Disappearing wife, part 8,342. Liza Murphy’s cold case.

This devoted wife and mother had an argument with her husband, stormed out without any of her belongings (purse, cell, cigs) and has never been seen since August 2007. Her husband, an Irish immigrant named Joe Murphy, tried to kill himself in the days that followed.

What is hinky here is that a) he has lawyered up and is no longer cooperating with Police (yes, you can do that), b) he has full custody of the 3 children, c) she was suffering from depression and fibromyalgia, thereby suggesting suicide and not focusing more on the husband. He also will not let the children see their maternal grandparents. Why not?

I don’t mean to point the finger at the husband, but FBI statistics and good old common sense tell us to look at the intimates first. He was very possessive, didn’t like when she went to visit friends…what do you think?

Defense Attorney: “He’s a nice young man”. Okay, then.

The parents of the victim of a boyfriend’s hammer attack on their daughter in Mt. Lebanon, PA are bringing PR pressure on the DA to try the 17-year-old young man as an adult for the crime. A judge had previously ruled to try him as a juvenile, thereby setting up sentencing guidelines that would be much lighter – probably anger management and probation.

Sure. Why not? But only if the Judge lets Robertino D’Angelis date his own daughter or niece, in my opinion. Defense Attorney Pat Morrissey claims that the victim, Sarah Iullius and the defendant had a stormy relationship filled with confrontation.

Grace, the victim’s mother, hired a public relations firm to call out the Judge and the DA – her daughter was not even allowed to give a victim impact statement during proceedings. Thoughts? My own case began in Juvenile Court (which is closed to media) because, as the victim, I was a juvenile. The perp had been 19 at the time of my attack.

At what point does someone function as an adult? I say try him as an adult. As for Morrissey, “nice young men” don’t attack girlfriends with hammers, nearly gouging out her eye. Thoughts?

The awful murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom

Okay – I want to thank Anonymous for bringing this case to light. I had never heard of it in my life and, due to the horrific nature of this crime, I am rather nonplussed that the media has not covered this at all.

I’ll roll it down briefly, but click here for the details. It is simply the most heinous and brutal crime I have read about in recent years. Channon and Christopher went on a dinner date, were carjacked, then brutalized and murdered in ways I cannot describe here. I pray for these poor souls hourly.

It seems that many folks believe, because the perps are black and the victims white, that this is a “hate crime”. You know what? I don’t care what color anyone is – this is a hate crime. The points being made – “where is the Al Sharpton here?”, etc., certainly ring true in that there is no “white” activist as vocal or outspoken as Sharpton. At the end of the day, I am color blind when it comes to crime. I want to know what was going through these perps heads when they did these unspeakable things to the victims.

I call upon the national media to cover this story, not as a racially charged one, but to do honor to the victims, whose lives were cut short in the most horrible ways possible. My prayers to the families. I don’t think I would survive this had it been my child. No way.


A cop? Again?

Getting ready for all of the victim blamers (who are already on the boards)on this one. East Village woman goes out for drinks, becomes incapacitated and the cabbie calls 911 (why?) to get her some help. Probably help in shaking her down for a $4 fare. If you ask me, the cabbie was complicit.

Two cops arrive, help her into her apartment. She is clearly not able to consent. THe cops return, one rapes her. They return a THIRD time to return her key. Um, you mean, to clean up evidence? Seems this cop also had a “hit list” of women in his locker along with some heroin he had “forgotten” to turn in to the evidence room. So, they’re both suspended with pay and he has not yet been arrested despite overwhelming evidence. This won’t end well.

Good for her for reporting it and having a rape kit done. His defense attorney says “it’s consensual”. Yeah, right. Serve and protect, my ass. This reminds me of the movie “Internal Affairs”. So much is wrong with this story, but this woman had the right to go out for drinks (and who is to say no one drugged her drink), to hail a cab and to get home safely. If it was a man, would we blame him? No.

UPDATE: sort of rookie Franklin Mata flipped on his 17-year vet partner Kenneth Moreno. Better late than never. Wonder if he watched. Wonder what kind of deal he’s getting. Imagine if these were civilian? Now,it reminds me of “Copland”.

The heartbreaking custody case of David Goldman.

As a parent, I cannot begin to understand the depth of this man’s grief and I sincerely hope what is right is done in this case, now going on four years.

David Goldman, a New Jersey man, fell in love with and married a Brazilian national, Bruna. They had a child, Sean. On a vacation with Sean to her homeland, what was to be a 2 week vacation, Bruna called David and said she no longer wanted to be with him and was divorcing him.

Okay fine. But here’s the catch – she never returned and kept the boy in Brazil and nothing was done about it! The “divorce” she got in Brazil is not even recognized in the United States, where they married. She remarried, this time to a very prominent Brazilian attorney, Juao Paula Lins e Silva. She became pregnant with his child and died in childbirth. All the while, Goldman was denied seeing his son.

Now, Silva has attempted to remove Goldman’s name from Sean’s birth certificate as Sean continues to live with him. David Goldman has tried repeatedly to gain custody of a child he loved and cared for, to no avail.

