Lavinia Masters is one incredible woman.

I have so much praise for this woman and her fortitude. Keep going! Read about her story here.

It’s the sad truth that the statute of limitations has run out on her case, ergo, they cannot prosecute her now positively identified attacker. Perhaps we should strengthen THOSE laws if we are finally going to get to the millions of DNA samples that have been languishing. If we get to them quicker, we’ll be able to prosecute more cases, imprison more perpetrators and free those wrongfully accused. If we have a combined effort of testing the samples faster and lengthening the SOL’s, we could have some measure of success in the middle. Alas, we’ve got a long way to go.

We have the technology! Press on, Lavinia!

Nujood Ali, the child bride heroine of Yemen, has died in childbirth.

I am thoroughly disgusted with the outcome of this story. I had blogged about it a while back and the outcome is tragic. Twelve-year-old Nujood, raped by her husband, was impregnated and died in childbirth. Her child also died.

I call upon any human rights group to fix this. Amnesty International? Save the Children? Someone?

Rest in peace, baby girl.

Hatred. Not cool.

Mondays are tough enough for many of us – parenting, working (or not, in many cases), taking care of ourselves and those we love. Most of us watch the news, and some of us watch too much news. As a news junkie, I realize the negative reports can be bad for a fragile psyche, or even a happy one!

Today, I am struggling with the shooting at the Holocaust Museum, the hinky election in Iran and – I won’t even name him – the asshat who called Michelle Obama the descendant of “gorillas” on Facebook. How stupid for a person in office to use Facebook for such an ignorant comment?

I know Mrs. Obama doesn’t read such crap, but I am sure she’s been made aware of it and will not dignify it for a moment. Why all the hate? What’s wrong with people today? Let’s all do something beautiful, giving, lyrical and magical for one person today. Recycle a water bottle, read to a child, call a sick person, restrain yourself from posting something hateful on Facebook or a blog.

Be well, friends.

A brave woman in Colorado deserves our praise.

Today, a friend sent me an article about a cold case in Colorado in which the victim is pressing on, nine years later. Bravo to her. Read the article and decide for yourself. The most troubling part of the article, though, is the comments section. It’s amazing that people blame her for her own rape because she was intoxicated.

Because, naturally, she wanted to end up covered in blood and mud having “had sex” with two men. That’s normal, right? I love her for her courage in coming forward. It is really hard to be public about this because a) you are then known primarily for the fact that you are a rape victim and not a daughter, wife, mom, hard worker, etc. and b) you need to endure the crazies on blog boards.

I honestly believe that one should have to register a credit card with their real name in order to comment on a blog. So many anonymous cowards, holding forth about something they have no experience with. Bravo, Julie Stene! Bravo!

Thank you, Queen Latifah!

The Queen has recently opened up to Essence magazine about the childhood sexual abuse she endured by a male babysitter. As always, when a celebrity opens up (see: Tim Roth, Teri Hatcher, Gabrielle Union), it rips the stigma away and helps real people to understand that sexual abuse is not a life sentence and that one can live a life of promise and excellence.

Says the Queen, “He violated me,” shares Latifah in the new issue of Essence. “I never told anybody. I just buried it as deeply as I could and kept people at an arms length. I never really let a person get too close to me. I could have been married years ago, but I had a commitment issue.”

So true. Thank you for not being silenced. Be strong.

Russell Ruzin, the bouncer, thinks rape and pulling down peoples’ pants is “consensual”.

Added to the brain trust of America is this guy, a bouncer at restaurant/bar/grill who basically stalked a woman, cornered her, attempted to rape her in a bathroom, was unsuccessful at penetration, then spun her around and raped her another way. She went to the ER. He was arrested and was very confused, saying “I didn’t have sex with anyone last night!”

Well, no, you (allegedly) raped someone last night. Oh, that. Yes, he said, that was “consensual sex in the bathroom”. Code: she totally wanted me. Yep.

Another woman came forward, the girlfriend of another bouncer there. Seems Ruzin tracked her into a bathroom and pulled her pants down. Said that was “consensual”. Let’s do everyone a favor and lock him up for a long time. My thoughts go out to the alleged victims. And stop yourself before you tell me they should not have been out at a Bar & Grill. Because as we know, those girls at home “reading their Bibles” as we all should be get raped, too. By ministers, deacons, teachers, Bible camp counselors.

