FDLS Polygamist Jessop found guilty of sexual assault.

You all may remember this story about the Texas ranch where older men had entered into marriages with tweens and teens. It seems Raymond Jessop has been found guilty of sexual assault of a minor. His sentencing should happen today.

When sects or cults hide behind religious beliefs to do harm and violate the laws of our nation, I don’t think that freedom of religion should apply, just as in those cases where parents deny terminally ill children treatment when their religion dictates prayer as the only form of healing.

I expect many more cases to come out of the Texas ranch.

Evangelist “Tony Alamo” convicted of sex offenses – says prosecutors basically hate Jesus.

Sometimes I always wonder why rape victims draw the ire of evangelicals. I’ve been on the end of some serious hate mail from evangelicals who tell me to burn in Hell and all of that nonsense (that doesn’t seem very “Christian”, does it?). People drunk with power and their perceived close relationship with Jesus have been in the news a great deal these past years for unspeakable acts against their fellow man. Hey, let’s hear it for hypocrisy!

Well “Tony Alamo” – real name, Bernie Hoffman, who has evangelical churches in three states was convicted of sexually assaulting a number of young girls over the years.


All not well in Adolf Hitler’s world.

So I blogged about this not long ago – the Campbell family of Holland Township, New Jersey who had their “Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler” birthday cake request shot down by Wal-Mart and I was pretty incensed that this poor boy and his sisters were saddled with such horrific names. The boy’s name is actually “Adolf Hitler Campbell”.

Well, it seems CPS saw a reason (don’t know what it is yet) to remove said children
from the parents’ custody. I had a feeling their names weren’t the only hurtful things happening. Just sayin’.

Stupidity is one thing. Abuse is another. Can they be one in the same? I am sure we’ll be hearing more about why these children were removed. Godspeed.

Hmmm…Joe Francis and Larry Flynt teaming up for shenanigans!

My favorite guy, Joe Francis and Larry Flynt of “Hustler” fame have sent out a press release seeking a $5 billion Federal bailout for the porn industry. Funny, Joe Francis never called “GGW” “porn” before, but that’s just semantics.

Anyway, they feel that the adult entertainment industry, like the auto industry is vital to our economy and would like the Fed to bail ’em out.

Just sayin’. Thoughts? Media manipulation? Publicity stunt? Crazy-ass-ness?

Is it a crime to name your child something horrific?

Adolf Hitler Campbell is a 3 year old boy from New Jersey whose father, Heath, is a Nazi fan. He says his child won’t grow up to commit the atrocities of the original, but my point is this: does being unique (hello, “Bronx Mowgli”!) take precedent over a child’s well-being? Should this sort of thing be sanctioned in any way?

Adolf’s mom called in a birthday cake order to ShopRite and they refused to take part in this fuckery. Good for them. The year prior, they also wanted a freaking swastika on the cake, so we know it’s not just about the name and methinks these folks are White Supremacists. Do these parents not realize that Adolf (and his two horribly named sisters) may grow to be relentlessly taunted, even abused, not get into colleges and not get jobs because of their desire to express their individuality via baby-naming?

Shame on them. I don’t normally sit in judgement of, say, wacky celebrity baby names, but you don’t name a child for one of the most (if not THE most) evil persons in the history of, well, history. I’ll say it again – children are innocents. Let them be nurtured, loved and cared for properly. This is just another form of torture, don’t you think?

UPDATE: Adolf and his sisters were removed from the home by CPS. Holy crap. It can’t be because of abuse from the names and the publicity ensuing via the Wal-Mart cake, can it? That would be insane.

“Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?” – just too easy. Celebrity Crime, Part Two

Former Karma Chameleon and 80’s touchstone Boy George, er, George O’Dowd was found guilty of keeping a rent boy hostage and beating him. Actually, the charge was false imprisonment and I think he’s lucky as the charges could have been far more serious.

Can you imagine? Between him and George Michael, the original bathroom hustler (not Larry Craig), I am seriously rethinking my eighties gay icons.

Update on Nujood, my hero, the “child bride”.

You can read about brave attorney, Yemeni Shada Nasser. I am so proud of everyone involved in freeing these children from such sick bondage!

Bravo. Click here to read the full story!

Bill W. – perpetrator of “unwanted advances”? This explains a lot.

I won’t comment here as it is far too obvious. This from today’s New York Post about Susan Cheever’s upcoming book that address Bill W., founder of Alcoholics Anonymous. It seems as though “thoughtless sexual encounters” were no stranger to the original Twelve-Stepper and hidden well by other members of the beloved fellowship I have had to hear so much about. The lesson? Stop drinking, which ruins lives, but continue to ruin lives in other ways.

