Um, Christian Bale? I defended you last time. Why so, um, scary?

I have nothing really to say about this as Christian Bale (I almost typed “Christina” but I am scared of him now) says it all for me! Remember way back when, when he was arrested for some altercation with his mum and sister, apparently about money?

Okay…..well, I used to love this guy, and I don’t know what kind of day he had on the set of “Terminator: That New Version Where He Plays John Connor”, but if we all blew off steam like this, well, um….most of us wouldn’t have jobs. Those of us who even have them these days, that is.

Click here as it’s simply the audio. He’s pissed at the Director of Photography. Close your door if you’re at work. Totally NSFW.

Methinks he has anger management issues. Oh, for extra LOL’s, I’ve thrown in the genius that is Kermit Bale.

Oh, note to Christian: your career is going the way of Russell Crowe in 3…2….(oh, you’re there already).

UPDATE: Bale’s mother, Jenny, came out with a statement basically saying he has a temper, that we can see why she pressed charges back in the summer, he was having a bad day, etc. I can’t tell if it’s an indictment of her son, or support. Both, maybe.

Michael Phelps – am I the only person who doesn’t think it’s a big deal?

OK, so Michael Phelps, the golden boy, was caught smoking a bong at a party in South Carolina in November and the photograph was published in some tab called “News of the World”. Why don’t I think this is a huge deal? I am not a drug user, not even recreationally, (plus what does that matter) and I understand he’s a role model for kids – I had to explain to my little one what he was doing, oh boy. But I am thinking there’s a whole lot of nothing here.

That said, our new President (and past two) admits to recreational drug use when younger. How is this much different? Surely, in the eyes of the sponsorships, it seems problematic on the surface, but he is 23 and didn’t touch a child or murder someone. I don’t mean to minimize it, but he should be careful if he wants to go out and do “hoodrat stuff”. Perhaps take along a trusted advisor and beware of camera phones and people who want to cash in on his bad judgements and fame.

As a society, we love to tear down our icons, build them back up. It’s sort of troubling. He seems a little lost and hellbent on enjoying his post-Olympic glow. Maybe it’s time he just focus a little more and concentrate on his next steps.

Besides, I am told that cereal endorsements are the perfect fit for a pot smoker. Synergies, people! Sound off.

UPDATE: some swaggery Sheriff is thinking of charging Phelps. Um, don’t you need more than a photo? I think he should lay off. That said, Phelps best have his defense attorney ready just in case.

UPDATE: Kellogg’s has dropped Phelps as a spokesman for their products.

What’s my ex-husband doing in Cincinnati?

Just kidding.

However, those of you who read regularly know that when we blog, we obviously blog about crimes that are terrible, or not getting enough attention, but more importantly, we like to underscore how our criminal justice system is unbalanced. In this case, the punishment does not fit the crime, relative to say, my own experience.

Attorney sentenced to six months for using foul language. Rapist William Beebe sentenced to ten years, serves less than six months. This is where we as a people need to have our say. I’ve said it over and over. Someone going to Federal prison for marijuana for 27 years is getting more sympathy from me than a rapist. When Michael Vick serves more time than a rapist for harming animals (and I love animals so very much), what does that say about our treatment of humans?


Object of lust – the Diamond Spa stainless steel tub.

You may recall my love of the Boffi “Po” tub that I blogged about a while back. Well, Po, consider this your competition. Aaahhhhhhh…..!

What does this have to do with criminal justice? Nothing. Except survivors of crime should all get to soak in a tub like this. Hell, survivors of work, the economy, kids, traffic and bad service should get to soak in a tub like this.

So much to say!

Apologies, dear readers, for my absence in the blogosphere. It seems my beloved Leo is extraordinarily colicky – and as any parent of a colicky baby knows, there is no fix. Your gorgeous baby turns into a screamer for three hours a day, three days a week and for up to three months. We are fortunate enough to have an extraordinary baby nurse, but it’s really heartbreaking to hear the one you love scream. We’ve read Dr. Harvey Karp’s book and we know it’s temporary – ergo, a break from blogging.

I also have almost completed my manuscript and I am forever grateful to my agent and my editor for their patience through a high risk pregnancy and difficult babyhood. I took my therapists’ recommendation that I was diagnosed with PPD and am taking steps to alleviate that. Most trauma survivors have their wounds opened anew when they have children, especially colicky ones because they blame themselves for a baby who cries. That said, Leo is a gorgeous baby who rewards me with lots of smiles and he loves to look at the massive bookshelves in our library, our paintings, the pattern of wallpaper and the pleats in the curtains. He is smart, curious and just gorgeous, with a full head of surfer boy blond hair. “Love” does not begin to describe the feelings we all have for him. In a few weeks, his “fourth trimester”, as they term colic, will end. He loves taking a bath – it brings him back to the womb.