Chris Brown is sorry for “what transpired”. Not “for what I did to her”.

The language of the offender – whether rapist, wife-beater, etc., is always so carefully spun. One need only check out Beebe’s YouTube speech (I won’t link it as I cannot bear to look at it) to see how carefully crafted words remove accountability from these assholes. Chris is “sorry for what transpired”. Very big difference between that and him saying he is “sorry for beating Rihanna”. I call this the “non-apology apology”. It’s rampant. At least A-Rod straight up admitted his crap and by the way, his steroid use didn’t hurt anyone but himself. I am exhausted with the whole Michael Phelpsian taking to task of role models for stupid decisions while people are getting beaten, raped and murdered all the while saying “I’m so soowwwwwy”. Poor me, I was drunk/abused as a child/came from a broken home.

No, Chris Brown, I don’t need to wait until all the facts come out. Those people calling for “all the facts” are what I call “perpetrator perpetuators”. You know these folks, “Well, I am totally against rape, BUT….what was she doing at the party/wearing/walking home alone for?” You know the type.

Rihanna is entitled to her privacy. She is also, I hope, entitled to speak out and do some good, drawing attention to this awful thing called violence against women. Praying for strength for the gorgeous songbird from Barbados, that she can use this to teach so many young women what even she, with her fame and wealth, could not stop.

Oh my gosh! Sunny von Bulow is dead after 28 year coma.

More on this later. So much to say. While Claus was convicted of attempted murder, it was overturned on appeal. He was then acquitted.

Since there’s no double jeopardy in attempted murder, can he now be tried for her murder? Are those charges the State can now bring or is it beating a dead horse. Much more on Sunny, Claus and the whole shooting match later. Hurry up and get “Reversal of Fortune” before Netflix runs out! Somewhere, Dominick Dunne is sharpening his pencils for Vanity Fair.

Dame Helen! Now what?

The Queen is speaking about rape again. Good golly. It’s a long ass article, but she talks about how you don’t want women on a rape trial jury because women are “sexually jealous”.

Helen thinks a mostly female jury won’t convict a male rapist, because women are sexually jealous of other women. Helen says that the defense team try to get as many chicks on the jury as possible ” because women go against women.” She went on to say, “Whether in a deep-seated animalistic way, going back billions of years, or from a sense of tribal jealousy or just antagonism, I don’t know. But other women on a rape case would say she was asking for it. The only reason I can think of is that they’re sexually jealous.”

Vera Baird, a British politician, immediately responded to Helen’s comments: “This is just such an ignorant thing to say, to suggest that the defense or prosecution have any involvement in the selection of a jury. I do not know what she is talking about, women hating women. This is a vast generalization based on nothing, but unfortunately it is likely to have a deterrent effect.”

Okay now. I can say this. She is right and wrong. You do NOT want women on a rape trial jury because women who have not been raped (or have and have buried it) place their fears on the victim and basically shut down. They are judgmental and refuse to believe that rape exists since it’s too horrifying for them to fathom. I know this as I’ve received thousands of letters and emails from women who cannot possibly understand why my rapist was prosecuted. They honestly can’t. Take a red State woman, talk about rape to her and her eyes will glaze over and she’ll talk about puppies and rainbows. It makes folks uncomfortable and women in particular don’t ever think about it.

Where Dame Helen needs to STFU about is that women are “sexually jealous”. Helen – psst. Rape is about violence. No one is jealous that the guy raped you and NOT her, the juror. What I am saying is that the only time the word “sexual” should be used in discussions of rape is when speaking anatomically or for “sexual assault”, etc.

You know, Helen, you have GOT to stop. That said, she has the right to be heard. Who am I to silence her; after all, she is a survivor. Oh, she also says that female jurors acquitted rapists “back in the day”. Um, Helen, it is still happening. Read the entire article here.

Another apologetic rapist? Somehow striking a different chord.

In this story, I couldn’t help but notice the comments. Seems as though this guy allegedly raped a woman, then returned to her home to apologize. She of course, had him arrested.

While I have often been reviled for doing the same, this woman is considered correct (and she IS) but because, in the minds of many American, this guy goes to jail because they think he’s an illegal alien, not a rapist. It’s somehow more offensive an act to these folks because he’s not American.