Why is America so prudish? Leave Meghan McCain alone.

Meghan McCain posted a picture on her Twitter account, clearly in the privacy of her home, wearing a tank top. That she is well-endowed is evident. Since the blogosphere and Twittersphere has become such a place of hatred, she was, inevitably, labeled a “slut” for the photograph.

Since when does being well-endowed constitute being a “slut”? I’m not going to be political here, but the girl defended herself quite aptly regarding the hurtful comments aimed at her. Ann Coulter routinely shows her very long legs. We see photos of President Obama engaging in sports with his shirt off. The First Lady has the right to “bare arms”. Why on Earth this is a partisan issue is beyond me. Well, no it isn’t because any anonymous person with a keyboard can hurl invectives. Once again, back to the idea that in order to post any sort of comment, one should have to register in one’s real name with a credit card.

Because of our insane and Puritanical preoccupation with sex and body image, we are losing sight of the fact that Meghan McCain, merely by being a public person, is a lightning rod for criticism, but, in this case, the WRONG kind. I feel for her. Just because someone has a blog, a Twitter account or is in any way public does not give people the right to be hateful and hurtful. Yes, free speech, blah blah blah. But we’ve taken it too far.

If you want to disagree with her politics, then do so in an intelligent manner. A well-built girl with her clothes on should not be at the receiving end of such hatred.

Well, let’s get this loophole closed. How hard can this be?

So, day care facilities and summer camps hiring workers cannot get access to any out-of-state criminal records of potential employees. Good job. Nice. So, pedophiles can live near schools and parks, aren’t closely watched by parole/probation, can sometimes have Facebook and MySpace profiles and clearly use Craigslist to find their prey. How about using the Internet for good, rather than helping to PUSH these people to find new victims?

How to solve this one? Hello – lawmakers? Hello?

David Letterman vs. Sarah Palin

Let me begin by saying I really do not care for Sarah Palin. She was unqualified for the Veep nomination and her town charged rape victims and their insurance companies for rape kits (around $1200). Alaska has the highest incidence of rape per capita, by the way.

That said, David Letterman really crossed the line by his comments about Bristol/Willow/whomever. You don’t joke about them being raped, “knocked up”, having sex with older men, etc. Imagine if he had said any of this about Sasha or Malia Obama? I voted for Obama, by the way. Barack and Michelle would have his head on a platter.

What I mean to express here is that while late-night comics clearly use our messed up political follies as great fodder for comedy (and usually successfully!), he really didn’t need to go there. Leave the kids out of it. Whether calling Chelsea Clinton “ugly” or making fun of the Bush twins partying habits, it’s not a good practice and I think he’s wrong. What did you think of his jokes? His half-assed apology?

Craigslist rapist convicted, slams victims, portrays himself as one.

I don’t care if you are a prostitute…you don’t deserve rape. This gem of a guy, David Gage, a former law enforcement officer (does that mean cop?), was sentenced to 29 years in the clink for raping women he met on Craigslist.

At his allocution, he slams the victims in his apology by saying they “got themselves into the situation”. I would have lit my own hair on fire at that point. If you are sitting there at sentencing, you should just say “I’m really sorry. Let’s go to jail now”, thereby sparing the victims any further pain by laying blame on them.

He also claims that he was a victim. Rape is the only crime that I know of when the victim is positioned in a place of responsibility. When will that end?

UPDATE: Gage was found dead in his cell yesterday of an apparent suicide.

Defense Attorney: “He’s a nice young man”. Okay, then.

The parents of the victim of a boyfriend’s hammer attack on their daughter in Mt. Lebanon, PA are bringing PR pressure on the DA to try the 17-year-old young man as an adult for the crime. A judge had previously ruled to try him as a juvenile, thereby setting up sentencing guidelines that would be much lighter – probably anger management and probation.

Sure. Why not? But only if the Judge lets Robertino D’Angelis date his own daughter or niece, in my opinion. Defense Attorney Pat Morrissey claims that the victim, Sarah Iullius and the defendant had a stormy relationship filled with confrontation.

Grace, the victim’s mother, hired a public relations firm to call out the Judge and the DA – her daughter was not even allowed to give a victim impact statement during proceedings. Thoughts? My own case began in Juvenile Court (which is closed to media) because, as the victim, I was a juvenile. The perp had been 19 at the time of my attack.

At what point does someone function as an adult? I say try him as an adult. As for Morrissey, “nice young men” don’t attack girlfriends with hammers, nearly gouging out her eye. Thoughts?

Pamela Barnes Ewing!

I’ll bet it was Digger or Cliff that made her allegedly do this. Now, who knows what happened, but if criminal charges were not brought, it always stinks to me. If you’re just going to sue, then you look like you’re out for the payday only.

