The only time I have semi-agreed with Joe Francis!

Joe Francis, founder of “Girls Gone Wild” empire and former jailbird, was in Washington DC this past weekend marching for gay right. Yes, you read that correctly. In a rare show of common sense, (he still made it about him), he said that he was marching not for gay rights, but for civil rights and the rights of all people. That would include himself and what he does for a living.

Whatever the motivation, I’m glad he did it. Doesn’t change my opinion of what he does, but I salute his decision to march and hope he learned something!

Wowza – woman fined $1.9 million for illegal download of 24 songs.

On this blog, we usually highlight cases involving kidnapping, rape, murder and the like. It’s not light reading, but most of all, we talk about our perceptions, the sentences, etc.

I think this judge went too far, but I also believe everyone should pony up their 99 cents to iTunes.

Jammie Thomas-Rasset of Minnesota was fined $80,000 PER SONG
for her illegal downloads. The RCAA is pleased with the judgement. I’m sorry, but $1.9 million? How is she going to feed her kids (if they even collect)? Is it really worth this to prove a point?

That said, she has pretty decent taste in music? What are your thoughts?

Hermes design house breeding own crocodiles for handbags.

Not my typical post, but this is certainly news of the odd. Hermes, known for the $50,000 (!!!) Birkin bag, has taken to breeding their own crocodiles for the coveted bags. Surely, Victoria Beckham is happy to hear this news. PETA, not so much.

“It can take three to four crocodiles to make one of our bags so we are now breeding our own crocodiles on our own farms, mainly in Australia,” says Patrick Thomas, chief executive of the luxury line. “Hermes already faces a major challenge producing 3,000 crocodile bags a year. The world is not full of crocodiles, except the stock exchange!”

OH, bring the LOLs, Mr. Thomas! But seriously, it takes 3-4 crocodiles to make one of those bags? Crikey! Thoughts?

UVM coke ring head, fraternity president, sentenced, no longer BMOC.

I have lots of college-aged friends. Cocaine is HUGE again, just like in the 80s and 90s. It’s, like, so “Less Than Zero”, they tell me. It’s also an evil insidious drug that ruins lives and futures and promise.

That said, this guy got 70 months. Fraternity rapist? 5 months (and that’s the one I know of – so many walking free, I cannot begin to tell you).

This speaks directly to the point I was making about how manditory drug sentencing is overfilling our prisons and keeping dangerous offenders out on the street. We need more prisons and we had better be prepared to pay for them if we want our kids to be safe and the right offenders behind bars. It’s all about appropriateness. Relative to a coke dealer, a rapist should not serve a tiny fraction of the dealer’s sentence, but the Fed says it’s so. A coke dealer certainly hurts himself, but those buyers don’t have a gun held to their heads. He’s being a businessman.


Madoff pleads guilty to 11 counts, is remanded.

Now, I have spent a great deal of time thinking about this and sharing with friends on FaceBook. This morning, I saw one of Bernie Madoff’s victims say “There is NO punishment great enough for Madoff to ease my injury, my anger, my sadness.”

The question I posited on my friend Lisa Bloom’s Tweet was “Why, as Americans, do we become the angry, bloodthirsty mob for this guy and yet not for rapists and murderers? Where is the outrage there?”

A girl posted on the thread sort of angrily to me and said that there is no hierarchy of victimhood and that Bernie Madoff is just as bad a criminal as any. I wholly disagree. You ask John Walsh, “do you think losing all of your $$ and losing your son is the same?” I think you know the answer. Given the chance of regaining my dignity and virginity and innocent life, I’d happily part with my money,

Listen, Madoff is a bad, bad man, but he’s not a child-toucher, rapist or murderer. He’s a killer of dreams, a betrayer of trust, but the fact that we had to watch his car, a la OJ Simpson, drive to Court this morning is ridiculous. Why not just as much howling at the moon at the mistreatment of our brothers and sisters in this country, not to mention overseas?! Children are beaten, starved, etc. If you read this blog, you’ve been exposed to some of the most heinous crimes and we never hear followup. Why? This is my theory – WE created Bernie Madoff. Greed and our obsession with money makes his crime worse in the eyes of the average American. This is not right.

