The only time I have semi-agreed with Joe Francis!

Joe Francis, founder of “Girls Gone Wild” empire and former jailbird, was in Washington DC this past weekend marching for gay right. Yes, you read that correctly. In a rare show of common sense, (he still made it about him), he said that he was marching not for gay rights, but for civil rights and the rights of all people. That would include himself and what he does for a living.

Whatever the motivation, I’m glad he did it. Doesn’t change my opinion of what he does, but I salute his decision to march and hope he learned something!

Happy Birthday Curtis Sliwa!

Those of you old enough to remember the Guardian Angels, know my hero and sort of pal Curtis Sliwa, who is their founder. He was known for his ubiquitous red beret, his glamorous ex-wife Lisa and his grass roots movement to end violence in NYC, especially on the subways. He was nearly murdered by John Gotti, son of THE John Gotti – Gotti and his cohorts kidnapped him, threw him in a taxi and shot him.

Of late, he is known for the “Curtis and Kuby” show and his Guardian Angels has grown from 13 members to thousands in chapters all over the world.

Growing up in New York City during the heyday of crime, Son of Sam, the mob, riots, Bernie Goetz, looting during brownouts, I have only the greatest admiration for the man.

Happy Birthday, Curtis. You make the world a better place. Eat a pickle, man.

RIP, Christian Wolffer

One of my favorite people, Christian Wolffer, died tragically while vacationing. He was swimming when a boat prop ran him over on New Year’s Eve in South America. Friends tried to save him, but the blood loss was too grave. Horrible. Christian was a true bon vivant, ladies’ man and owner of the most wonderful place, Wolffer Vineyards in Sagaponack.

He lived his life to the fullest and died doing what he loved – basking in the sun and enjoying a swim on vacation.

You can contribute to his charitable foundation by visiting here. Most of all, he would have wanted you all to visit his vineyard and sit out on the deck and look at the grapes and the sunset. Cheers.

So much to say!

Apologies, dear readers, for my absence in the blogosphere. It seems my beloved Leo is extraordinarily colicky – and as any parent of a colicky baby knows, there is no fix. Your gorgeous baby turns into a screamer for three hours a day, three days a week and for up to three months. We are fortunate enough to have an extraordinary baby nurse, but it’s really heartbreaking to hear the one you love scream. We’ve read Dr. Harvey Karp’s book and we know it’s temporary – ergo, a break from blogging.

I also have almost completed my manuscript and I am forever grateful to my agent and my editor for their patience through a high risk pregnancy and difficult babyhood. I took my therapists’ recommendation that I was diagnosed with PPD and am taking steps to alleviate that. Most trauma survivors have their wounds opened anew when they have children, especially colicky ones because they blame themselves for a baby who cries. That said, Leo is a gorgeous baby who rewards me with lots of smiles and he loves to look at the massive bookshelves in our library, our paintings, the pattern of wallpaper and the pleats in the curtains. He is smart, curious and just gorgeous, with a full head of surfer boy blond hair. “Love” does not begin to describe the feelings we all have for him. In a few weeks, his “fourth trimester”, as they term colic, will end. He loves taking a bath – it brings him back to the womb.

But since I have so much to say about Casey Anthony’s arrest on murder charges, the Tori Bowen “rape as a word” case, the trial of Darryl Littlejohn and all sorts of things, I will be back soon.

In the meantime, I want everyone to laugh. The genius of this piece you’ve undoubtedly seen is that Samberg’s Mark Wahlberg is so dead on! His cadence, his body language. Some folks don’t get it. I laughed heartily for first time in a while! Lest you forget, his character, Degnan, was the best part of “The Departed”.

Be back in a while with lots to say! Miss you all!

Update on Nujood, my hero, the “child bride”.

You can read about brave attorney, Yemeni Shada Nasser. I am so proud of everyone involved in freeing these children from such sick bondage!

Bravo. Click here to read the full story!

Thanks for all of the good wishes!

Thanks to all of you who have written in via our website, S.T.A.R.S. and have sent such lovely wishes to our family in advance of our new addition. You’re so kind. We still have a backlog of questions/cases/emails, etc. from over a year ago to answer – so please be patient. We do answer each one!

In the meantime, if you are the parent of a young person who left for college in the past couple of weeks, please become familiar with STARS and with the resources listed on the website. Hopefully, you won’t need them, but please feel free to contact any of them if you aren’t getting the help you need!

My best, Liz & Family

Let it RAINN! A message about RAINN Day 2008

If you are a survivor, of family member/loved one of a survivor of rape, sexual assault or incest, please visit RAINN often. You can also join the RAINN group on Facebook and get cool updates from them. I did! Coming this September 25 will be RAINN DAY, a cause close to my heart as it focuses on the issue of sexual assault on college campuses. As many of you who read my blog know, the problem seems to be getting worse, and we’ve had some horrible cases in the past year.

RAINN Day is RAINN’s annual campaign to stop sexual assault on college campuses. Students and volunteers raise awareness through fundraising and educational events, volunteer drives, speakers, petitions, posters, and passing out RAINN Day cards and volunteer handouts.

To sign up for RAINN Day 2008, all you have to do is click on the link, fill out your contact information and RAINN will send you some cards to hand out at your local college or university! I will be at Connecticut College, University of New Haven and Yale University if I can make it. And Quinnipiac! No doubt with that new baby in a sling!

For more information or questions about RAINN Day 2008, email

Well, that made my week – thank you, E Street Band.

