“Women serving in the U.S. military today are more likely to be raped by a fellow soldier than killed by enemy fire in Iraq.”

A few months ago, I met with one of my Congressmen about the epidemic of military sexual assault after reading about the case of Lance Cpl. Maria Lauterbach who was raped and murdered by a fellow soldier and the rash of disappearances and rapes on military bases in the United States.

Once again, I was shocked because the military pretty much answers to its own body and not to civilian laws, as they have tools like court martials, military trials and the like.

I am a big supporter of our troops and I applaud the work Michelle Obama is doing as she has identified military families as one of her main platforms as First Lady. That said, I want to know why the numbers are so shocking and do we, as we train soldiers, foster a sort of aggression in these soldiers that transfers back home? My dear friend and college roommate is married to one of my favorite people and he is doing another tour in Afghanistan right now, so this is not a personal issue.

This comes on the heels of my new facet of hate mail writers – military people. I wish I knew why they target me and how they don’t realize I harbor no ill will towards the military, but of rapists and murderers. A military friend today let me know that our military now accepts recruits with criminal records. Just saying.

Passive GPS monitoring really seems to work. Not. Another nod to our friend who says sex offenders don’t repeat. Ahem.

A while back, an anonymous poster (very well-written, too) claimed that the recitivism rate for sex offenders was very low. We’ve been told as a society that this is simply not true – and anyone who has seen “The Woodsman” or “Little Children” know that many sex offenders simply cannot control their criminally sick urges. I was too lazy to look up the statistics, but I find statistics to be a little dry and sometimes, faulty. Plus, it’s not my job. I’m no lawmaker or journalist, nor do I pretend to be.

I’m going to highlight a few cases I’ve seen this week about offenders re-offending. This one is just horrible. The man was wearing a GPS tracking monitor (just as mine did), but was being “passively” monitored – which means probation checks their movements after the fact. So, Shia LaBoeuf’s character in “Disturbia” has cops ALL over him in one second because he went over the line while wearing his bracelet due to hitting his Spanish teacher, but rapists are not monitored in real time? Let me guess. There’s just not enough money to have probation and parole monitor these people.

Now, this little girl is dead. Fought for her life to avoid being raped. Darrin Sanford may be eligible for the death penalty.

German teen: “I have got a weapon here and tomorrow I am going to my former school and give them Hell.” What?

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims, family and community in the terrible German high school massacre in two small German towns. Gunman Tim Kretschmer targeted females at his former school and in another Bavarian town at a psychiatric clinic in one of the worst school shootings in German history – but one of many of late.

My issue right now is how inured we’ve become to threats. I don’t care if you don’t believe someone – if they want to harm someone, harm themselves, etc. This kid was in a chat room when he said:

“”Everyone laughs at me. No one recognizes my potential. I mean this seriously. I have got a weapon here and tomorrow I am going to go to my former school and give them hell. Maybe I would escape, keep your ear to the ground. You’ll hear from me tomorrow morning. Just notice the name of the place, Winnenden. Don’t say anything to the police.”

The youth who was reading the comments didn’t take the message seriously, police said, and responded “TLL,” which translates to “laughing out loud,” or “I’m splitting my sides with laughter.” Seriously, dude, he’s naming the time, place, motive and means. And you say “TLL”? Good God.

“I need to see some pictures before I believe it,” the teenager added.

What the heck is wrong with this kid? Does he feel badly? He told his father…did he report it. I’m saying that parents and kids need to really watch the Internet. Come on, people. This really could have been avoided IF he reported it and IF police took him seriously. It’s so tragic.

What sort of country do we live in when this happens?

I happened upon this story from Missouri and was abjectly disgusted, but since it’s still morning, I hadn’t really absorbed the full horror of it until now.

A young girl birthed 4 children (yes, 4!) by her father who raped her. The mother knew. An older sister, aged 20, wants both parents charged in this nightmare. Right now, the mother is out on $10,000 bond and has only been charged with one count of child endangerment. Three of the babies died – does that seem like bad odds to you? One boy, aged 3 now, survived. The bodies of the infants were found in coolers in different states. What am I missing here?

I’m going to assume this poor girl was home-schooled, so no one knew what was happening in that house of pain. Where was CPS? I am just so upset by this story. It reminds me of the Austria case of Josef Fritzl and it’s right here and the media really hasn’t picked up on it. No one wants to touch this kind of story – it’s just too damn horrible.

UPDATE: This monster was arraigned today on several charges, including 2nd degree murder – the dead children were denied medical care in best case, murdered in worst. The girl herself is now only 19 years old, after having birthed 4 children (do the math). Reading above, you can see that her 20 year old sister wants the maximum punishment for both parents. This poor girl’s one surviving child is now a ward of the State, which makes me sad on one hand (it’s her child), but happy in that the child may be better off not near the monster who fathered him. Perhaps the poor girl is not able to care for the child given the hell she’s been through. I hope she will someday be able to heal, but this is one of the cases where I doubt it seriously. Too much damage has been done. She’s young and I have hope, but it’s deplorable.

Virginia Tech decapitation – this story is awful.

It seems there was a stabbing/decapitation death at the Au Bon Pain at Virginia Tech. Right. Seven PM in the Au Bon Pain – good Lord! As if they need more pain there. It seems two grad students, a man and a woman, where having coffee one minute and the next minute, she’s got no head. Both were Chinese immigrants studying for graduate degrees. What am I missing here? What is the University not releasing? There is far too little information here. He’ll plea NGBROI. You know, the “crazies”, which I’ll buy. You all remember the massacre at Tech on April 17, 2007 when Seung Cho lost his marbles and killed so many. The saddest day.