All things being equal, I just think it’s unfair when people use the system ONLY to sue. If grievance things have happened, then you should attempt to press charges, then sue. Perhaps the DA didn’t find enough evidence. I am not here to judge.

That said, the story made me chuckle on one hand (all of those terrific catfights between poor Pam and Suellen!) and sad on the other. If true, it sounds like Victoria has some anger issues and need not be near a gun.

And, she all but killed poor Andy Gibb by dumping him. He was to be mine! Sorry – I shouldn’t joke.

UPDATE: Pam, um, VICTORIA says “yes, I had a gun!” but only out of self-defense. Apparently, the maid in question (who stands at a hulking 6 feet tall) was manhandling the dog, freaking out, causing a huge ruckus and Vicky went to get her gun. It seems the maid DID call to press charges, but the Los Angeles DA dismissed the case due to “insufficient evidence”. Victoria is now countersuing her maid.

The real difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? About $800K!

Wow – who knew hockey leagues had this much money? This hockey mom, Kimberly Knight was arrested for embezzling almost a cool million from her hockey league in Ann Arbor. Who watches the books there? She bought a dump truck, an Escalade, scads of jewelry. What are Pandora beads? Apparently she liked those.

The cops showed some compassion towards her by saying that she probably intended to pay the money back.

Oh, times are hard, people. I don’t think she’ll do jail time, but she will have to get some mental health help. You betcha.

Chris Brown is sorry for “what transpired”. Not “for what I did to her”.

The language of the offender – whether rapist, wife-beater, etc., is always so carefully spun. One need only check out Beebe’s YouTube speech (I won’t link it as I cannot bear to look at it) to see how carefully crafted words remove accountability from these assholes. Chris is “sorry for what transpired”. Very big difference between that and him saying he is “sorry for beating Rihanna”. I call this the “non-apology apology”. It’s rampant. At least A-Rod straight up admitted his crap and by the way, his steroid use didn’t hurt anyone but himself. I am exhausted with the whole Michael Phelpsian taking to task of role models for stupid decisions while people are getting beaten, raped and murdered all the while saying “I’m so soowwwwwy”. Poor me, I was drunk/abused as a child/came from a broken home.

No, Chris Brown, I don’t need to wait until all the facts come out. Those people calling for “all the facts” are what I call “perpetrator perpetuators”. You know these folks, “Well, I am totally against rape, BUT….what was she doing at the party/wearing/walking home alone for?” You know the type.

Rihanna is entitled to her privacy. She is also, I hope, entitled to speak out and do some good, drawing attention to this awful thing called violence against women. Praying for strength for the gorgeous songbird from Barbados, that she can use this to teach so many young women what even she, with her fame and wealth, could not stop.

Um, Christian Bale? I defended you last time. Why so, um, scary?

I have nothing really to say about this as Christian Bale (I almost typed “Christina” but I am scared of him now) says it all for me! Remember way back when, when he was arrested for some altercation with his mum and sister, apparently about money?

Okay…..well, I used to love this guy, and I don’t know what kind of day he had on the set of “Terminator: That New Version Where He Plays John Connor”, but if we all blew off steam like this, well, um….most of us wouldn’t have jobs. Those of us who even have them these days, that is.

Click here as it’s simply the audio. He’s pissed at the Director of Photography. Close your door if you’re at work. Totally NSFW.

Methinks he has anger management issues. Oh, for extra LOL’s, I’ve thrown in the genius that is Kermit Bale.

Oh, note to Christian: your career is going the way of Russell Crowe in 3…2….(oh, you’re there already).

UPDATE: Bale’s mother, Jenny, came out with a statement basically saying he has a temper, that we can see why she pressed charges back in the summer, he was having a bad day, etc. I can’t tell if it’s an indictment of her son, or support. Both, maybe.

Drew Peterson “fiancee” says whole thing a hoax. Hunh?

It seems as though Christina Raines, the newly minted ex-fiance of Drew Peterson, suspected wife disposer, says the whole engagement thing was a hoax planned by his attorney, Joel Brodsky, in order to keep Peterson’s name in the news. What don’t I understand? Wouldn’t Peterson want to lay low? Brodsky refutes this, saying he wanted to keep the engagement secret. I am prone to believe her, not because she’s a woman, but because the whole thing seems so odd that it seems true. But, as you know, I don’t really want to pass judgment here.

Raines admits she used to love him. Okay, now that Guns ‘n’ Roses song just popped into my head and I don’t mean to be disrespectful.

The only time I ever want to post about Peterson is when a) he’s been fully exonerated or b) he’s been charged. What do women see in this guy? Really?

Peterson’s third wife was found to have been murdered after they recently exhumed her body. His fourth wife, Stacy, remains missing.