John Hock – sick criminal of the month.

I often wonder why some stories that really shock me to the core don’t get picked up by mainstream media. This is one such story and I call upon my wonderful friends in the media to give it some airtime.

Rape cases when the victim is unconscious are not impossible to prosecute at all. That said, it’s difficult when memory is simply not there, or foggy, as defense will try to trip up a complaining witness – for example, “if you can only remember part of the assault, how do we know you’re being truthful about the totality?”. Yes, that sort of shit.

Well, John Hock makes it easy for prosecutors. He raped a woman repeatedly while filming it LIVE with his webcam, just as the Max Factor heir did. What he then did was stream the video onto the Internet. Can you imagine? The victim got texts from her friends and watched it herself.

John Hock – I hope you go away for a long time, you depraved stealer of souls. Just because you manage to get a woman drunk (or probably drug her, I am sure), does not mean you can rape her repeatedly and boast about it. Clearly, no one would ever consent to having relations with you.

I’d also like to know who watches this stuff? What site do people post this crap on? Am I the only person who thinks this is extraordinarily depraved? I wish healing thoughts to that poor victim, who was assaulted by Hock, then by having to watch it.

My official thoughts on the allegations against Chris Brown.

With the release of Chris Brown’s “I’m Not A Monster” YouTube piece – I won’t even post it here – I want you all to read my official position on domestic violence and that case in particular.

Enjoy and please comment.

Keifer! What is going on w/ the celebs today?

Jack Bauer, er, the voice of those dreaded Bank of America commercials, um, KEIFER Sutherland, apparently flew into a violent rage at a Costume Institute Gala after-party last night and head-butted Jack McCollough, one half of the talented Proenza Schouler design duo.
Apparently, our designer friend has a broken nose.

When I think of Keifer, I think of this. Calm down, dude.

Or, I think of his dad, “Good morning, oranges….”. That is so soothing. When I have a panic attack, I should just listen to a loop of Donald Sutherland speaking.

What to think? Back on the sauce?

FUN UPDATE: Apparently, Jack M. knocked over Brooke Shields at the party, causing Kiefer to get all protective and demand he apologize to Brooke. They faced off and said head butt occured. Here’s what’s so odd: Brooke’s spokesperson is saying that no such thing happened and Brooke “does not know what would cause Keifer to act in such a manner.” Oh, goodness. I’m sticking with the Christmas tree theory.

Melissa Huckaby update – more victims?

I know the profilers are scratching their heads over this case (Sandra Cantu), but I am not. There are female predators. Melissa Huckaby is now under arrest for allegedly raping and murdering Sandra Cantu. Now, another mom has come forward, saying a woman (allegedly Huckaby) in a purple Kia Sportage took HER daughter to a Wendy’s, drugged her (there’s a hospital report where benzos were found in the child’s system)and did God only knows what. She was returned home, but she was ill, ergo, prompting the mother to take the child to the hospital. NO CHARGES were filed, although a report was made. There is a paper trail.

From what I understand, the mother went to Police and Tracy Police did no follow up. If all of this is true, COULD the Cantu murder have been prevented? What is going on here?



I have turned very sharply away from my own case to highlight all sorts of cases as well as pop culture, etc., in a respectful way. Every once in a while, you’ll see me allude to hate mail.

Well – Happy Easter to me! This is not a “poor, pitiful me” posting, but one where I really want people to understand the Internet is a dangerous place and if you are parent, you CANNOT tell if the writer is some pimply 14-year-old with time on his hands or with a stash of guns and something to prove. Warning: tough to read. I received this on Easter morning. Nice, right?

Charles Rico sent a message using the contact form at

“I just watched the dateline story about Liz Seccuro. Ur a fucking cunt!!! I hope you get raped again!!! This guy obviously felt very bad about what
he did to you. He went out of his way to apologize for what he did. He
didnt have to do that. The rape could have gone unsolved forever if not
for him trying to make it right. It sounds to me like he had also been
suffering for some time. He was having trouble dealing with something many
college guys would consider normal. He was a victim of his hormones just
like u were of rape. U wanna get mad at someone, get mad at god. This
dude didnt ask to be given hormones he couldnt control yet. Ur the worst
kind of person in the world. When someone reached out to u for forgiveness
u fucked them. U raped him. Good job!!! Now ur a rapist too. U raped
someone at their most vulnerable point. Ur a vengefull BITCH!!! I can
understand wanting vengence on someone who wasnt sorry. But the guy was
actually sorry. He wanted to let u know that and for that he was raped a
hell of alot worse than u were. And dont act like u didnt allow it to
happen. U probably enjoyed it. U know danm well that u were a slut
looking to get fucked that night anyhow. So, FUCK U and FUCK UR MOTHER!!! I hope she’s dead. And if she is, I hope she suffered greatly when she
died for making a peice of shit like u. If there’s a hell, u should both
be burning in it. Thanks alot u bowlegged whore. U’ve helped create a
world where someone cant even repent when they know they were wrong. Besides, u should consider urself lucky. Ur too fat & ugly for most guys. Ur an angry jealous fat cow that nobody wants. I wouldnt worry bout rape
anymore. Nobody wants u for anything!!!”

