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As many of you know, I’ve been juggling book tour and talks and clubs with parenting, drafting my second book treatment and maintaining some sense of self-care throughout the madness. The new blog will talk about current events in crime and justice (no dearth of cases here, whew!) as well as some questions you may have about the book, having read it. Or not! In which case, here is my Amazon author page for upcoming events.

So many nice folks to thank for the success of this book – from my agent to my publisher, my editor, my publicist, and all the lovely people in the media who sought to tackle a “dirty” subject. We’ll be highlighting those writers, shows, bloggers, radio folks and champions, as well as including them as guest bloggers. I am so grateful to everyone who worked on this project and continue to do so!

If you are with the media, head to the main page and find me that way, but feel free to leave a (mostly appropriate and nice, please) comment here in the spirit of discussion. I clearly reject all troll-ish comments as they are not part of the discussion and it’s not worth it to expose other survivors or their families to boorish behavior as I used to.

I’ll even be coming into the year 2011 and using multimedia this time around, so yet, videos, photos and hyperlinks and perhaps my YouTube channel which I’ve been putting off. Amen!

So, come often, get your books out and we WILL schedule an online Twitter or blog reading one day soon with my publicist. In the meantime, I’ll be posting this evening about your thoughts on – er – THAT verdict. You know what I mean. Hmmmm….

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A century later, justice for the family of Tom Joyner.

If you don’t know who Tom Joyner is, take a listen to his wildly popular, nationally syndicated radio show. I’ve been listening to him since the early 90s.

His two great uncles were wrongfully executed for the 1913 murder of a Confederate soldier and given the electric chair. Seems they had the wrong guys. This past week, the state of South Carolina officially pardoned the two wrongfully executed men, giving Joyner’s family the peace they so richly deserved.

Interestingly enough, Joyner did not know of the wrongful death until Skip Gates (White House beer and “teaching moment”) told him of the story.


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It’s been a long time and I feel so guilty…lots to cover. Thanks for the support and the messages. We’re doing really well thanks to all the help from our extraordinary baby nurse and lots of friends.

But the blogger in me needs to talk, so I’ll be back tomorrow and we’ll soon have guest bloggers as well.

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PS – we’re going to discuss Obama-nation, Spitzer’s “getting off” while the hookers face the law, the 8 year old who killed two men in AZ, Caylee Anthony update, the Serbian arrested and lots of updates to cases we’ve been following. If you read this blog and have some information on a local case or want an update on something specific, please chime in!

We have lost one of the greats. R.I.P.

What most people don’t know, in addition to the wry sense of humor, the legendary talent and the true, loving and devoted marriage is that Paul Newman, in our most beautiful corner of the world, was a kind and decent human.

His work with childrens’ camps, his multimillion dollar all for charity food business, his dedication to preserving the environment and his support of local talent (sustainable food pioneers, restauranteurs, actors and directors at the Playhouse) are what made him our hero.

I have fond memories, when I worked in sales and marketing at the Hay-Adams Hotel in DC, that Mr. Newman used to stay with us. At 5 in the morning, guests would complain of a “pounding” noise. After much consternation and searching, we found it was Mr. Newman, who would rise early, put on shorts and sneakers and run up and down the stairs of the hotel, creating quite the ruckus. He also famously plunged that gorgeous face in ice water each morning, claiming that it kept him young. He even wore a snorkel while doing so! I’ve borrowed that trick.

Rumors persisted in recent months of his ill health; rumors brushed off by the man himself and his team. He went quietly, with grace and dignity, at his farmhouse in Westport, surrounded by family, friends and his beloved Joanne. We will miss you and the example of fine living you set.


University of Iowa rape coverup update – two heads have rolled. Mason to follow?

To me, Sally Mason is the one who hid the documents. Her review is on Thursday, but perhaps by throwing these two under the bus, she keeps her job. Note: no severance packages! Finally, a win for students and their parents everywhere. A strong message that athletes, fraternities and endowments do NOT take precedence over a young person’s very soul!

Thank goodness!

