Wowza – woman fined $1.9 million for illegal download of 24 songs.

On this blog, we usually highlight cases involving kidnapping, rape, murder and the like. It’s not light reading, but most of all, we talk about our perceptions, the sentences, etc.

I think this judge went too far, but I also believe everyone should pony up their 99 cents to iTunes.

Jammie Thomas-Rasset of Minnesota was fined $80,000 PER SONG
for her illegal downloads. The RCAA is pleased with the judgement. I’m sorry, but $1.9 million? How is she going to feed her kids (if they even collect)? Is it really worth this to prove a point?

That said, she has pretty decent taste in music? What are your thoughts?

The Boss – maybe you can stop mocking my love of the old man now.

Many people giggle and tell me I’m ridiculous that I adore the Boss. Let me tell you, like most silly white folks, I also love Lil Wayne, Jay Z and Coldplay. If I dig deeper, I am a music addict with some pretty impressive chops – I love everything from Keane to John Mayer to Nada Surf to Diana Ross to Earth, Wind & Fire. That said, I am ridiculed all the time for my love of The Boss. I think it’s a generational thing, a geographical thing, a first concert I ever went to thing. Leo – he was born while “A Promised Land” was playing. Yep, true story.

Of COURSE, I got my tickets today for the new shows in the spring this morning. Sleeping baby in my arms, I got frustrated with Ticketmaster’s site crashing, but gosh knows I probably got the last 2 seats in the nosebleed section. Did you watch the Superbowl? Dude looked hot. Clarence looked like Andre Leon Talley. Seriously!

He’s riding a lovely wave of renewed popularity these days – stumping for Obama, playing the Inaugural, releasing a new album, winning a Golden Globe for “The Wrestler”, being nominated for an Oscar for the same song, etc. What’s not to love? Here’s a pic of him that my friend took at Inaugural when Bruce was backstage at the concert at the Lincoln Memorial. Lucky guy.

Not so Sublime.

While channel surfing on XM in the car, I came across a song I had undoubtedly blocked out by the artist Sublime called “Date Rape”. And while it’s true that the rapist certainly gets his come-uppance in the end, the lyrics (click here) are troubling. Even more troubling is the genesis of the song, where a friend of Sublime’s admits that “if it wasn’t for date rape, he wouldn’t get laid.”

Sublime’s Bradley Nowell is no longer with us, it seems.

Discuss, boycott, rant, defend free speech. I don’t care. Hell, I’m not Tipper Gore, but this made me really upset.

What’s Your Soundtrack Monday? Finally back!

As I’ve been finishing my manuscript, I’ve been listening to lots and lots of material as I “soundtrack” when I write. Some of today’s list is a bit dark – today was the first day I was able to leave the baby with our fantastic nurse and drive around today with some of my thoughts. I got to shake off yesterday and add some colour to what I’ve been writing. Here’s today’s playlist – hope you’ll add some of this to your iPod.

“I’m No Angel” – Gregg Allman. From his solo album. Who doesn’t love Gregg Allman? And wasn’t he fantastic as the drug kingpin in the movie “Rush”? Go rent it.

“Hunger Strike” – Temple of the Dog (Eddie Vedder/Chris Cornell). The best of Seattle’s poet prophets, together on this poignant track. Grunge heaven.

“Fragile” – Sting. Haunting and beautiful; I can finally face this song.

“Love is Blindness” – U2. A gorgeous, shimmery arrangement of what could sound like a funeral dirge. Give it a whirl.

“Jolene” – Dolly Parton. Smarter and more sinister than the songbird’s voice belies, this song is full of heartache and desperation; makes me give my husband the sideye.

“Lost in the Flood” – vintage Bruce. For my money, the tale of Gunner, Jimmy the Saint and the colorful characters of the Bronx win in this searing bio-ballad.

YouTube/video links a little later!

Well, no wonder! Two Leos should not join forces.

I could file this under crime and punishment because he allegedly tied her to a chair and beat her. Talk about Alpha Dog. That takes some cojones and, er, it’s terrible. And she is, well, look at her damn arms! So, these two hot messes have birthdays one day apart and they are Leos. Fabulous, gorgeous, hotheaded, dangerous sign. Yesterday was her birthday and today is his.

While her work is certainly prolific (and danceable in that “I’m getting ready to go out and I’m in high school” kind of way), check out the genius that is Sean Penn, whilst disregarding that Chavez visit and the Baghdad Sean incident, right here. For every “Sweet & Lowdown”, “State of Grace” and “Mystic River”, there will always be the platinum 420 standard of Jeff Spicoli.

Enjoy. More crime and justice later.

Are those khakis? Oh dear. He’s still my one free pass.

