Madoff pleads guilty to 11 counts, is remanded.

Now, I have spent a great deal of time thinking about this and sharing with friends on FaceBook. This morning, I saw one of Bernie Madoff’s victims say “There is NO punishment great enough for Madoff to ease my injury, my anger, my sadness.”

The question I posited on my friend Lisa Bloom’s Tweet was “Why, as Americans, do we become the angry, bloodthirsty mob for this guy and yet not for rapists and murderers? Where is the outrage there?”

A girl posted on the thread sort of angrily to me and said that there is no hierarchy of victimhood and that Bernie Madoff is just as bad a criminal as any. I wholly disagree. You ask John Walsh, “do you think losing all of your $$ and losing your son is the same?” I think you know the answer. Given the chance of regaining my dignity and virginity and innocent life, I’d happily part with my money,

Listen, Madoff is a bad, bad man, but he’s not a child-toucher, rapist or murderer. He’s a killer of dreams, a betrayer of trust, but the fact that we had to watch his car, a la OJ Simpson, drive to Court this morning is ridiculous. Why not just as much howling at the moon at the mistreatment of our brothers and sisters in this country, not to mention overseas?! Children are beaten, starved, etc. If you read this blog, you’ve been exposed to some of the most heinous crimes and we never hear followup. Why? This is my theory – WE created Bernie Madoff. Greed and our obsession with money makes his crime worse in the eyes of the average American. This is not right.

Yes, Ruth knows all – she was his bookkeeper. Where is the money? Who else is involved? I mean, really – how does one guy get away with $65 billion?

What do Sandy Koufax, John Malkovich and Kevin Bacon have in common? Bernie Made Off with their money!

Seriously, I cannot wrap my brain around how someone can steal $50 BILLION dollars. That takes amazing skill. Today, the list came out of Bernie Madoff’s victims. I love Jane Fonda’s quote – she said she wanted to “shake him so hard his teeth fall out”. I loved that visual.

Greed is not good. While these people were not victims of, say, bodily harm, I am quite certain there is massive fallout and much depression. Of course, if you have your health (I know it’s a cliche), but I’d be spitting mad.

What makes me the maddest? He stole from Elie Wiesel. No one touches that guy. No one.

Madoff faces up to 20 years in prison. I wonder where the money is.

Amen, Connecticut! Sex offenders should not have MySpace profiles.

Thanks to Dick Blumenthal, we now have 90,000 less MySpace folks – all sex offenders. The logic is that sex offenders cannot be rehabbed and why are they “friending” young people? I agree. If you are a serious person, you go to FaceBook, not MySpace. MySpace is for high schoolers.

MySpace had initally refused to comply with the request to name their sex offender members, citing privacy and First Amendment laws. That said, parents need to know. The Internet is the biggest breeding ground for crime right now. I spent a few hours at a CT SVU department discussing Internet crime and I was shocked at how easy it was – one of the detectives taught me – to track someone and figure out exactly where they are and what they do. This is how young people are abducted. They are online so they can be “cool” and they “friend” strangers.

Thanks, Dick Blumenthal, Atty General of Connecticut! And for any parents reading this blog who are clueless about texting and Internet acronyms – please study up and know these.

Hmmm…Joe Francis and Larry Flynt teaming up for shenanigans!

My favorite guy, Joe Francis and Larry Flynt of “Hustler” fame have sent out a press release seeking a $5 billion Federal bailout for the porn industry. Funny, Joe Francis never called “GGW” “porn” before, but that’s just semantics.

Anyway, they feel that the adult entertainment industry, like the auto industry is vital to our economy and would like the Fed to bail ’em out.

Just sayin’. Thoughts? Media manipulation? Publicity stunt? Crazy-ass-ness?

The Bernie Madoff Scandal with a capital “S” – where to begin?

While white collar crime is not my forte, I find this whole Bernie Madoff crisis to be unbelievable. I told a friend of mine, I originally thought the reporters said “$50 million”. Billion! Does anyone else think it’s apt his name is “Madoff”? Say it out loud. I cannot believe this dude was the ex-chair of NASDAQ. My husband is a Wall Streeter (no hating here!) and we were shocked at the magnitude and sheer balls of this.