I don’t think “Boo” the sex offender was hosting a chili cook-off OR a Bar Mitzvah. Damn.

Have we become so unwilling to track sex offenders that we now issue them “rave” permits? We all know what raves mean – bring your pacifier, your Cookie Monster backpack and your Ectasy. While the city of Phoenix thinks “Boo” is nothing more than an event planner of sorts, he is a sex offender hosting raves where drinking, drugs, sex and young people are!

What the heck?

Passive GPS monitoring really seems to work. Not. Another nod to our friend who says sex offenders don’t repeat. Ahem.

A while back, an anonymous poster (very well-written, too) claimed that the recitivism rate for sex offenders was very low. We’ve been told as a society that this is simply not true – and anyone who has seen “The Woodsman” or “Little Children” know that many sex offenders simply cannot control their criminally sick urges. I was too lazy to look up the statistics, but I find statistics to be a little dry and sometimes, faulty. Plus, it’s not my job. I’m no lawmaker or journalist, nor do I pretend to be.

I’m going to highlight a few cases I’ve seen this week about offenders re-offending. This one is just horrible. The man was wearing a GPS tracking monitor (just as mine did), but was being “passively” monitored – which means probation checks their movements after the fact. So, Shia LaBoeuf’s character in “Disturbia” has cops ALL over him in one second because he went over the line while wearing his bracelet due to hitting his Spanish teacher, but rapists are not monitored in real time? Let me guess. There’s just not enough money to have probation and parole monitor these people.

Now, this little girl is dead. Fought for her life to avoid being raped. Darrin Sanford may be eligible for the death penalty.

A cop? Again?

Getting ready for all of the victim blamers (who are already on the boards)on this one. East Village woman goes out for drinks, becomes incapacitated and the cabbie calls 911 (why?) to get her some help. Probably help in shaking her down for a $4 fare. If you ask me, the cabbie was complicit.

Two cops arrive, help her into her apartment. She is clearly not able to consent. THe cops return, one rapes her. They return a THIRD time to return her key. Um, you mean, to clean up evidence? Seems this cop also had a “hit list” of women in his locker along with some heroin he had “forgotten” to turn in to the evidence room. So, they’re both suspended with pay and he has not yet been arrested despite overwhelming evidence. This won’t end well.

Good for her for reporting it and having a rape kit done. His defense attorney says “it’s consensual”. Yeah, right. Serve and protect, my ass. This reminds me of the movie “Internal Affairs”. So much is wrong with this story, but this woman had the right to go out for drinks (and who is to say no one drugged her drink), to hail a cab and to get home safely. If it was a man, would we blame him? No.

UPDATE: sort of rookie Franklin Mata flipped on his 17-year vet partner Kenneth Moreno. Better late than never. Wonder if he watched. Wonder what kind of deal he’s getting. Imagine if these were civilian? Now,it reminds me of “Copland”.

The real difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? About $800K!

Wow – who knew hockey leagues had this much money? This hockey mom, Kimberly Knight was arrested for embezzling almost a cool million from her hockey league in Ann Arbor. Who watches the books there? She bought a dump truck, an Escalade, scads of jewelry. What are Pandora beads? Apparently she liked those.

The cops showed some compassion towards her by saying that she probably intended to pay the money back.

Oh, times are hard, people. I don’t think she’ll do jail time, but she will have to get some mental health help. You betcha.

Professor resigns over stolen bike. University brass still keep jobs despite rape and murder.

In this story, a USF professor was caught on tape stealing a bicycle (hey – you make over $350K a year – buy your own!)belonging to a student. The student wanted to press charges and Rao, the prof, pressured him not to. Good Lord!

Now, he’s stepping down over the embarrassment. Fine. Great. What I want to know is how Universities continue to violate the Clery Act and cover up rape and murder. Does anyone know anything new about the DeAnza rape case? The latest Virginia Tech murder? Nope – I didn’t think so.