affordable luxury. I’ll be adding a disc soon!

Handbag lust – I am drooling over Miu Miu’s large quilted Chevron hobo in ivory. Big enough to be a diaper and work bag and still look stylish. Plus, you can take it on the plane as a carry-on.

Shoe lust – Also drooling over Tory Burch’s Miller flats in silver or gold. So cute!

Luxe sheets – I am a Frette fan, but now currently hooked on Restoration Hardware’s Italian Hotel Satin Stitch Bedding – I ordered them with gorgeous silver gray “Ash” trim as I’ll be spending at least two hours a day on bedrest. Plus, what Mom doesn’t deserve nice sheets and a nice lie-in on Sunday? By the way, 200 thread count is all you need. Those folks who claim 600 thread count? It’s actually a fallacy and doesn’t change the quality or “hand” of the fabric.

For the beauty junkie Mom, or the Mom who likes to smell great. Marc Jacobs’ Limited Edition Splashes – Basil, Grapefruit and others can all be ordered at Sephora. There’s even free shipping for orders over $50! I bought my Mom the limited edition Marc Jacobs Modern Gardenia Perfume.

For the Mom To Be: Mia Bossi’s Maria Bags – I adore them in “Exotic Shimmer”, “Godiva” and “Giraffe” from Little Dudes and Divas – free shipping and great discounts. It can even fit my laptop (you can order an extra laptop carry case to fit inside) as well as Junior’s stuff. There’s a faux fur, washable changing pad and it’s super stylish and pratical. Be sure to throw in a bottle of Elemis’ Japanese Camellia Body Oil – it totally prevents stretch marks and she won’t be offended.

Sweet treat: Very Vera Red Velvet Cake. Hands down, the best. My inner Southern girl is giddy with anticipation. A must.

To all the moms, children, those without moms, those who know mom-like figures, those remembering moms who have passed on, those trying to be moms and those who struggle with motherhood, be good to yourself this weekend. We all came from somewhere, right?

Who thinks of this stuff?

Some fantastic being had the above to say about the case against Beebe – and it’s rather unoriginal since I had seen this somewhere a long time ago – on Fark.com, I think. This was emailed to our STARS Foundation. Now, having said I do indeed have a gallows sense of humor, what can be said about this? The sender said perhaps I would have been less offended with this approach rather than a letter from Mr. Beebe.

What do you think? Funny or awful? I won’t judge or bite you. I think it’s terrible, but not “I’m going to have a panic attack and run to my therapist” awful. It just shows how completely out of touch folks are with the crime of rape. If anything, it pokes fun at the perp, no? Well, it’s tasteless. Every pun intended.