I love Glenn Sacks – and I want you all to read this lively discourse.

Glenn Sacks is a wonderfully prolific author, blogger and commentator on the rights of men and families. Some of his blog commenters like to attack me about statistics and such and that’s cool – the blogosphere is a weird neighborhood and the issues get lost. What matters is that I like Glenn’s work and some people find that mystifying.

That said, his recent entry – guest blogged by Pierce Harlan – about Arkansas wanting to do away with the statute of limitations on rape is a good one. Semantics aside (acquaintance rape versus, um, “real” or stranger rape with DNA), go to the comments section for the lively discourse between Pierce and Georgia Girl. Good stuff.

My own issue of course, is that without the lack of a SOL on rape in Virginia, we wouldn’t have gotten our guy. Clearly, he remembered it as he contacted me with the date and details. Gee, thanks. And I DID remember every detail possible about it, 22 years later, not that that matters unless you must testify, which I did. No DNA. It seems to me we call all agree on one thing: there should be sanctions for those who falsely accuse. That said, there are not millions of falsely accused “rapists” behind bars. I would posit that there are more rapists walking around free because, wait for it – VERY FEW MEN OR WOMEN WHO HAVE BEEN RAPED EVER REPORT IT because the system is just too damn hard on the (real) victims.


Rest in Peace, Adam Walsh.

One of my dearest friends’ sisters is a producer at “America’s Most Wanted”. Sometimes we forget that John Walsh’s television program began with his very private pain. Today, Hollywood, Florida Police officially closed the case of murdered son Adam Walsh, who was abducted and decapitated by drifter and convicted pedo Ottis Toole, who was never prosecuted for Adam’s murder, although he confessed to the crime multiple times. Six year old Adam’s head was found in a river. His body was never recovered. I suspect he was violated in so many horrible ways. I’m glad we’ll never know and hope his death was swift. I cannot even type this.

The Police also admitted that they bungled the investigation. Watching Mr. Walsh speak today, I am glad he still has his grief and his anger. No one asks him to forgive. A monster took his child in the most horrific way.

John and Reve’s marriage didn’t survive (how could it?) but they remain friends and the staunchest advocates for missing children and capturing criminals.

My heart just breaks for this family. I will not soon forget Adam, either. He is one of God’s angels and I hope he is happy.

Breaking – remains of a child found a half mile from Casey Anthony’s home.

A HALF MILE! Apparently, the skeletal remains of a child were found in a sealed plastic bag by a utility worker about 1/2 mile from Casey Anthony’s home. Of course, we know what’s in that bag, but it may take a while for forensic identification. At this point, do they question Casey again? Offer her the chance to say something?

I hate this case. I hate hearing about it, blogging about it, thinking about the reasons for this. Some say she panicked after leaving Caylee in a hot car. Some say, like Diane Downs, she killed the child to attract a man who didn’t want kids.

We’ll see. Sad.

Tom Arnold speaks out about childhood sex abuse.

I never thought I’d say I admired Tom Arnold (just not a fan of…of…whatever he does), but I watched his heartbreaking interview on one of those tabloid shows last night where he breaks his silence of being abused sexually as a child by his male babysitter.

What I loved most – he wasn’t seeking peace, forgiveness, any of that guff. He was pissed and he wanted the guy to know it, so he tracked him down with the help of a private investigator and angrily confronted him. Hot damn! Someone actually feeling what they need to feel instead of being told by a bunch of a**hole bloggers on a news website that the victim is a) being “a victim”, b) seeking fame, c) should leave the perp alone. Well, I am sure some blog commenters will say all of those things.

Just sayin’. Tom, I am happy you got the chance to speak your mind and I wish you speedy healing and recovery. If that exists. You rock.

These cold cases break my heart – all it took was some DNA testing.

So sorry for the lack of blog posts – am very tired with the new addition, who is, by the way, such a joy! I also find I am extraordinarily sensitive when it comes to crimes committed against children and I find it hard to absorb without, well, absorbing it. You understand.

Anyway, this case in particular made me very upset. I feel as though people are just waiting around until this poor father begged for help and someone got off their ass and found the DNA. Damn.

I got a phone call.

Which I cannot take; too stressful for the baby and for me. But one of the main witnesses in my case has sent his attorney a-calling. I won’t blog about it, but I wonder, is someone going to speak some truth and help me to know what happened to me? This witness did nothing to me, he will not and cannot be charged. Perhaps he has found a conscience? He was very uncooperative with Police when interviewed.

Attorneys don’t call for no reason. I am interested in hearing what they have to say, but my doctors dictate that I cannot return the call. It just takes one person. One voice. To change a life for the better.

Please pray for us; that this man has some answers.

