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1-2-3 and go! Casey Anthony Verdict – your thoughts?

I did not watch the entire trial, but I did watch closing arguments as well as some of George and Cindy Anthony’s testimonies. Here’s my take: we all KNOW she did it, but the prosecution didn’t have much to work with, ergo, reasonable doubt. No DNA, no definitive motive, no method of death, a body that disintegrated far too long thanks to Police not listening to Roy Kronk, etc.

It will also, IMO, in extraordinarily bad taste for Baez and team to be yukking it up with Champagne right after the verdict. Such shades of O.J. Will Schadenfreude catch up with Casey in the form of perjury charges against Cindy and a big huge bill from the State of Florida? Or will she be wooed with interviews and book deals? All I care is that there is a dead precious baby and one or more of those folks know about it.

And what did you all think of Casey’s glamorous look at sentencing? The hair, the makeup, the broad smiles? Had I dodged that kind of bullet, I’d still be in my schoolmarm phase. OK, go!

Why is America so prudish? Leave Meghan McCain alone.

Meghan McCain posted a picture on her Twitter account, clearly in the privacy of her home, wearing a tank top. That she is well-endowed is evident. Since the blogosphere and Twittersphere has become such a place of hatred, she was, inevitably, labeled a “slut” for the photograph.

Since when does being well-endowed constitute being a “slut”? I’m not going to be political here, but the girl defended herself quite aptly regarding the hurtful comments aimed at her. Ann Coulter routinely shows her very long legs. We see photos of President Obama engaging in sports with his shirt off. The First Lady has the right to “bare arms”. Why on Earth this is a partisan issue is beyond me. Well, no it isn’t because any anonymous person with a keyboard can hurl invectives. Once again, back to the idea that in order to post any sort of comment, one should have to register in one’s real name with a credit card.

Because of our insane and Puritanical preoccupation with sex and body image, we are losing sight of the fact that Meghan McCain, merely by being a public person, is a lightning rod for criticism, but, in this case, the WRONG kind. I feel for her. Just because someone has a blog, a Twitter account or is in any way public does not give people the right to be hateful and hurtful. Yes, free speech, blah blah blah. But we’ve taken it too far.

If you want to disagree with her politics, then do so in an intelligent manner. A well-built girl with her clothes on should not be at the receiving end of such hatred.

David Letterman vs. Sarah Palin

Let me begin by saying I really do not care for Sarah Palin. She was unqualified for the Veep nomination and her town charged rape victims and their insurance companies for rape kits (around $1200). Alaska has the highest incidence of rape per capita, by the way.

That said, David Letterman really crossed the line by his comments about Bristol/Willow/whomever. You don’t joke about them being raped, “knocked up”, having sex with older men, etc. Imagine if he had said any of this about Sasha or Malia Obama? I voted for Obama, by the way. Barack and Michelle would have his head on a platter.

What I mean to express here is that while late-night comics clearly use our messed up political follies as great fodder for comedy (and usually successfully!), he really didn’t need to go there. Leave the kids out of it. Whether calling Chelsea Clinton “ugly” or making fun of the Bush twins partying habits, it’s not a good practice and I think he’s wrong. What did you think of his jokes? His half-assed apology?

John Hock – sick criminal of the month.

I often wonder why some stories that really shock me to the core don’t get picked up by mainstream media. This is one such story and I call upon my wonderful friends in the media to give it some airtime.

Rape cases when the victim is unconscious are not impossible to prosecute at all. That said, it’s difficult when memory is simply not there, or foggy, as defense will try to trip up a complaining witness – for example, “if you can only remember part of the assault, how do we know you’re being truthful about the totality?”. Yes, that sort of shit.

Well, John Hock makes it easy for prosecutors. He raped a woman repeatedly while filming it LIVE with his webcam, just as the Max Factor heir did. What he then did was stream the video onto the Internet. Can you imagine? The victim got texts from her friends and watched it herself.

John Hock – I hope you go away for a long time, you depraved stealer of souls. Just because you manage to get a woman drunk (or probably drug her, I am sure), does not mean you can rape her repeatedly and boast about it. Clearly, no one would ever consent to having relations with you.

