David Letterman vs. Sarah Palin

Let me begin by saying I really do not care for Sarah Palin. She was unqualified for the Veep nomination and her town charged rape victims and their insurance companies for rape kits (around $1200). Alaska has the highest incidence of rape per capita, by the way.

That said, David Letterman really crossed the line by his comments about Bristol/Willow/whomever. You don’t joke about them being raped, “knocked up”, having sex with older men, etc. Imagine if he had said any of this about Sasha or Malia Obama? I voted for Obama, by the way. Barack and Michelle would have his head on a platter.

What I mean to express here is that while late-night comics clearly use our messed up political follies as great fodder for comedy (and usually successfully!), he really didn’t need to go there. Leave the kids out of it. Whether calling Chelsea Clinton “ugly” or making fun of the Bush twins partying habits, it’s not a good practice and I think he’s wrong. What did you think of his jokes? His half-assed apology?

Hermes design house breeding own crocodiles for handbags.

Not my typical post, but this is certainly news of the odd. Hermes, known for the $50,000 (!!!) Birkin bag, has taken to breeding their own crocodiles for the coveted bags. Surely, Victoria Beckham is happy to hear this news. PETA, not so much.

“It can take three to four crocodiles to make one of our bags so we are now breeding our own crocodiles on our own farms, mainly in Australia,” says Patrick Thomas, chief executive of the luxury line. “Hermes already faces a major challenge producing 3,000 crocodile bags a year. The world is not full of crocodiles, except the stock exchange!”

OH, bring the LOLs, Mr. Thomas! But seriously, it takes 3-4 crocodiles to make one of those bags? Crikey! Thoughts?

My official thoughts on the allegations against Chris Brown.

With the release of Chris Brown’s “I’m Not A Monster” YouTube piece – I won’t even post it here – I want you all to read my official position on domestic violence and that case in particular.

Enjoy and please comment.

Pamela Barnes Ewing!

I’ll bet it was Digger or Cliff that made her allegedly do this. Now, who knows what happened, but if criminal charges were not brought, it always stinks to me. If you’re just going to sue, then you look like you’re out for the payday only.

All things being equal, I just think it’s unfair when people use the system ONLY to sue. If grievance things have happened, then you should attempt to press charges, then sue. Perhaps the DA didn’t find enough evidence. I am not here to judge.

That said, the story made me chuckle on one hand (all of those terrific catfights between poor Pam and Suellen!) and sad on the other. If true, it sounds like Victoria has some anger issues and need not be near a gun.

And, she all but killed poor Andy Gibb by dumping him. He was to be mine! Sorry – I shouldn’t joke.

UPDATE: Pam, um, VICTORIA says “yes, I had a gun!” but only out of self-defense. Apparently, the maid in question (who stands at a hulking 6 feet tall) was manhandling the dog, freaking out, causing a huge ruckus and Vicky went to get her gun. It seems the maid DID call to press charges, but the Los Angeles DA dismissed the case due to “insufficient evidence”. Victoria is now countersuing her maid.

Happy Birthday Curtis Sliwa!

Those of you old enough to remember the Guardian Angels, know my hero and sort of pal Curtis Sliwa, who is their founder. He was known for his ubiquitous red beret, his glamorous ex-wife Lisa and his grass roots movement to end violence in NYC, especially on the subways. He was nearly murdered by John Gotti, son of THE John Gotti – Gotti and his cohorts kidnapped him, threw him in a taxi and shot him.

Of late, he is known for the “Curtis and Kuby” show and his Guardian Angels has grown from 13 members to thousands in chapters all over the world.

Growing up in New York City during the heyday of crime, Son of Sam, the mob, riots, Bernie Goetz, looting during brownouts, I have only the greatest admiration for the man.

Happy Birthday, Curtis. You make the world a better place. Eat a pickle, man.

Forgiveness is overrated. Thank you, Elie Wiesel.

Elie Wiesel is one of the great humanitarians and heroes of our time. If you’ve not read “Night”, please run out and do so. Mr. Wiesel lost his fortune to Bernie Madoff.

He says he cannot and will not forgive Madoff.

This is not about me, but this is my answer to those calling for my head as they perceive my unwillingness to forgive my rapist. I’d much rather have lost all of my money. I can get that back. My virginity and dignity cannot be bought back or restored. Forgiveness is a word bandied about like so many these days and I refuse to be vilified for appropriate anger in response to a crime against my person and humanity. If Elie Wiesel (practically a saint, in my book) cannot do so, then I support him.

