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Update on Nujood, my hero, the “child bride”.

You can read about brave attorney, Yemeni Shada Nasser. I am so proud of everyone involved in freeing these children from such sick bondage!

Bravo. Click here to read the full story!

Story Update: Tanya Hollander, UVa-educated “Hooker Booker”, pleads guilty.

So, Tanya Hollander, the booker for the disgraced Eliot Spitzer’s escort agency and the fine folks who brought us Ashley Dupre, pled “quilty” today to charges of consipiring to violate the Federal traveling act. Hey, I didn’t write it that way – the AP did. Quilty! Ms. Hollander (who, by the by, shares a surname with Xaviera Hollander, “The Happy Hooker” – come on, you all KNOW who I mean)is Mr. Notranting’s exact age and went to the University of Virginia the same year.

He claims not to know her. Maybe he was Client #8! Just kidding. She claims she needed extra money and is actually a new age hippie-type healer, therapist, etc. Kind of like Rielle Hunter. I think she looks rather like Alanis Morrisette, don’t you? She’s not expected to serve any jail time. She also had no contact whatsoever with Client #9.

The Trisha Meili – Oprah fracas. I’ve been putting this off. For good reason.

Let me roll this out. Both Trisha Meili (the “Central Park Jogger”) and Oprah (“Oprah”) are role models to me for their strength, winning attitudes, empathy. This is why this post is so difficult.

Trisha and I were treated at the same non profit center. She has been my role model for going public. Oprah’s producers are the only producers I allowed to be with me after William Beebe pled guilty. One came out for a drink after we left the courthouse – I adore her. That said, I have no ties to the “Oprah” show.

Trisha recently (2007) gave an interview and indicated she was now upset with Oprah for asking “why were you in the park that night?” when she sat down to talk with O for her magazine in 2002 as she finally went public with her tragic and uplifting story.

1) Trisha has every right to feel what she feels; as does every survivor!
2) …but why now with the backlash? Why not a letter to the editor?
3) Everyone asks the same questions…could it just be benign? (“Why were you at the fraternity party?” “Why were you at the World Trade Center that day”?) Jesus, why is anyone anywhere?
4) Is it victim-blaming? I cannot tell.
5) Isn’t it horrible that people vilify Trisha for speaking out?
6) Isn’t it horrible that people vilify Oprah for asking a question?

Goddamn it. I don’t know what to think. Help me out here!

Am I to wear this to the gym?

I’ll make this brief. Jennifer Baumgartner created this shirt. Discuss.

1) Um, she’s not a survivor – perhaps she should leave this to us.
2) I wouldn’t wear it and that’s just a personal choice.
3) Maybe, just maybe, the idea is right, but the execution is poor.
4) Yeah, it’s written across the BOOBS. And is that a microwave? A safe?