Those of you in committed relationships will know what “one free pass” means. It’s when you would have the opportunity to spend time, ahem, with one person who you have a mad crush on. Sort of like “Indecent Proposal”. Of course, it’s good to make your free pass person completely unattainable and not the red-headed 23 year old dumbass you meet on the plane. It’s never really fulfilled but fun to talk about.

I’ve given a lot of thought to my free pass. I think Mr. Notranting’s is Scarlett Johansson (he and every man in America – which leads me to go see Vicky Christina Barcelona this weekend, no doubt). I need to check again. So, mine is 58 years old, which is not supposed to be the way this goes. Sue me. It’s an area thing, a childhood thing, a hotness thing. Until I opened this morning’s New York Post. Khakis and a polo shirt? Check. Slight – dare I say – paunch? Check. He probably just had lunch. I saw this specimen about 10 days ago and he was the hottest, fittest thing ever. Never mind – I’m keeping him. I’m too hormonal to change. Patti, if you ever get tired of him, I’m here.

Surprise music break – Gnarls covers Radiohead.

As a massive fan of Radiohead – and Thom Yorke’s ethereal voice, I was so thrilled to see Cee-Lo, of Gnarls Barkley, cover one of my favorite tunes, “Reckoner” from In Rainbows. “Reckoner” is one of those tracks I listen to over and over – whether in the shower, doing yoga, writing or driving. That someone dared cover it with so much soul is a feat. Love it or hate it, soak it in. Track starts at approximately 1:05.

I promise to come back with “What’s Your Soundtrack Tuesdays” – promise! I’ve been listening to a lot of great stuff while nesting and such, as I think all children, born and unborn, benefit from a fparent’s passion for music. Talk to you all tomorrow. And to all of my LA pals – glad you’re OK. xo

Well, that made my week – thank you, E Street Band.

So I went to see Bruce Springsteen last night and it was a barn-burner. The set list was all over the map, the arrangements were surprising, Bruce was in top form and the audience was fantastic. It was dark and brooding, wild and lighthearted, filled with longing and a summery spirit. I loved that they didn’t perform a whole lot of “Magic” – he culled the set list heavily from the past – “Growing Up”, “Tenth Avenue Freezeout”, “Spirit in the Night” and a lot of great stuff he doesn’t do normally, like “Janey Don’t You Lose Heart”, “Atlantic City”, “Mary’s Place” and a great cover of “Summertime Blues”. He played at least a three hour show, ran, flipped, did backbends over the crowd, preached, sprayed water on the crowd, collected requests, mugged for the cameras, flirted and played his heart out, as did each band member. PS – who knew Max Weinberg had so much hair?

That will probably be his last show at the old Giants’ Stadium. As a season ticket holder, I’ll miss the old clamshell. I’ll miss seeing Bruce and the band there as well.

Living in post-9/11 New York, I still shiver watching them do “The Rising” live. Those of you who think Bruce is all about “Born in the USA” (in my opinion, his weakest yet very popular album), try to listen to the older stuff (first three albums) and go to a live show. It’s a wonderful thing – it’s a religious experience. Thanks for giving this incredibly pregnant “superfan” a special night – and thanks to all of the really great Jersey fans seated with us who were so careful to give me space, dance with me and not drop beers on me. You were all so much fun.

If you didn’t make it, click here to watch the first three songs! – and here’s the set list, for those who care:

Tenth Avenue Freezeout, Radio Nowhere, Lonesome Day, No Surrender, Adam Raised a Cain, Spirit in the Night, Summertime Blues, Brilliant Disguise, Atlantic City, Growin’ Up, Janey, Don’t You Lose Heart, I’ll Work for Your Love, Youngstown, Murder Incorporated, The Promised Land, Livin’ in the Future, Mary’s Place, Working on the Highway, Tunnel of Love, The Rising, Last to Die, Long Walk Home, Badlands

Girls in Their Summer Clothes, Jungleland, Born to Run, Bobby Jean, Dancing in the Dark, American Land, Rosalita

Photos courtesy of – the ultimate fansite.

Thundercrack or not, The Boss’ homecoming tonight.

The return of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street band to Jersey will be amazing tonight as they begin the summer leg of the “Magic” tour this evening. Of course, the weather is not cooperating. Gosh knows being very very very very very much with child and the prospect of standing in the rain (got a doctors’ note!) is not thrilling, but we’ll get on out there and see what’s what.

Night #1, my first show without the Phantom and my first chance to expose my unborn little boy to such joy? I won’t miss it unless they don’t play. I’ll report back later, hopefully with deafened ears and a renewed spirit.

I’ll have what he’s having – maybe not. Mick turns 65 today!

Wow! Clean living? Lots of sleep and water? A multi-vitamin? Whatever it is, the man (and his cohorts) are from good, peasant stock. Happy birthday, Mick! And cheers to our neighbor up the road, Keef.

UPDATE: Hey, they can totally raise the near-dead, just like they say.