Yes, Ruth knows all – she was his bookkeeper. Where is the money? Who else is involved? I mean, really – how does one guy get away with $65 billion?

Forgiveness is overrated. Thank you, Elie Wiesel.

Elie Wiesel is one of the great humanitarians and heroes of our time. If you’ve not read “Night”, please run out and do so. Mr. Wiesel lost his fortune to Bernie Madoff.

He says he cannot and will not forgive Madoff.

This is not about me, but this is my answer to those calling for my head as they perceive my unwillingness to forgive my rapist. I’d much rather have lost all of my money. I can get that back. My virginity and dignity cannot be bought back or restored. Forgiveness is a word bandied about like so many these days and I refuse to be vilified for appropriate anger in response to a crime against my person and humanity. If Elie Wiesel (practically a saint, in my book) cannot do so, then I support him.

Enough said.

The real difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? About $800K!

Wow – who knew hockey leagues had this much money? This hockey mom, Kimberly Knight was arrested for embezzling almost a cool million from her hockey league in Ann Arbor. Who watches the books there? She bought a dump truck, an Escalade, scads of jewelry. What are Pandora beads? Apparently she liked those.

The cops showed some compassion towards her by saying that she probably intended to pay the money back.

Oh, times are hard, people. I don’t think she’ll do jail time, but she will have to get some mental health help. You betcha.

What do Sandy Koufax, John Malkovich and Kevin Bacon have in common? Bernie Made Off with their money!

Seriously, I cannot wrap my brain around how someone can steal $50 BILLION dollars. That takes amazing skill. Today, the list came out of Bernie Madoff’s victims. I love Jane Fonda’s quote – she said she wanted to “shake him so hard his teeth fall out”. I loved that visual.

Greed is not good. While these people were not victims of, say, bodily harm, I am quite certain there is massive fallout and much depression. Of course, if you have your health (I know it’s a cliche), but I’d be spitting mad.

What makes me the maddest? He stole from Elie Wiesel. No one touches that guy. No one.

Madoff faces up to 20 years in prison. I wonder where the money is.

The Bernie Madoff Scandal with a capital “S” – where to begin?

While white collar crime is not my forte, I find this whole Bernie Madoff crisis to be unbelievable. I told a friend of mine, I originally thought the reporters said “$50 million”. Billion! Does anyone else think it’s apt his name is “Madoff”? Say it out loud. I cannot believe this dude was the ex-chair of NASDAQ. My husband is a Wall Streeter (no hating here!) and we were shocked at the magnitude and sheer balls of this.

What’s really tragic here are the non-profits that he swindled. I mean, Elie Wiesel?? Messing with that guy? Come on! I don’t understand how no other heads have rolled at this point. One guy cannot do this alone. I see the New York Post is reporting his two sons aren’t speaking to him. Well, I would think they’d be sheltering their assets and CYA. I found it odd that Andrew Madoff’s wife, Deborah, just served him with divorce papers and there are photos of them holiday shopping yesterday – together. What is going on here? My heart goes out to those individuals and organizations fleeced by this guy. Once again, how does such a smart man think he will get away with a Ponzi scheme of this magnitude? Greed is not good. I’m waiting for the other shoes to fall and trust me, there will be many!

Oh my gosh! Sunny von Bulow is dead after 28 year coma.

More on this later. So much to say. While Claus was convicted of attempted murder, it was overturned on appeal. He was then acquitted.

Since there’s no double jeopardy in attempted murder, can he now be tried for her murder? Are those charges the State can now bring or is it beating a dead horse. Much more on Sunny, Claus and the whole shooting match later. Hurry up and get “Reversal of Fortune” before Netflix runs out! Somewhere, Dominick Dunne is sharpening his pencils for Vanity Fair.