What’s really tragic here are the non-profits that he swindled. I mean, Elie Wiesel?? Messing with that guy? Come on! I don’t understand how no other heads have rolled at this point. One guy cannot do this alone. I see the New York Post is reporting his two sons aren’t speaking to him. Well, I would think they’d be sheltering their assets and CYA. I found it odd that Andrew Madoff’s wife, Deborah, just served him with divorce papers and there are photos of them holiday shopping yesterday – together. What is going on here? My heart goes out to those individuals and organizations fleeced by this guy. Once again, how does such a smart man think he will get away with a Ponzi scheme of this magnitude? Greed is not good. I’m waiting for the other shoes to fall and trust me, there will be many!

Story Update: Tanya Hollander, UVa-educated “Hooker Booker”, pleads guilty.

So, Tanya Hollander, the booker for the disgraced Eliot Spitzer’s escort agency and the fine folks who brought us Ashley Dupre, pled “quilty” today to charges of consipiring to violate the Federal traveling act. Hey, I didn’t write it that way – the AP did. Quilty! Ms. Hollander (who, by the by, shares a surname with Xaviera Hollander, “The Happy Hooker” – come on, you all KNOW who I mean)is Mr. Notranting’s exact age and went to the University of Virginia the same year.

He claims not to know her. Maybe he was Client #8! Just kidding. She claims she needed extra money and is actually a new age hippie-type healer, therapist, etc. Kind of like Rielle Hunter. I think she looks rather like Alanis Morrisette, don’t you? She’s not expected to serve any jail time. She also had no contact whatsoever with Client #9.

Not frivolous – you go ahead and sue. I’m proud of this woman!

Have you ever been billed for something mistakenly? Yes? And then harrassed with collection letters? This brings the issue to whole new depths of depravity. I like that she’s handling it with subtlety and cool and not asking for $8 billion.

Shame on you, Manatee Memorial Hospital. Incidentally, the three involved (two held her down, one raped her) have not been caught. Probably a case of DNA just sitting there without funds to test them.

Onward and upward! Thoughts?

Andrew Kissel murder hearings update. Wow.

Part Two of what is widely touted as the “Milshake Murders” of the brothers Kissel of Greenwich seems to be ramping up (finally) after the April 2006 murder of Andrew Kissel, who was murdered right before he was to plead guilty in Federal Court on charges of fraud.

They have since arrested his longtime personal assistant, Carlos Trujillo and HIS cousin, Leonard Trujillo, alleging cash as the motivation (isn’t it always?). Many here believe it took cops two years too long to arrest the wrong guys. Why two years? One would think the personal assistant would be the first suspect. Some salient points:

1) many believe ex-wife Hayley is behind the murder (I say this as a Greenwich resident; not as a belief of my own), calling to mind the Ted Ammon murder by Danny Pelosi. Sort of.
2) the victim’s own father has been quoted as calling Andrew “someone who angered many”. Wow.
3) check out the “come back to Greenwich and get me a Wendy’s burger” story.
4) Leonard’s attorney Mark Sherman is alleging Greenwich cops paid off witnesses. Wow.
5) Kissel owned one of those “KITT” cars from the David Hasselhoff hit, “Knight Rider”. I find this hilarious for some reason.

In creative casting news, John Stamos has optioned the rights to the story and will be producing this M.O.W. for Lifetime Networks and starring as Andrew Kissel. Thoughts on any of this?

So, perhaps he brought in a toaster? That’s what the Army would have us think.

This story is so beyond the pale and horrific – but as I was telling my husband about it, he merely shrugged and said, “open those eyes, Miss Liz.” It is worth noting that KBR is owned by Haliburton – yep, that Haliburton. Why is Ryan Maseth’s January death just now becoming public knowledge? Of course that’s a rhetorical question.

I would think after the 2004 memo, something would be done. You know I don’t like to discuss politics, but this just solidifies an opinion for me. My thoughts and prayers will all of the families of those soldiers who lost their lives in this cruel and painful way.

This is a story that won’t go away. What do you all think?

Lawyer(s) drugged and raped by coworker who likes to brag about it!

Well, I don’t know what to say about this case. Thank you to my agent Ken, for giving me the heads up on this one. I am speechless. I wish for nothing but strength for these women, but I want to say this: please please – should this happen to you, report it. Even if nothing comes of it, there will be a trail leading back to this guy. Please stop the silence – you did nothing wrong.

Good for you, Michelle Moor, for suing. You do whatever it takes to bring Bingham McCutcheon to their knees. Don’t you love their snazzy website and douche-y Chairman video? Rah, rah! If anyone involved in this case needs an ear, you know what to do. Click on the link to the right “STARS Survivors” and an email will find its way to me.