This shouldn’t make me mad; but it does.

There’s a serial rapist in Borough Park, Queens, who has been linked via DNA to a 14-year-old Hasidic girl victim and a 4-year-old victim who was kidnapped by the evil troll. Slam dunk, right? Wrong. Trouble is,the parents of the 14-year-old won’t let her speak to authorities, much less press charges, as they fear her identity will be revealed, thereby making her less attractive for marriage.

You know what people? Marriage is the least of her problems right now. You are, in effect, allowing a serial rapist to remain on the streets. You are allowing your child to suffer in silence, to develop PTSD, to look over her shoulder, to never have any sort of real outcome, to deny herself the happiness of a career or, yes, marriage anyway. Your own people say this is a problem and yet, you won’t let her speak. You are invalidating her pain, not helping her! By burying this tragedy, you send your own precious child that she should be ashamed of what a criminal did to her.

Is this 2008? Are we in New York City? Your religion and culture does not preclude you from getting justice for your girl. Apparently, it DOES allow you to fuck up her life more than the rapist already has. It also sends the obvious message to the perp: “Hey, come to our neighborhood and rape our people. We won’t say a word.” Duh.

Casey Anthony – I really can’t even go here.

The oddness, stupidity, idiocy and bizarre behavior of this whole family is driving me nuts. I won’t spend much time on this case except to say this: I think the poor child is dead and Casey Anthony somehow did it. Perhaps not intentionally – maybe she left the baby in a hot car. However, common sense begs the following questions:

1) Will Casey’s parents please open their eyes? Or do they know everything?
2) If Casey was unemployed and troubled, where is the money for the mystery “nanny”?
3) That said, why not leave Caylee with the grandparents? I mean, huh?
4) Did she sell her child for drugs or kill her a la Diane Downs, the ultimate narcisstic baby killer?
5) Now that the bail bondsman are going to revoke her bail, when will she be remanded? Well, she’s in now due to the check forgery scam, so…
6) More important, when will she be charged (if she will be) in the death of the child?
7) When the immunity offer is up Tuesday, will the pressure of the case break her down and make her finally talk?
8) Is Casey Anthony either the shrewdest killer ever or the dumbest? Why can’t the cops find a body? Why can’t they wear down a 22-year-old party girl?

I’m just saying.

The media never prints my thoughts on AA, but….

I have never ever faulted Alcoholics Anonymous for William Beebe’s transgressions and crimes. Having spoken with various members of AA, they all believe that Beebe did what he did out of an incredible sense of entitlement, stupidity and selfishness (both the rape and the 22 years later fake apology). We believe that when you confess to a crime in AA, you should know that you can be held accountable and those witnesses can be subpoaened. Sometimes, that is not the case, as AA members can sometimes be protected under law as a priest/confessor or doctor/patient would be. In addition, I do think it’s wrong for us as a society to applaud people when they turn their proverbial ship around and shower them with accolades just because they are making adult choices with good consequences. That’s why my family rails against the hate mail from those in AA. We never said a word against the organization, yet many of its members take the time to write hate-filled missives to me. William Beebe didn’t rape me because he’s an alcoholic. He did what he did because he’s a narcissistic rapist with no soul.

Case in point, the Paul Cox murder case. This case almost had a different outcome and believe me, I knew Paul Cox – pictured – growing up (marginally), so imagine our surprise. His original murder conviction was overturned because he made his confession to fellow AA members (a group protected under “religious” or “spiritual” rules). Read this transcript to see my friend Mickey defending the judge’s ruling and read here the final ruling and sentencing.

Today, comes a story of a New Year’s baby who died at the hands of his father of shaken baby syndrome. Of his parents, “Craig Wilson and Crystal Twiddy, both recovering alcoholics, met about four years ago in a softball league popular with Alcoholics Anonymous members. The couple beamed in engagement photos shot in a garden setting before they were married in September. It was the first marriage for both.”

Don’t tell me AA fixes all of the demons for everyone. This innocent baby is dead – perhaps his defense attorney will use the “thoughtless alcohol fueled relapse” defense. Who knows? All I know is that the AA angle does not matter one whit.


This is exactly why we need more funding for DNA testing.

I realize that the real story here is that the dad was a suspect (and subsequently arrested on child porn charges) but some cretin already in jail for stealing a car is actually the rapist and killer of this sweet 6-year-old.

The slaying and rape was 2006. The databank just got around to testing the DNA. Did you know some jurisdictions are not allotted much funding for DNA testing and that private moneys are the only thing keeping it going?

This is why Congress and I are friends. We need more federal and state funding, STAT for all of these samples, so that we can capture criminals, remove suspicion from the innocent and let these families have some peace and knowledge. I will never use the word closure.