Enough said.

The Boss – maybe you can stop mocking my love of the old man now.

Many people giggle and tell me I’m ridiculous that I adore the Boss. Let me tell you, like most silly white folks, I also love Lil Wayne, Jay Z and Coldplay. If I dig deeper, I am a music addict with some pretty impressive chops – I love everything from Keane to John Mayer to Nada Surf to Diana Ross to Earth, Wind & Fire. That said, I am ridiculed all the time for my love of The Boss. I think it’s a generational thing, a geographical thing, a first concert I ever went to thing. Leo – he was born while “A Promised Land” was playing. Yep, true story.

Of COURSE, I got my tickets today for the new shows in the spring this morning. Sleeping baby in my arms, I got frustrated with Ticketmaster’s site crashing, but gosh knows I probably got the last 2 seats in the nosebleed section. Did you watch the Superbowl? Dude looked hot. Clarence looked like Andre Leon Talley. Seriously!

He’s riding a lovely wave of renewed popularity these days – stumping for Obama, playing the Inaugural, releasing a new album, winning a Golden Globe for “The Wrestler”, being nominated for an Oscar for the same song, etc. What’s not to love? Here’s a pic of him that my friend took at Inaugural when Bruce was backstage at the concert at the Lincoln Memorial. Lucky guy.

Michael Phelps – am I the only person who doesn’t think it’s a big deal?

OK, so Michael Phelps, the golden boy, was caught smoking a bong at a party in South Carolina in November and the photograph was published in some tab called “News of the World”. Why don’t I think this is a huge deal? I am not a drug user, not even recreationally, (plus what does that matter) and I understand he’s a role model for kids – I had to explain to my little one what he was doing, oh boy. But I am thinking there’s a whole lot of nothing here.

That said, our new President (and past two) admits to recreational drug use when younger. How is this much different? Surely, in the eyes of the sponsorships, it seems problematic on the surface, but he is 23 and didn’t touch a child or murder someone. I don’t mean to minimize it, but he should be careful if he wants to go out and do “hoodrat stuff”. Perhaps take along a trusted advisor and beware of camera phones and people who want to cash in on his bad judgements and fame.

As a society, we love to tear down our icons, build them back up. It’s sort of troubling. He seems a little lost and hellbent on enjoying his post-Olympic glow. Maybe it’s time he just focus a little more and concentrate on his next steps.

Besides, I am told that cereal endorsements are the perfect fit for a pot smoker. Synergies, people! Sound off.

UPDATE: some swaggery Sheriff is thinking of charging Phelps. Um, don’t you need more than a photo? I think he should lay off. That said, Phelps best have his defense attorney ready just in case.

UPDATE: Kellogg’s has dropped Phelps as a spokesman for their products.

RIP, Christian Wolffer

One of my favorite people, Christian Wolffer, died tragically while vacationing. He was swimming when a boat prop ran him over on New Year’s Eve in South America. Friends tried to save him, but the blood loss was too grave. Horrible. Christian was a true bon vivant, ladies’ man and owner of the most wonderful place, Wolffer Vineyards in Sagaponack.

He lived his life to the fullest and died doing what he loved – basking in the sun and enjoying a swim on vacation.

You can contribute to his charitable foundation by visiting here. Most of all, he would have wanted you all to visit his vineyard and sit out on the deck and look at the grapes and the sunset. Cheers.

Rest in Peace, Adam Walsh.

One of my dearest friends’ sisters is a producer at “America’s Most Wanted”. Sometimes we forget that John Walsh’s television program began with his very private pain. Today, Hollywood, Florida Police officially closed the case of murdered son Adam Walsh, who was abducted and decapitated by drifter and convicted pedo Ottis Toole, who was never prosecuted for Adam’s murder, although he confessed to the crime multiple times. Six year old Adam’s head was found in a river. His body was never recovered. I suspect he was violated in so many horrible ways. I’m glad we’ll never know and hope his death was swift. I cannot even type this.

The Police also admitted that they bungled the investigation. Watching Mr. Walsh speak today, I am glad he still has his grief and his anger. No one asks him to forgive. A monster took his child in the most horrific way.

John and Reve’s marriage didn’t survive (how could it?) but they remain friends and the staunchest advocates for missing children and capturing criminals.

My heart just breaks for this family. I will not soon forget Adam, either. He is one of God’s angels and I hope he is happy.