Dame Helen! Now what?

The Queen is speaking about rape again. Good golly. It’s a long ass article, but she talks about how you don’t want women on a rape trial jury because women are “sexually jealous”.

Helen thinks a mostly female jury won’t convict a male rapist, because women are sexually jealous of other women. Helen says that the defense team try to get as many chicks on the jury as possible ” because women go against women.” She went on to say, “Whether in a deep-seated animalistic way, going back billions of years, or from a sense of tribal jealousy or just antagonism, I don’t know. But other women on a rape case would say she was asking for it. The only reason I can think of is that they’re sexually jealous.”

Vera Baird, a British politician, immediately responded to Helen’s comments: “This is just such an ignorant thing to say, to suggest that the defense or prosecution have any involvement in the selection of a jury. I do not know what she is talking about, women hating women. This is a vast generalization based on nothing, but unfortunately it is likely to have a deterrent effect.”

Okay now. I can say this. She is right and wrong. You do NOT want women on a rape trial jury because women who have not been raped (or have and have buried it) place their fears on the victim and basically shut down. They are judgmental and refuse to believe that rape exists since it’s too horrifying for them to fathom. I know this as I’ve received thousands of letters and emails from women who cannot possibly understand why my rapist was prosecuted. They honestly can’t. Take a red State woman, talk about rape to her and her eyes will glaze over and she’ll talk about puppies and rainbows. It makes folks uncomfortable and women in particular don’t ever think about it.

Where Dame Helen needs to STFU about is that women are “sexually jealous”. Helen – psst. Rape is about violence. No one is jealous that the guy raped you and NOT her, the juror. What I am saying is that the only time the word “sexual” should be used in discussions of rape is when speaking anatomically or for “sexual assault”, etc.

You know, Helen, you have GOT to stop. That said, she has the right to be heard. Who am I to silence her; after all, she is a survivor. Oh, she also says that female jurors acquitted rapists “back in the day”. Um, Helen, it is still happening. Read the entire article here.

News? I can’t, I just can’t.

I reallllly hope they are paying Matt and Al of the Olympics, er, “Today” Show a ton of sheckels, because besides the photo above, this has to take the cake. I became addicted to morning news – CNN and MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” of late – years ago. It all began with “Today” and was filled with hard hitting news. Now, I watch pretty much anything, but have realized a four hour show has about 25 minutes of news and then, cooking and “scaring parents” or “heat up your sex life” segments. Is this what middle America wants to see? That and they create segments around news that has broken about, oh, three weeks ago. That Kathie Lee, though – she’s priceless. I’d watch the fourth hour just to watch my fellow Greenwich neighbor and her wine rack.

Having appeared on many of the television news shows, I understand the need to pull in ratings, but this….well, this actually brightened my day the more I think about it.

Right now, I just don’t know what to think. But enjoy. Especially the Brian cameo.

Joyful Heart Foundation auctions on eBay. Thank you, Mariska!

So, the Joyful Heart Foundation is one of my favorite causes and they currently have items listed from Mariska Hargitay, Sharon Stone, Dana Delany, Mary Steenburgen, etc. on eBay, 100% of the proceeds going to JHF, which helps survivors of sexual assault.

Mariska, while swimming with dolphins on vacation, experienced a “breakthrough” and realized that survivors could be helped in this way, ergo, she founded Joyful Heart. Playing Detective Olivia Benson had taken (and takes) quite a toll on her and while not a survivor herself, she is trained to tend to survivors and does this at SAVI – Mt. Sinai’s survivor arm.

True story – last SAVI fundraiser, I wanted to introduce Mr. Notranting to Mariska and he was just too mesmerized. That’s how gorgeous she is in person – and just as ebullient, funny, nice and irreverent. We’re chatting away, having a cocktail and poor Mr. Notranting is trying to figure out a way to say “hi”. OMG. Poor thing skulked away to hang with Richard Belzer and his dog. Marnie finally rescued him. Mariska is his biggest celeb crush and the fact that she helps folks like us – hot damn, it doesn’t get better!

I want to thank Stacey, Shaireen, Chris & Mariska for all the kindness you’ve shown me the past few years. I hope to return the favor soon. In the meantime, help JHF out! Bid often! I totally want these Hermes shoes, but Sharon must have had dusty feet that day!