So I went to see Bruce Springsteen last night and it was a barn-burner. The set list was all over the map, the arrangements were surprising, Bruce was in top form and the audience was fantastic. It was dark and brooding, wild and lighthearted, filled with longing and a summery spirit. I loved that they didn’t perform a whole lot of “Magic” – he culled the set list heavily from the past – “Growing Up”, “Tenth Avenue Freezeout”, “Spirit in the Night” and a lot of great stuff he doesn’t do normally, like “Janey Don’t You Lose Heart”, “Atlantic City”, “Mary’s Place” and a great cover of “Summertime Blues”. He played at least a three hour show, ran, flipped, did backbends over the crowd, preached, sprayed water on the crowd, collected requests, mugged for the cameras, flirted and played his heart out, as did each band member. PS – who knew Max Weinberg had so much hair?

That will probably be his last show at the old Giants’ Stadium. As a season ticket holder, I’ll miss the old clamshell. I’ll miss seeing Bruce and the band there as well.

Living in post-9/11 New York, I still shiver watching them do “The Rising” live. Those of you who think Bruce is all about “Born in the USA” (in my opinion, his weakest yet very popular album), try to listen to the older stuff (first three albums) and go to a live show. It’s a wonderful thing – it’s a religious experience. Thanks for giving this incredibly pregnant “superfan” a special night – and thanks to all of the really great Jersey fans seated with us who were so careful to give me space, dance with me and not drop beers on me. You were all so much fun.

If you didn’t make it, click here to watch the first three songs! – and here’s the set list, for those who care:

Tenth Avenue Freezeout, Radio Nowhere, Lonesome Day, No Surrender, Adam Raised a Cain, Spirit in the Night, Summertime Blues, Brilliant Disguise, Atlantic City, Growin’ Up, Janey, Don’t You Lose Heart, I’ll Work for Your Love, Youngstown, Murder Incorporated, The Promised Land, Livin’ in the Future, Mary’s Place, Working on the Highway, Tunnel of Love, The Rising, Last to Die, Long Walk Home, Badlands

Girls in Their Summer Clothes, Jungleland, Born to Run, Bobby Jean, Dancing in the Dark, American Land, Rosalita

Photos courtesy of – the ultimate fansite.

Joyful Heart Foundation auctions on eBay. Thank you, Mariska!

So, the Joyful Heart Foundation is one of my favorite causes and they currently have items listed from Mariska Hargitay, Sharon Stone, Dana Delany, Mary Steenburgen, etc. on eBay, 100% of the proceeds going to JHF, which helps survivors of sexual assault.

Mariska, while swimming with dolphins on vacation, experienced a “breakthrough” and realized that survivors could be helped in this way, ergo, she founded Joyful Heart. Playing Detective Olivia Benson had taken (and takes) quite a toll on her and while not a survivor herself, she is trained to tend to survivors and does this at SAVI – Mt. Sinai’s survivor arm.

True story – last SAVI fundraiser, I wanted to introduce Mr. Notranting to Mariska and he was just too mesmerized. That’s how gorgeous she is in person – and just as ebullient, funny, nice and irreverent. We’re chatting away, having a cocktail and poor Mr. Notranting is trying to figure out a way to say “hi”. OMG. Poor thing skulked away to hang with Richard Belzer and his dog. Marnie finally rescued him. Mariska is his biggest celeb crush and the fact that she helps folks like us – hot damn, it doesn’t get better!

I want to thank Stacey, Shaireen, Chris & Mariska for all the kindness you’ve shown me the past few years. I hope to return the favor soon. In the meantime, help JHF out! Bid often! I totally want these Hermes shoes, but Sharon must have had dusty feet that day!

If you’re local – please support our local merchant, Le Wine Shop

Le Wine Shop has two locations – Greenwich (on East Elm Street) and Larchmont, New York (on Palmer Avenue). Le Wine Shop is a wonderful experience for anyone who wants to taste wine, buy wine, learn about wine, etc. We shop there personally and for our company. If you don’t know a Shiraz from a Sancerre, this is the place. And you won’t get any ridiculous mass-produced product here. Only the finest. It is they who convinced me that Billecart is a finer Champagne than Veuve. Please. I sound like a rapper.

My friend Etienne Touzot is the owner and he and Geraldine are terrific people. They will soon be expanding their Greenwich shop to include an upscale charcuterie, fromagerie, etc. You can also join the “Friends of Le Wine Shop” group on Facebook!

Etienne and crew are donating all of the fine wines to this year’s “Raise Your Glass – Raise Awareness” fundraiser for the Sexual Assault Crisis and Education Center, serving the communities of Lower Fairfield County.

SACEC is the first line of defense for many survivors. Cherri Murphy of Charlottesville kindly and swiftly referred me there for help when Mr. Beebe was arrested. They have individual and group therapy for victims of sexual assualt, rape, incest and the like. The counselors help victims at hospital with rape kit exams as we have only 2 dedicated S.A.N.E. nurses in the State (someone please correct me if I am wrong, but I was shocked to hear that!). I have clients who have gone there. The Central Park Jogger was helped there and continues to volunteer. SACEC is staffed by amazing professionals and is largely funded by private donations. We don’t have the lobby of breast cancer, AIDS or other huge and worthy causes, but this past fiscal year, over 8,593 people sought help at the Stamford office alone.

Please please support Le Wine Shop – do your imbibing and purchasing at a place with a conscience. And for those of your ready to pounce on me and talk about how alcohol contributes to sexual assault, good grief, we’re all adults here.