“Trial Mix”. Let’s talk about the George Huguely murder trial.

We’re now on Day 2 of jury selection in the trial of George Huguely, the University of Virginia lacrosse player accused of murdering his former girlfriend, fellow lacrosse player, Yeardley Love. I’d by lying if I said I didn’t have a dog in this fight for so many reasons. Mr. Huguely is represented by the same defense team that defended one of my rapists, and, seeing the coverage is certainly a bit of a trigger – it’s like time has stopped. Same courtroom, same Rhonda and Fran, same supporters of Miss Love, wearing pink, as my sorority sisters did in solidarity, much to the consternation and objection of Ms. Quagliana.

Courtesy: UVA Sports

It seems as though Judge Hogshire (same judge) is allowing the photographs of the crime scene, in a late decision this past Saturday night. Defense found these photos to be “prejudicial.” I daresay a jury should be allowed to see the photos of the alleged victim. Round One = Prosecution (same prosecutors, Dave and Claude).

In reading the excellent reportage from The Hook, The Daily Progress and WaPo, there seems to be a common thread among many commenters that they’ll be seeing Mr. Huguely “walking on the Downtown Mall” in about 10 years, due to the perception that Charlottesville juries are not so tough on defendants and that Charlottesville Circuit Court has a longtime history of short sentences for felony crimes. Feel free to comment on that one.

All I know is that my thoughts over the next few weeks are not with the ridiculous posturing and machinations of the defense team (they are, after all, doing their job) or how poor George had a terrible upbringing with an abusive, addict of a father and a pleaser of a mother. My thoughts are with Yeardley and her mother and sister and the notion that justice, even in the midst of a liberal jurisdiction and a media blizzard may be done.

May there be strength to all involved and prayers to the family – and wise choices on the parts of the jurors, prosecutors and Judge. I’ll be covering this and other subjects in the foreseeable future. It’s time we began to talk about this again – are University of Virginia (and other campus) women simply collateral damage behind the storied, ivied walls of a very traditional, Southern, sports-and-fraternity loving entity?

Nujood Ali, the child bride heroine of Yemen, has died in childbirth.

I am thoroughly disgusted with the outcome of this story. I had blogged about it a while back and the outcome is tragic. Twelve-year-old Nujood, raped by her husband, was impregnated and died in childbirth. Her child also died.

I call upon any human rights group to fix this. Amnesty International? Save the Children? Someone?

Rest in peace, baby girl.

Wow! Ted Bundy’s confession tapes have been released!

Arguably the most notorious serial killer in history, Ted Bundy, is speaking from beyond the grave. He was executed in 1989 and is widely believed to have killed up to 100 victims, though he has confessed to 35. He also raped his victims and engaged in necrophilia.

Bundy was known for his “boy next door” charm, good looks and easy way of reeling in victims using a fake broken arm or a pet. Many say the character “Buffalo Bill” in the movie “Silence of the Lambs” was modeled a bit after Bundy. He grew up believing his mother was his sister. His grandmother helped raise him and he finally learned the truth. His father’s identity remains unknown. Some experts say his hatred of women came from the fact that his mother finally confessed the truth to him, traumatizing him.

He is widely known to have been narcisstic, sociopathic and perhaps psycopathic.

One year later – the Oklahoma schoolgirl shootings.

What many lay people don’t understand in many cases is that you can have a great deal of evidence (circumstantial and otherwise) but still be unable to prosecute a case. What seems obvious to many as “open and shut” is anything but and DAs take great care to only prosecute winnable cases. This is difficult for families of victims waiting for an arrest, but is truly the best way of our justice system. No one wants a jury asking for redirection on reasonable doubt and letting a perp go.

The case of the 2 murdered schoolgirls in Oklahoma is a sad, terrifying and frustrating case, but I agree with the spokeswoman who says the are close, but need one more piece of evidence. The public is always looking for the cause/effect nature of crime – “was she drinking? what was she wearing? why was he walking alone at night?” and the like. Cause/effect does not matter in cases of crime. The victims are not to blame. What could possibly be the motive for someone (perhaps 2 people) to slaughter these innocents?

May the parents of these two little girls find the strength they need. It is absolutely frustrating – someone knows and they aren’t talking. They don’t have to.

Honestly – what is wrong with these women? Another murder of pregnant woman and baby.

Excuse, but I am supposed to use the word “alleged”. We’ve heard this before and I wonder if there is a medically/legally vetted word for this phenomenon.

Police were called to the home of this woman, where she and her boyfriend were found desperately trying to revive a newborn, who she claimed was her own. Upon further investigation (and a trip to the hospital), cops realized she had not been pregnant recently and found a young woman dead in the crawlspace of the home. The woman in custody had told friends and family she was expecting a child.

Women have been killing other women for their babies by using ruses such as hanging out in OB/GYN offices, trolling baby registries and such. Some say it’s due to the alleged murderers longing for a child of their own. I think it’s monstrous.

Thoughts? Prayers for the victims. Such a sad, sad ending to what should have been a joyous time.

The Craigslist Killer

The Boston area has been terrorized by a killer (tall, blonde, clean-shaven, well dressed) who meets women through Craigslist who offer erotic services. In this economy, people do turn to extreme measures to make ends meet, so I don’t want to hear about blaming the victims. He has assaulted 2 women and killed one and he’s still on the loose, possibly moving from Boston to another major city. The profilers and cops cannot seem to get a good handle on this guy. Please look at the reports and see if you recognize the guy.

