Big, hot smoking mess, Take 2!

Remember Christina Elizabeth Szele of Queens, who was arrested on a JetBlue flight for smoking, being intoxicated and generally causing a ruckus? Well, she’s ba-ack.

Seems Szele put the beat down on her sister-in-law this past Sunday and was arrested again, causing the judge in the first case to revoke her bond. She now faces up to 20 months in federal prison for violating her probation. She agreed to 5 years probation, drug and alcohol classes and an anger management program, the latter of which clearly has not worked out too well for her.

Hm. On the one hand, she clearly has a problem. But 20 months in the Fed? Come on. On the other hand, how many times are killers and sex offenders arrested, only to find out they haven’t even been to probation? I feel like the Judge is not necessarily harsh; it’s just that Szele’s infractions are far less heinous than those committed by those who violate probation.

That said, the law is the law.

Professor resigns over stolen bike. University brass still keep jobs despite rape and murder.

In this story, a USF professor was caught on tape stealing a bicycle (hey – you make over $350K a year – buy your own!)belonging to a student. The student wanted to press charges and Rao, the prof, pressured him not to. Good Lord!

Now, he’s stepping down over the embarrassment. Fine. Great. What I want to know is how Universities continue to violate the Clery Act and cover up rape and murder. Does anyone know anything new about the DeAnza rape case? The latest Virginia Tech murder? Nope – I didn’t think so.

Puff Baby. I love this story.

This awesome baby was playing with a phone and accidentally dialed 9-1-1.

The RCMP (that’s Canadian Police, y’all) arrived and what did they find? A very surprised 29 year old dad who swore he had not called. What else did they find? A 500 plant marijuana stash.

Benjamin Button had better start planning his Father’s Day gift now. I wonder if the dude was smoking a bowl when the cops arrived. Did they take the child into protective custody? Where’s the mom? I’m just saying.

Hmmm…Joe Francis and Larry Flynt teaming up for shenanigans!

My favorite guy, Joe Francis and Larry Flynt of “Hustler” fame have sent out a press release seeking a $5 billion Federal bailout for the porn industry. Funny, Joe Francis never called “GGW” “porn” before, but that’s just semantics.

Anyway, they feel that the adult entertainment industry, like the auto industry is vital to our economy and would like the Fed to bail ’em out.

Just sayin’. Thoughts? Media manipulation? Publicity stunt? Crazy-ass-ness?

What’s my ex-husband doing in Cincinnati?

Just kidding.

However, those of you who read regularly know that when we blog, we obviously blog about crimes that are terrible, or not getting enough attention, but more importantly, we like to underscore how our criminal justice system is unbalanced. In this case, the punishment does not fit the crime, relative to say, my own experience.

Attorney sentenced to six months for using foul language. Rapist William Beebe sentenced to ten years, serves less than six months. This is where we as a people need to have our say. I’ve said it over and over. Someone going to Federal prison for marijuana for 27 years is getting more sympathy from me than a rapist. When Michael Vick serves more time than a rapist for harming animals (and I love animals so very much), what does that say about our treatment of humans?


Do you have post-election depression? I do.

So I thought I’d blog this photo, which gives me such warm feelings. GOBAMA.

Jerry Garcia would NOT be proud. (subtitle: What A Pisser!)

In the annals of badly behaved politicians, the Jersey chapter, we have this lovely story. Seems Jersey City Councilman Steven Lipsky was at the 9:30 Club in DC (I knew that place well!) at a Ratdog show (that’s a Dead tribute band), not Darkstar Orchestra or Bobby Weir’s band.

Dude had the audacity to just let if fly and literally urinate from the balcony onto the crowd below. A politician pissing on the people, if you will. What I love is that he or his rep then denied it, saying he had accidentally spilled a drink on the crowd.

Now, comes the inevitable
“I’m sorry, I’m an alcoholic, I thought I could have a few drinks, I wasn’t working my steps”. We’ll see him in rehab in 3…2…

This is ALMOST as good as the other Jersey pol story I found. It seems Mayor Jerramiah Healy of Jersey City has been involved in a big ole scuffle in a Bradley Beach bar and was once found drunk, passed out and nude on his front porch. I did not click on any of the picture links. Wow, Jersey City!

PS – Please tell me he didn’t do it during “Box of Rain”. That’s my favorite song.


Girl, you are tragic, but you got to go to the pool party! I was a cheerleader; it’s kind of fun and hard work. It’s also very dangerous. But when you’re 33, time to hang up the pom poms. This is not as bad as the Texas Cheerleader (note the caps) scandal/murder plot, but not as fun as the awful Lifetime TV movie, “Death of a Cheerleader”, starring Kellie Martin and Tori Spelling, where a mousy and jealous Kellie stabs Tori to death for being popular and fabulous. That stuff is rainy afternoon, recovering from a birth fantastic!

Anyhoo, Wendy Brown needs some more hobbies. I am sure her daughter will be switching identities in 3…2…

PS – what in Sam Hill face cream does she use to pass as her teen daughter? I want it!

Mixing media – I need to have a blog at my company, BUT…

Most of you know I am an event planner and we are adding a blog at our corporate website, ergo, no mixing of my work as an advocate/blogger and my “real” job. With that said, Marnie sent me the gosh darn funniest link to a blog called Cakewrecks yesterday. I am privileged to work with the country’s best cake designers on a daily basis and remain in awe of their ability to create gorgeous and tasty masterpieces (and I’m not talking about that guy on the Food Network – although his staff is fun to watch). I’m talking about the MASTERS, people; those who spin sugar into fantasy and leave us breathless and a little poorer.

Much like party planners, everyone thinks they can be a cake designer. Not so, on either count. Planning your own tacky wedding doesn’t qualify you for either and yet – oh, the mountains of resumes! “Hi! I am an investment banker, but since planning my wedding, I know my TRUE calling is that of event planning and I wondered if you had any…..” No. No. No.

That’s why I give big love to this blog about really bad and stupid cakes. You’ll remember my post way back when over a year ago about the awful cake picture someone sent me? I think I should send it in – they do indeed have a section for the truly tasteless.

Enjoy your Friday afternoon and laugh it up. You’ll never think of Cookie Puss the same way again. No, you’ll revere him.

Why didn’t I think of this? Brilliant. Juno/Juneau.

After tonight, no more, I promise! Did you all see Levi get off the plane with his conservative attire and new haircut? Love it.