Police have said the two knew each other based on “emergency contact records”. Holy crap – were they best friends? Dating? Related? Clearly they were very close if they were each others’ emergency contacts! Once again, why the fuck are the interviewing the college Police Chief. Get me the Blacksburg, Virginia Police, please. Have we learned nothing?

She just got to Tech two weeks ago, he in the fall of 2008. Who knows what else will come out, but clearly this is a bad bad situation. Were there witnesses? That can’t be right. I’m sorry to get all worked up but this is an awful awful case and one that begs for more explanation about the safety of our children in schools and Universities.

What do you think happened?

Ah – the old deathbed confession.

I have often said, I wish the other douchebags of Phi Kappa Psi would speak up NOW, rather than later, about the other two complete evil beings who raped me. I don’t really want to know the details, but I am trying avoid the following scenario:

Douchebag who didn’t cooperate with the Police contracts brain cancer or pancreatic cancer. Doesn’t have long to live. Doesn’t want to meet his Maker with this knowledge that he lied and covered up. Wants to cleanse his soul. On his deathbed, he confesses to what he knows. I am probably about 65 and playing with my grandchildren when this awful shit again permeates my life and I get another letter or phone call. Just sayin’. They should have gotten it out now.

But this post is about Virginia’s own Sharron Diane Crawford Smith, who killed two women in 1967 because they taunted her (Smith) about her being a lesbian. Shot them right in an ice cream store in Staunton. She was arrested and charged with first degree murder after her November 28 confession and a trial date was set, but it never went to trial because of Smith’s health problems. The police and the Commonwealth Attorney still say they have questions about the case. Sounds like brilliant police work.

And get this! The murderess GAVE the gun to a member of the Staunton Police, David Bocock, who buried it for her. This cop is the same cop who, according to the article, taught her how to shoot! Jesus! He’s now dead. KARMA. Some woman brought the gun in when she heard. Seems HER husband, a cop, was given the gun by Bocock and told to hush about it. I love small town justice.

Anyway, here’s to some justice and peace for the families, who you’d think might have known this all along if the cops had done their jobs. I’m just saying. Funny how these cases in Virginia are open until there’s a confession.

What do you all think of this case?

George Anthony tried to off himself. What is next?

I never know what to think about Casey Anthony’s parents in this whole mess. They’re either dumb as fuck or totally in the know, in which case, they should be held criminally liable as well. Or, maybe just Cindy Anthony knows. Sidebar: I’d like to know why their unemployed daughter was able to pass off a story that she had a nanny. A nanny they never met. Well, a job Casey never had – and all the while, she and the child were living with them. That part is the part I cannot wrap my brain around,

There have also been stories floating out there that Lee Anthony, Casey’s brother, was actually Caylee’s father. What in Sam Hell? I digress…

George Anthony finally cracked under the pressure of the whole mess and went missing for a few days. He was found in a hotel room two counties away, having texted goodbyes to family members and having left a 6-page alleged suicide letter.Does George know something? Is George just another victim in his daughter’s tangled web? Is he simply heartbroken? As a retired cop, I had hoped he could pry something out of Casey. Sadly, this whole mess boils down to one thing – a beautiful and innocent child was killed and Casey Anthony and Jose Baez seem to be capitalizing on it.

“Evil” – the Musical

Some days, I cannot believe what I see with my own 20/20 eyes. Yep, 20/20 despite old age and constant toting of a laptop. It seems as though our “Worst Person Ever” – Austrian incest rapist, torturer and child-jailer Josef Fritzl, is having a musical created about his story. Some people just want to be all artsy and provocative. This guy is one of them. Russell Brand is another.


In other, better news that I am frankly surprised to hear, Elisabeth Fritzl and her children, have left the care of hospital and have moved into their own home. Shocking – great news, but I am shocked!

Carlie Brucia’s killer wants the Fla. Supreme Court to overturn his death sentence.

You know, I think justice is always important and I would never want to see an innocent person locked up. That said, when convicted killers come back into the light of day, arguing over things such as “why was the jury shown photos” and “we think the DNA was mishandled” when it was clearly a fair trial, I get pissed off that the taxpayers have to spend more time on these scumbags. Perhaps there is evidence for him to pursue this and my judgement is off, but I really don’t believe it is.

You will remember that Joseph Smith abducted, raped and murdered Carlie Brucia in 2004 and her abduction was captured on a security tape. It was a terrible case that many will never soon forget. That this public defender has the balls to do this kills me. Let Carlie lie in peace and let Mr. Smith have his sentence. That’s all I am saying.

And now, we have Carlie’s Law. Thank God. Because you know he was out on probation when he did this. Surprise, surprise!

Rest in Peace, Adam Walsh.

One of my dearest friends’ sisters is a producer at “America’s Most Wanted”. Sometimes we forget that John Walsh’s television program began with his very private pain. Today, Hollywood, Florida Police officially closed the case of murdered son Adam Walsh, who was abducted and decapitated by drifter and convicted pedo Ottis Toole, who was never prosecuted for Adam’s murder, although he confessed to the crime multiple times. Six year old Adam’s head was found in a river. His body was never recovered. I suspect he was violated in so many horrible ways. I’m glad we’ll never know and hope his death was swift. I cannot even type this.

The Police also admitted that they bungled the investigation. Watching Mr. Walsh speak today, I am glad he still has his grief and his anger. No one asks him to forgive. A monster took his child in the most horrific way.

John and Reve’s marriage didn’t survive (how could it?) but they remain friends and the staunchest advocates for missing children and capturing criminals.

My heart just breaks for this family. I will not soon forget Adam, either. He is one of God’s angels and I hope he is happy.