“September 24, 2008 —

BILL Wilson, who co-founded Alcoholics Anonymous, had another addiction: sex. “His desire for women threatened to jeopardize his entire life’s work,” Susan Cheever writes in her new book, “Desire.” Wilson – who was wed to the same woman for 53 years while keeping a mistress and catting around – had an “inability to regulate his behavior with women” and was “often accused of groping and unwelcome fondling,” Cheever says. But, she notes, he was able to cover his bad behavior with the help of grateful AA members whose lives he’d helped save.”

Cult. Thoughts?

This shouldn’t make me mad; but it does.

There’s a serial rapist in Borough Park, Queens, who has been linked via DNA to a 14-year-old Hasidic girl victim and a 4-year-old victim who was kidnapped by the evil troll. Slam dunk, right? Wrong. Trouble is,the parents of the 14-year-old won’t let her speak to authorities, much less press charges, as they fear her identity will be revealed, thereby making her less attractive for marriage.

You know what people? Marriage is the least of her problems right now. You are, in effect, allowing a serial rapist to remain on the streets. You are allowing your child to suffer in silence, to develop PTSD, to look over her shoulder, to never have any sort of real outcome, to deny herself the happiness of a career or, yes, marriage anyway. Your own people say this is a problem and yet, you won’t let her speak. You are invalidating her pain, not helping her! By burying this tragedy, you send your own precious child that she should be ashamed of what a criminal did to her.

Is this 2008? Are we in New York City? Your religion and culture does not preclude you from getting justice for your girl. Apparently, it DOES allow you to fuck up her life more than the rapist already has. It also sends the obvious message to the perp: “Hey, come to our neighborhood and rape our people. We won’t say a word.” Duh.

Glenn Sacks? Harrumph…”mens’ and fathers’ advocate”?

I love a good argument and a spirited exchange of ideas and, contrary to the belief of this guy’s commenters and followers, am not a feminist. I am a humanist and believe in the betterment of all people and the cessation of violence towards men, women and children. I gotta admit, however, that Glenn Sacks’s commenters (note change) offend me and I am sure they wants to. The blog spends a lot of time highlighting the .03% (folks – hyperbolic sarcasm here! 9% of rape reports are actually false, according to the FBI, a figure I have spoken about before, is on my website and that a very astute commenter reminds us of) of cases where rape is falsely reported, loves to show how women are bad parents, etc. He has these genius followers who claim that “it’s proven that over half of rapes since the 1980s are false reports”. Huh? Oh, and they love the Innocence Project! Where are the reports of murdering fathers and husbands? Shall I just fix you all a sandwich and grab you a beer? You need to read this blog more to know I am hugely supportive of men.

What makes the blog lacking grace or humility is the perverse glee and egging on of really sick commenters. No doubt, he has a following, which is great, but I wonder what he would say when a real rape or DV survivor called him out – I am told recently that he would welcome it. His Neanderthal commenters refer to women as “goldiggers”, “false reporters”, “inferior”, “whiners”. His complete and utter lack of respect for women is astonishing. Simply put, no matter the format, the media wants to bash girls and women for bad behavior. When a girl/woman is jailed, a bad parent or goes to rehab, the press rakes them over the coals, whereas the man is hailed as someone who is taking care of business. Why the double standard? It’s interesting that he hasn’t blogged about my case – what could he possibly say when it’s so clear cut? That I falsely reported it? This blog likes to highlight extreme cases that are outside of the norm and paint them as commonplace – a very dangerous place to go, sort of like The Innocence Project – and you readers know my balanced thoughts on that. He (his commenters) really does rape survivors a disservice, too and that burns me. He lets his commenters run wild with false stats and hasn’t allowed equal time on his blog. UPDATE: I am told he calls out people who are just asshats. Okay.

Where on Earth do these folks come from? Enjoy the night, and be sure to read some of the comment posts on his blog. Once again, I love to hear the other side and am the first to denigrate any idiot, regardless of sex. He’s just too extreme. Sadly, he has quite the following.

UPDATE: I am “histrionic” and go on “diatribes”, according to Sacksaloonies. Well, it’s a challenge to put forth personality in the blogosphere. But I like most of the Sacks followers who’ve written in and definitely enjoy hearing the level-headed commentary. As I’ve always said, one bad egg does not the carton make. One (three) rapist fraternity boy doesn’t make it all bad – I should know as I married another one. Men should be pissed off when these fools muddy the waters and women should pay attention and not stereotype. I didn’t, and as a result, have a happy marriage and (almost) 2 gorgeous kids by suspending that thinking.