But since I have so much to say about Casey Anthony’s arrest on murder charges, the Tori Bowen “rape as a word” case, the trial of Darryl Littlejohn and all sorts of things, I will be back soon.

In the meantime, I want everyone to laugh. The genius of this piece you’ve undoubtedly seen is that Samberg’s Mark Wahlberg is so dead on! His cadence, his body language. Some folks don’t get it. I laughed heartily for first time in a while! Lest you forget, his character, Degnan, was the best part of “The Departed”.

Be back in a while with lots to say! Miss you all!

Story Update: Tanya Hollander, UVa-educated “Hooker Booker”, pleads guilty.

So, Tanya Hollander, the booker for the disgraced Eliot Spitzer’s escort agency and the fine folks who brought us Ashley Dupre, pled “quilty” today to charges of consipiring to violate the Federal traveling act. Hey, I didn’t write it that way – the AP did. Quilty! Ms. Hollander (who, by the by, shares a surname with Xaviera Hollander, “The Happy Hooker” – come on, you all KNOW who I mean)is Mr. Notranting’s exact age and went to the University of Virginia the same year.

He claims not to know her. Maybe he was Client #8! Just kidding. She claims she needed extra money and is actually a new age hippie-type healer, therapist, etc. Kind of like Rielle Hunter. I think she looks rather like Alanis Morrisette, don’t you? She’s not expected to serve any jail time. She also had no contact whatsoever with Client #9.

Damn girl, no need to flash your gun. It’s just a latte!

One would think I have something against cops – not true. I found this story this morning and thought it was rather amusing. For the record, I give the Police in my town cold bottled water in the summer months (we don’t have traffic lights – so they direct the traffic) occasionally.

However, it’s in poor taste to demand free coffee and baked goods, Officer!

Thundercrack or not, The Boss’ homecoming tonight.

The return of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street band to Jersey will be amazing tonight as they begin the summer leg of the “Magic” tour this evening. Of course, the weather is not cooperating. Gosh knows being very very very very very much with child and the prospect of standing in the rain (got a doctors’ note!) is not thrilling, but we’ll get on out there and see what’s what.

Night #1, my first show without the Phantom and my first chance to expose my unborn little boy to such joy? I won’t miss it unless they don’t play. I’ll report back later, hopefully with deafened ears and a renewed spirit.

Retail Spotlight Friday – a tad belated – join the fold.

Kayaking is something that I occasionally enjoy – especially on the ocean or in the harbors of the East End, like Three Mile or Accabonac. Mr. Notranting is hooked, though and, thus, I go along. He can’t share my surfing thing, but I can do this with him. While searching high and low for a great gift for him, I was torn between a rowing scull and a kayak, thinking the kayak too bulky to transport. That’s when I discovered folding kayaks by Folbot. By the way, they are featured in this month’s Town & Country magazine as well.

Basically, Folbot is the leader in folding kayaks – if you’re an adventurer and want to transport your gear anywhere, these things fold into one or two lightweight bags that you throw in your car or check at the airport (ugh). They are extraordinarily well-made, lightweight and great for spur of the moment adventures. I have ordered Mr. Notranting The Edisto and it is all I can do to not ruin the surprise. Folbot’s site is terrific to look at, with great photos from other ‘bots, a plant tour, a message board/community, a cool blog and wonderful gear. Based in one of my favorite cities, Charleston, SC, Folbot is true craftmanship for the sports enthusiast. Not to mention, I enjoy anything these days that is “slow” or hand-made and not mass produced. Trust me, I’ll be happy to get back in a kayak soon! Enjoy!

Batman update. Why so serious, er, tacky?

I gotta say, there would have been a time and a place for Christian Bale’s sister to ask for some dough ($200K – how random) to “raise her kids”. Seriously, the night before the UK premiere of the biggest movie ever? Those ladies are lucky he invited their freeloading asses, from what I’ve read. Every family has a beggar. I mean, the Dorchester is pretty swank – they should have stolen the Molton Brown products and ordered lots of room service. Sorry – just kidding. I hate when people judge me, so I shouldn’t do it them. No one knows what really happened.

They can sell their stories to Harvey Levin or “OK” and make $200K. Don’t think THAT won’t happen.

I keep going back to the fact that his mom was a circus clown and such. It’s an unconventional childhood to be sure, but my general feeling is that there was a rift after the parents’ divorce (he sided with his late father), he invited them to the premiere as an olive branch and Mom and Sis went, er, batty. Obviously, I am reading in between the lines and it does not seem like a physical assault ensued. I would never ever excuse such behavior because of the hotness that is Mr. Bale.

He and his wife seem to comport themselves with dignity and quietude. As for all this talk that actors are tortured and stressed out a-holes, well, some are, but I feel like the timing was poor. Next time, have Mr. & Mrs. Bale and the grandchild ’round for Sunday dinner and ask him when he’s full of Yorkshire Pudding. That may go over better.