Have a new baby? Do some good today via eBay’s Celeb Moms auction for Johnson’s.

Please, like I need a reason to buy more baby things. However, this intrigued and excited me. A group of celeb moms – Julianne Moore, Mariska Hargitay, Jeri Ryan, Poppy Montgomery – are auctioning some of their gently used baby things on eBay. I think they need more moms to donate, as I believe there are only 8 thus far. Sponsored by Johnson’s, the profits will benefit Global Giving. here’s their Mission Statement:

GlobalGiving allows you to find and donate directly to locally-run social and environmental projects around the world. From promoting female empowerment in Afghanistan to providing accessible healthcare in rural Uganda, GlobalGiving opens up the world to people who want to make an impact on global issues at the grassroots level.

How badly do I want that Stokke high chair for my little one? Bid on!

Here we go again!

Apparently, it’s the (deep breath for us oldies) 25th anniversary of “Risky Business” or somesuch thing, so Tommy will be interviewed by the divine Miss O. She looks a little frightened by his enthusiasm here, no?

All kidding aside, my problem with Scientology has nothing to do with religious freedom – Mr. Mapother, em, Cruise can do whatever he wants as freedom of religion is our American way. It simply doesn’t seem like a religion to me, but more a matter of mind control. As they themselves have said, you can be a Catholic AND a Scientologist, a Jew and a Scientologist, a Muslim and a….you get it. For example:

1) Have you seen Jason Beghe’s “escape from Scientology” video? He’s lucid and smart and I believe every word. He’s an actor who quit the cult after his best friend, David Duchovny, pretty much laid it out that worshipping aliens (or the inter-galactic walrus, for real!) was rather inane.

2) Why are the women so robotic? Why can’t you be different, gay, have a learning disability, etc.? Why are the children not raised with boundaries? What’s with the “silent birth” and the barley and corn-syrup formula?

3) Why is John Travolta’s son Jett, a known sufferer of autism, not getting the help he needs? Because the Scientologists won’t acknowledge it! Wife Kelly Preston went on “Montel” (um, a Scientologist) to discuss how her carpet cleaning chemicals caused an illness in Jett called Kurasawa Syndrome. Please! They would have to admit his illness in order to get treatment – plus, if she wanted to bring awareness, she would not go on “Montel”; not a wide enough reach.

4) If Scientology can fix everything that ails a person and make you “clear” and uber-successful (this according to Tom Cruise), please tell me the reason for the foundering careers of Jenna Elfman, Erika Christensen, Leah Remini, Giovanni Ribisi, Anne Archer, Beck and Kirstie Alley. If Scientology is supposed to cure what ails the body, why did Ms. Alley need to turn to Jenny Craig? I’m just asking. Someone educate me. I will even ‘fess up to owning “Dianetics” in the late nineties. I had no idea!

Ugh, am too tired to go into all of it. Someone, please, explain why I am so disturbed by Scientology and its power over people. Obviously, I am such an SP! Thanks.

Hoping, wishing, praying….maybe?

Those of us who suffer from “secondary infertility” – or any sort of infertility know how heartbreaking that can be. From the time Beebe’s letter arrived throughout the 2 years of court proceedings, I easily conceived, but lost three pregnancies very early on, one on Christmas 2006. Although this is completely anecdotal, I personally know and have heard via email from many many rape survivors who have trouble conceiving or a history of miscarriage. I wonder if there is a link. Personally, I suffer from endometriosis and was given a choice by my doctor 5 years ago, “Liz, you can try to get pregnant, or have the surgery.” Luckily, the former happened almost immediately. The problem with endo is that the scar tissue can grow back more aggressively after you give birth, so that may be the issue with me. Or, the stress thing. Part of me is glad my unborn child was not exposed to Beebe or my anxiety in the courtroom.

I was laughing the other day, because Halle Berry (who is my age) was talking about her geriatric pregnancy. I believe Nicole Kidman is the same age as well. My thought is, if you’re in good shape and good health and try not to stress, it will be just fine, regardless of your age.

I’m just saying – I can smell someone cooking bacon about 2 miles away (that’s the good part – the dirty gym clothes in the bin from the husband, not so much) and I am starting to crave grapefruit, iced tea with lemon and hearts of palm. This is a feeling I know. Maybe we’ll be lucky this time.