What kind of world is this where a loving father cannot have his son? What sort of country is it that is depriving Goldman of his legal rights? He did not abuse boy and I am sure that Sean would like to be with his father – if he remembers him. Watch the video – it’s heartbreaking.

For more information on this case, and to help, click here.

Drew Peterson “fiancee” says whole thing a hoax. Hunh?

It seems as though Christina Raines, the newly minted ex-fiance of Drew Peterson, suspected wife disposer, says the whole engagement thing was a hoax planned by his attorney, Joel Brodsky, in order to keep Peterson’s name in the news. What don’t I understand? Wouldn’t Peterson want to lay low? Brodsky refutes this, saying he wanted to keep the engagement secret. I am prone to believe her, not because she’s a woman, but because the whole thing seems so odd that it seems true. But, as you know, I don’t really want to pass judgment here.

Raines admits she used to love him. Okay, now that Guns ‘n’ Roses song just popped into my head and I don’t mean to be disrespectful.

The only time I ever want to post about Peterson is when a) he’s been fully exonerated or b) he’s been charged. What do women see in this guy? Really?

Peterson’s third wife was found to have been murdered after they recently exhumed her body. His fourth wife, Stacy, remains missing.

Texan Christian University gang rape civil suit against the U. I want to gouge my eyes out after reading the comments.

This girl, the victim of an (I have to use the word) alleged gang rape by three football players, was told by University brass it “would be easier” for her to drop the charges. Okay, I’ve heard those same three words over and over again. In 1984.

Seems one of these guys owed her money so she went to get it and was brutally attacked. How much you wanna bet one of these fools taped it? Maybe then his grandmother will stop telling the press what a nice boy he is. The D.A.’s office dropped the criminal case -and you know what? That happens a lot! D.A.s won’t prosecute unless they can win. That DOES NOT mean a rape did not occur. The defense of “consensual” is 99.99% of the time the defense. Do people not know this? It’s always the defense.

Most of the foolios on this board think because she’s suing civilly, K.S. (the alleged victim) is a) out for money, b) a drunk ho. What they don’t understand is that Universities will do ANYTHING to protect their endowments, especially athletic ones. If you’re the victim in a case with athletes (and I have no doubt what happened to this poor girl), your case won’t go to trial, the charges will get dropped and you’ll be silenced faster than a speeding bullet.

K.S., you press on with your suit. I hope you win. You’re my hero. So what if she sues? Why is she NOT entitled to damages? It’s called that because it is that – damages. Are coeds just “acceptable losses” in the University money game?

Sound off!

George Anthony tried to off himself. What is next?

I never know what to think about Casey Anthony’s parents in this whole mess. They’re either dumb as fuck or totally in the know, in which case, they should be held criminally liable as well. Or, maybe just Cindy Anthony knows. Sidebar: I’d like to know why their unemployed daughter was able to pass off a story that she had a nanny. A nanny they never met. Well, a job Casey never had – and all the while, she and the child were living with them. That part is the part I cannot wrap my brain around,

There have also been stories floating out there that Lee Anthony, Casey’s brother, was actually Caylee’s father. What in Sam Hell? I digress…

George Anthony finally cracked under the pressure of the whole mess and went missing for a few days. He was found in a hotel room two counties away, having texted goodbyes to family members and having left a 6-page alleged suicide letter.Does George know something? Is George just another victim in his daughter’s tangled web? Is he simply heartbroken? As a retired cop, I had hoped he could pry something out of Casey. Sadly, this whole mess boils down to one thing – a beautiful and innocent child was killed and Casey Anthony and Jose Baez seem to be capitalizing on it.

Carlie Brucia’s killer wants the Fla. Supreme Court to overturn his death sentence.

You know, I think justice is always important and I would never want to see an innocent person locked up. That said, when convicted killers come back into the light of day, arguing over things such as “why was the jury shown photos” and “we think the DNA was mishandled” when it was clearly a fair trial, I get pissed off that the taxpayers have to spend more time on these scumbags. Perhaps there is evidence for him to pursue this and my judgement is off, but I really don’t believe it is.

You will remember that Joseph Smith abducted, raped and murdered Carlie Brucia in 2004 and her abduction was captured on a security tape. It was a terrible case that many will never soon forget. That this public defender has the balls to do this kills me. Let Carlie lie in peace and let Mr. Smith have his sentence. That’s all I am saying.

And now, we have Carlie’s Law. Thank God. Because you know he was out on probation when he did this. Surprise, surprise!

Breaking – remains of a child found a half mile from Casey Anthony’s home.

A HALF MILE! Apparently, the skeletal remains of a child were found in a sealed plastic bag by a utility worker about 1/2 mile from Casey Anthony’s home. Of course, we know what’s in that bag, but it may take a while for forensic identification. At this point, do they question Casey again? Offer her the chance to say something?

I hate this case. I hate hearing about it, blogging about it, thinking about the reasons for this. Some say she panicked after leaving Caylee in a hot car. Some say, like Diane Downs, she killed the child to attract a man who didn’t want kids.

We’ll see. Sad.