I’d also like to know who watches this stuff? What site do people post this crap on? Am I the only person who thinks this is extraordinarily depraved? I wish healing thoughts to that poor victim, who was assaulted by Hock, then by having to watch it.

Big, hot smoking mess, Take 2!

Remember Christina Elizabeth Szele of Queens, who was arrested on a JetBlue flight for smoking, being intoxicated and generally causing a ruckus? Well, she’s ba-ack.

Seems Szele put the beat down on her sister-in-law this past Sunday and was arrested again, causing the judge in the first case to revoke her bond. She now faces up to 20 months in federal prison for violating her probation. She agreed to 5 years probation, drug and alcohol classes and an anger management program, the latter of which clearly has not worked out too well for her.

Hm. On the one hand, she clearly has a problem. But 20 months in the Fed? Come on. On the other hand, how many times are killers and sex offenders arrested, only to find out they haven’t even been to probation? I feel like the Judge is not necessarily harsh; it’s just that Szele’s infractions are far less heinous than those committed by those who violate probation.

That said, the law is the law.

Pamela Barnes Ewing!

I’ll bet it was Digger or Cliff that made her allegedly do this. Now, who knows what happened, but if criminal charges were not brought, it always stinks to me. If you’re just going to sue, then you look like you’re out for the payday only.

All things being equal, I just think it’s unfair when people use the system ONLY to sue. If grievance things have happened, then you should attempt to press charges, then sue. Perhaps the DA didn’t find enough evidence. I am not here to judge.

That said, the story made me chuckle on one hand (all of those terrific catfights between poor Pam and Suellen!) and sad on the other. If true, it sounds like Victoria has some anger issues and need not be near a gun.

And, she all but killed poor Andy Gibb by dumping him. He was to be mine! Sorry – I shouldn’t joke.

UPDATE: Pam, um, VICTORIA says “yes, I had a gun!” but only out of self-defense. Apparently, the maid in question (who stands at a hulking 6 feet tall) was manhandling the dog, freaking out, causing a huge ruckus and Vicky went to get her gun. It seems the maid DID call to press charges, but the Los Angeles DA dismissed the case due to “insufficient evidence”. Victoria is now countersuing her maid.

Seriously – this girl should NOT be considered a sex offender.

Until legislators figure out what a sex offender is (and it ain’t this girl OR a 19 year old man who has consensual sex with his 17 1/2 year old girlfriend), people are not going to take the term seriously and the sentencing, parole and probationary rules are going to be a big joke. True sex offenders need to be kept away from polite society and the folks they offend – children, women, whatever.

Even Maureen Kanka, mom to Megan of Megan’s Law agrees with me on the case of the girl who took nude photos of herself and posted them on the Internet. The girl’s an idiot but NOT a sex offender. She only hurt herself.

When will the cops and lawmakers get it right? Yes, we need compassion, but I really want action here.

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) suggests AIG Execs “commit suicide” over bonus outrage.

This is the sickest thing – and rather akin to what I was saying about how we, as Americans, value money more than human life. Yes, AIG is a terrible scandal, but for this asshat to suggest suicide as a way of making amends is beyond the pale. I suggest Senator Grassley spend some time with a family that has lost a loved one to suicide.

Extreme days call for extreme measures. Why does no one suggest Josef Fritzl commit suicide? I would not condone such a message, but clearly, the priorities in this country are messed up. Do these people hear the stupidity before they open their mouths and say incendiary things? Now, he’ll always be known as the “AIG suicide suggester guy”. Lord.


UPDATE: The good Senator wants to clear the air and say he obviously didn’t mean the suicide suggestion.

I don’t think “Boo” the sex offender was hosting a chili cook-off OR a Bar Mitzvah. Damn.

Have we become so unwilling to track sex offenders that we now issue them “rave” permits? We all know what raves mean – bring your pacifier, your Cookie Monster backpack and your Ectasy. While the city of Phoenix thinks “Boo” is nothing more than an event planner of sorts, he is a sex offender hosting raves where drinking, drugs, sex and young people are!

What the heck?