Are those khakis? Oh dear. He’s still my one free pass.

Those of you in committed relationships will know what “one free pass” means. It’s when you would have the opportunity to spend time, ahem, with one person who you have a mad crush on. Sort of like “Indecent Proposal”. Of course, it’s good to make your free pass person completely unattainable and not the red-headed 23 year old dumbass you meet on the plane. It’s never really fulfilled but fun to talk about.

I’ve given a lot of thought to my free pass. I think Mr. Notranting’s is Scarlett Johansson (he and every man in America – which leads me to go see Vicky Christina Barcelona this weekend, no doubt). I need to check again. So, mine is 58 years old, which is not supposed to be the way this goes. Sue me. It’s an area thing, a childhood thing, a hotness thing. Until I opened this morning’s New York Post. Khakis and a polo shirt? Check. Slight – dare I say – paunch? Check. He probably just had lunch. I saw this specimen about 10 days ago and he was the hottest, fittest thing ever. Never mind – I’m keeping him. I’m too hormonal to change. Patti, if you ever get tired of him, I’m here.

Retail Spotlight Friday – a tad belated – join the fold.

Kayaking is something that I occasionally enjoy – especially on the ocean or in the harbors of the East End, like Three Mile or Accabonac. Mr. Notranting is hooked, though and, thus, I go along. He can’t share my surfing thing, but I can do this with him. While searching high and low for a great gift for him, I was torn between a rowing scull and a kayak, thinking the kayak too bulky to transport. That’s when I discovered folding kayaks by Folbot. By the way, they are featured in this month’s Town & Country magazine as well.

Basically, Folbot is the leader in folding kayaks – if you’re an adventurer and want to transport your gear anywhere, these things fold into one or two lightweight bags that you throw in your car or check at the airport (ugh). They are extraordinarily well-made, lightweight and great for spur of the moment adventures. I have ordered Mr. Notranting The Edisto and it is all I can do to not ruin the surprise. Folbot’s site is terrific to look at, with great photos from other ‘bots, a plant tour, a message board/community, a cool blog and wonderful gear. Based in one of my favorite cities, Charleston, SC, Folbot is true craftmanship for the sports enthusiast. Not to mention, I enjoy anything these days that is “slow” or hand-made and not mass produced. Trust me, I’ll be happy to get back in a kayak soon! Enjoy!

Pop Culture Tuesday

So, I finished the Clapton autobiography and, while I admire him greatly and am passionate about his music, something triggered some anxiety. Then, as I read, I noticed so much of the same verbage that I received from Beebe in his letter and emails – AA lingo that must be universal – that it simply reminded me of a place I no longer need to return to. It’s over. Done.

Once again, I have nothing but good things to say about a group that has helped millions find recovery, it’s just that the personal me didn’t react well to seeing the same exact words on these pages. The words jumped off the page and set off sparks in my brain. For someone whose life has not been tainted by the AA mindspeak, it’s a terrific read. Spare, haunting and not given to typical celebrity autobiographical cliches. The chapter in which he describes the death of his young son is particularly heartbreaking and the fact that he dealt with it not by sliding back to addiction is probably miraculous. I think it’s terrific that he’s devoted his life to the continued sobriety of others with the establishment of his rehabilitation center, “Crossroads”. I am simply stating it was not a positive experience for me at this time in my life.

“We Own the Night” – go see it. Joaquin Phoenix is especially terrific in this movie, although you must listen carefully to understand him. I would see it again. It was a tad formulaic – like “The Departed” without the pure genius, but an extraordinary tale of love, family, loss and brutality.

Mike texted me yesterday with the following message – he had seen a poster for the new Halle Berry/Benicio del Toro movie “Things We Lost in the Fire” on a bus shelter. The tag line was: “HOPE COMES WITH LETTING GO”. It was the most beautiful sentence I’d read in a long time.

A happy anniversary

While most of the world remembers today as the day Princess Diana lost her life in that Paris tunnel, it’s a day of joy for our family. Ten years ago, my husband proposed to me. We’re still here and Lord knows we’ve had our struggles. But it’s an adventure – and by that I mean a good one. He’s funny, intense, smart, handsome and yes, a UVa fraternity guy. See? They’re not all bad. Most of all, he’s a wonderful father and loyal friend.

Enjoy the love in your life today. Make each day count.