That said, nothing good can really come from Craigslist. I logged on to do a little investigating and had NO IDEA people posted nude photographs on there. I mean, really. If I am looking date someone, a picture of a penis is not really telling me much. Stay with “walks on the beach, movies, fine dining, museums”. Seriously, I almost spit my drink onto my computer screen.

I’m sorry – I digress. Murder is no laughing matter. If you choose to meet someone on Craigslist, tell a friend where you are going, who you are meeting and bring your phone. Better yet, bring the friend. Best – don’t use Craigslist unless you need to sell furniture.

UPDATE: Phillip Markoff was arrested and charged. Today, new charges for him. When the case first broke, his wedding registry was STILL online and I was appalled at the hateful messages sent to his fiancee. Imagine what she is going through?

The awful murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom

Okay – I want to thank Anonymous for bringing this case to light. I had never heard of it in my life and, due to the horrific nature of this crime, I am rather nonplussed that the media has not covered this at all.

I’ll roll it down briefly, but click here for the details. It is simply the most heinous and brutal crime I have read about in recent years. Channon and Christopher went on a dinner date, were carjacked, then brutalized and murdered in ways I cannot describe here. I pray for these poor souls hourly.

It seems that many folks believe, because the perps are black and the victims white, that this is a “hate crime”. You know what? I don’t care what color anyone is – this is a hate crime. The points being made – “where is the Al Sharpton here?”, etc., certainly ring true in that there is no “white” activist as vocal or outspoken as Sharpton. At the end of the day, I am color blind when it comes to crime. I want to know what was going through these perps heads when they did these unspeakable things to the victims.

I call upon the national media to cover this story, not as a racially charged one, but to do honor to the victims, whose lives were cut short in the most horrible ways possible. My prayers to the families. I don’t think I would survive this had it been my child. No way.


Breaking – Florida reverses itself and seeks the death penalty for Casey Anthony

In a groundbreaking maneuver, the State of Florida has reversed its prior decision and will now consider Casey Anthony eligible for the death penalty in the murder of her daughter, Caylee.


UPDATE: I have seen reports that Jose Baez may not be able to represent Ms. Anthony as he is not certified to argue a death penalty case. She needs to bring in the big guns.

That said, I have a theory about what happened. Yes, she should just plea and stop the lies and the death penalty thing will be off the table. I don’t believe that she intended to kill her child. Yes, you heard me. I think, in a partying haze, that perhaps she left the baby in a car, maybe aided by chloroform to “help her sleep”. Come on, Casey is quite dumb. The car overheated, Casey was a) out partying or b) with a man who expressed that he did not like children and the child died. Casey, in a panic, did not call 911. Instead, she began to weave this INSANE web of lies to cover up the child’s death. She carried the corpse in her car until she found the opportunity to wrap her in trash bags and bury her, never thinking she’d be found.

Now, her parents are going on “Oprah”. They won’t cooperate with Zenaida Gonzalez’s attorneys in the civil suit, they keep arguing that they want privacy, and yet, they will go on “Oprah”. I don’t know what to think. There’s part of me that really feels for these people, especially George. Cindy seems unhinged, but who am I to judge? She could be grieving for Caylee. While Cindy and George may not seem likable, who knows how one would act in the spotlight? Casey clearly is not getting any good advice from Mr. Baez (the most loathesome of any of the players at this point) and she should just break it down to the Judge and plea already.

Phil Spector – Guilty of 2nd Degree Murder – 3rd time is charm.

So, the mighty Phil Spector, with a long history of terrorizing women and a gallery of fabulous hairstyles, was convicted of the 2nd degree murder of Lana Clarkson, who was found in his entryway with a gunshot to her mouth. Spector’s team argued it a suicide. Of course, the fact that Spector came running out of the house and said to his valet “I think I just killed someone” could not have boded well.

The jury took 30 hours to deliberate – usually guilty verdicts are quicker. I am amazed by the strength of Lana’s family during these 3 trials. The Judge remanded Spector, instead of allowing him to remain free on bail until his sentencing on May 26.

I feel that justice has been served here. What are your thoughts on the Spector verdict?

R.I.P. George Weber

If you’re going to blame the victim on this one, please don’t.

I’ve been saying Craigslist is a bad idea for some time now. Beloved radio newscaster George Weber was found stabbed 50 times in his Brooklyn home, naked from the waist down and with his ankles duct taped together. Seems he, like many people, was looking for an anonymous trick on Craigslist and a 16 year old murderer showed up.

My point is this. This blog is about crime and justice, not judgement. George was a kind man, a friend to those who loved him and a terrific newsman. That he chose to get his jollies anonymously is no one’s business. He did not deserve to die. He was an adult doing adult things.

Are they going to find porn and stuff on his computer? Yes. Did the 16 year old confess to killing him in a haze of drugs? Yes. Will his defense attorney make HIM out to be the victim? Uh, yes. Face it – he wanted $80 and in a meth/coke haze, killed Mr. Weber.

Why did he bring a weapon to the “date”? Thoughts?