Let it RAINN! A message about RAINN Day 2008

If you are a survivor, of family member/loved one of a survivor of rape, sexual assault or incest, please visit RAINN often. You can also join the RAINN group on Facebook and get cool updates from them. I did! Coming this September 25 will be RAINN DAY, a cause close to my heart as it focuses on the issue of sexual assault on college campuses. As many of you who read my blog know, the problem seems to be getting worse, and we’ve had some horrible cases in the past year.

RAINN Day is RAINN’s annual campaign to stop sexual assault on college campuses. Students and volunteers raise awareness through fundraising and educational events, volunteer drives, speakers, petitions, posters, and passing out RAINN Day cards and volunteer handouts.

To sign up for RAINN Day 2008, all you have to do is click on the link, fill out your contact information and RAINN will send you some cards to hand out at your local college or university! I will be at Connecticut College, University of New Haven and Yale University if I can make it. And Quinnipiac! No doubt with that new baby in a sling!

For more information or questions about RAINN Day 2008, email rainnday@rainn.org.

A terrific article for all to read about cop impersonators!

I’ve often been troubled by the stories of rapists and murderers preying on innocents by posing as cops – so easy to do when you can buy flashing lights, uniforms and badges on eBay. This is a very useful guide from AOL that helps us spot fake cops and what to do in order to stay safe. Please read it and familiar yourself with some handy tips. You may piss off a real cop in the process, but you may also save your own life.

Be healthy and happy this weekend! More to come!

Just so sad; and yet, not just Afghanistan. Substitute “America” and it’s still on target.

I’m getting to the point where I should not really expose myself to upsetting pieces in the media, but how realistic is that? What struck me about this article is how it highlights a problem “over there” which is so very similar to “over here”. This could be Albany, Atlanta or Arkansas. The only difference is the level of shame (and it’s not that different) felt by these parents.

Good for Hamid Karzai for finding this family a safe house and turning his attention to this epidemic. I’m sure every rape survivor in this country would long for some time with Mr. Bush. Maybe the United Nations could point out what an epidemic we have here. I’m just saying.

Well, that made my week – thank you, E Street Band.

So I went to see Bruce Springsteen last night and it was a barn-burner. The set list was all over the map, the arrangements were surprising, Bruce was in top form and the audience was fantastic. It was dark and brooding, wild and lighthearted, filled with longing and a summery spirit. I loved that they didn’t perform a whole lot of “Magic” – he culled the set list heavily from the past – “Growing Up”, “Tenth Avenue Freezeout”, “Spirit in the Night” and a lot of great stuff he doesn’t do normally, like “Janey Don’t You Lose Heart”, “Atlantic City”, “Mary’s Place” and a great cover of “Summertime Blues”. He played at least a three hour show, ran, flipped, did backbends over the crowd, preached, sprayed water on the crowd, collected requests, mugged for the cameras, flirted and played his heart out, as did each band member. PS – who knew Max Weinberg had so much hair?

That will probably be his last show at the old Giants’ Stadium. As a season ticket holder, I’ll miss the old clamshell. I’ll miss seeing Bruce and the band there as well.

Living in post-9/11 New York, I still shiver watching them do “The Rising” live. Those of you who think Bruce is all about “Born in the USA” (in my opinion, his weakest yet very popular album), try to listen to the older stuff (first three albums) and go to a live show. It’s a wonderful thing – it’s a religious experience. Thanks for giving this incredibly pregnant “superfan” a special night – and thanks to all of the really great Jersey fans seated with us who were so careful to give me space, dance with me and not drop beers on me. You were all so much fun.

If you didn’t make it, click here to watch the first three songs! – and here’s the set list, for those who care:

Tenth Avenue Freezeout, Radio Nowhere, Lonesome Day, No Surrender, Adam Raised a Cain, Spirit in the Night, Summertime Blues, Brilliant Disguise, Atlantic City, Growin’ Up, Janey, Don’t You Lose Heart, I’ll Work for Your Love, Youngstown, Murder Incorporated, The Promised Land, Livin’ in the Future, Mary’s Place, Working on the Highway, Tunnel of Love, The Rising, Last to Die, Long Walk Home, Badlands

Girls in Their Summer Clothes, Jungleland, Born to Run, Bobby Jean, Dancing in the Dark, American Land, Rosalita

Photos courtesy of Backstreets.com – the ultimate fansite.