Hermes design house breeding own crocodiles for handbags.

Not my typical post, but this is certainly news of the odd. Hermes, known for the $50,000 (!!!) Birkin bag, has taken to breeding their own crocodiles for the coveted bags. Surely, Victoria Beckham is happy to hear this news. PETA, not so much.

“It can take three to four crocodiles to make one of our bags so we are now breeding our own crocodiles on our own farms, mainly in Australia,” says Patrick Thomas, chief executive of the luxury line. “Hermes already faces a major challenge producing 3,000 crocodile bags a year. The world is not full of crocodiles, except the stock exchange!”

OH, bring the LOLs, Mr. Thomas! But seriously, it takes 3-4 crocodiles to make one of those bags? Crikey! Thoughts?

Celebrity Crime Roundup – Part Four. Loose Fingered Louie again?

Times are hard, people!

Winona Ryder has had a “comeback” of sorts – not of the cinematic type, but of the drama in real life type. A few weeks ago, a health issue forced her to seek immediate medical attention after a flight. She recovered quickly (from the rumored Xanax overdose) in order to attend the Marie Claire Prix de la Mode Awards in Madrid, Spain.

There, she wore a beautiful diamond bracelet and ring, lent to her by Bvlgari. The jewels are said to be worth $125K. (PS – why don’t celebs just buy their swag? That really bugs me, although I understand the red carpet thing. The trickle down effect? I don’t see it. It’s not as if I’d go out and buy Bvlgari jewels because I saw some celeb wear them. It’s a matter of cash, baby!)

Anyhoo, Miss Thing claims she lost the bracelet. Which does happen. Stuff falls off and if you don’t have security, it gets lost. But here’s the rub: Wino claims she brought the jewels to the concierge of her hotel, who put them in the safe. The problem is, after reviewing all of the surveillance video (Winona’s Waterloo!), it seems Ms. Ryder never dropped anything off at said desk. I mean really, what’s she going to do? Sell it on eBay? Police are investigating!

Rut row. I’d like to hope for the best here and think the hotel messed up. But something tells me Miss Ryder still has her demons. Don’t we all? I am so not judging, I swear. What do you think?

Object of lust – the Diamond Spa stainless steel tub.

You may recall my love of the Boffi “Po” tub that I blogged about a while back. Well, Po, consider this your competition. Aaahhhhhhh…..!

What does this have to do with criminal justice? Nothing. Except survivors of crime should all get to soak in a tub like this. Hell, survivors of work, the economy, kids, traffic and bad service should get to soak in a tub like this.

Retail Spotlight Friday – where, oh where is the BlackBerry Bold?

My BlackBerry is a clunky, yet beloved dinosaur – the BB has no GPS, very limited WiFi and, get this, a trackwheel and not a trackball. It also has no camera. Can you imagine? I have been marching into the store once a week, asking for the new one. The new one – the BlackBerry Bold (watch the video). I am not an iPhone fan, simply because I love my iPod. I know, so silly. Also, as a long-term BlackBerry customer, I actually get a free upgrade. My phone is so totally busted right now, however, they’ve pushed back the debut from July to September 1. Aargh! At least our neighbors in Canada have theirs. So pretty!

It has 5 interchangeable color backscreens, great speakers, GPS and a host of great features. Please, I can stay addicted to criminal justice news and find the perfect cupcake shop in a flash. If you don’t know which smartphone to get, consider jumping on the BBB bandwagon. $300-500 with plan.

“Purse parties”? Save your money and buy the real deal.

These women are really not comprehending their actions as the sweatshops and organized crime involved in producing masses of fake luxury handbags, sunglasses, etc. might give them pause. Or do they know what they’re doing? The next time you venture to Canal Street, buy on eBay or go to a “purse party” – that’s the first I have heard of this, think to yourself: do I want a tacky fake (that has implications down the line and endangers lives), or would I rather work hard and buy the real thing, which will last for years?

I would rather have 3 nice bags than 20 crappy (fake) ones. But tell that to middle American girls, who have been made to believe we all live life like “Sex in the City” and have Prada and Louis Vuitton pouring from our perfect California Closets.

Can you believe they make over $200K in some cases? Do they represent the bags as authentic? Can you believe the sentencing guidelines? Discuss. PS – that’s me at Court. With a Jimmy Choo Theola Ramona. It has lots of buckles and straps to play with when you’re nervous and it’s huge enough to carry all of your troubles. It also started “handbag-gate” – my regular readers will know what I mean.

Retail Spotlight Friday – a tad belated – join the fold.

Kayaking is something that I occasionally enjoy – especially on the ocean or in the harbors of the East End, like Three Mile or Accabonac. Mr. Notranting is hooked, though and, thus, I go along. He can’t share my surfing thing, but I can do this with him. While searching high and low for a great gift for him, I was torn between a rowing scull and a kayak, thinking the kayak too bulky to transport. That’s when I discovered folding kayaks by Folbot. By the way, they are featured in this month’s Town & Country magazine as well.

Basically, Folbot is the leader in folding kayaks – if you’re an adventurer and want to transport your gear anywhere, these things fold into one or two lightweight bags that you throw in your car or check at the airport (ugh). They are extraordinarily well-made, lightweight and great for spur of the moment adventures. I have ordered Mr. Notranting The Edisto and it is all I can do to not ruin the surprise. Folbot’s site is terrific to look at, with great photos from other ‘bots, a plant tour, a message board/community, a cool blog and wonderful gear. Based in one of my favorite cities, Charleston, SC, Folbot is true craftmanship for the sports enthusiast. Not to mention, I enjoy anything these days that is “slow” or hand-made and not mass produced. Trust me, I’ll be happy to get back in a kayak soon! Enjoy!

Retail Spotlight Friday – light up your world (part deux).

I am a huge fan of Kartell lamps at parties and since I am redecorating, I decided to get a few new lamps for Chez Notranting. This is my current fave – the Bourgie Lamp in Opaque White with Gold by Kartell. Environmentally sound, it’s made entirely of polycarbonate.

Gorgeous, right? Not a huge bargain (especially if you, like me, needed 2) but just showstoppers.

Retail Spotlight Friday – summer beauty indulgences.

Being knocked up during the summer is a little challenging in the looking good department – especially when you are a) high risk and feeling run down, b) living in an area that gets really hot and humid, c) still need to pull it together and look polished for meetings and events. As such, retail spotlight Friday focuses on the beauty lifesavers that we are currently obsessed with at home and in the office, regardless of your situation. Not to mention, this blog can be downright depressing if not taken with the message that each and every one of us can affect change. To that point, sometimes we need a break from the realities and to indulge in some frippery. So, we love:

Body Bling Platinum by Scott Barnes – adds a touch of color and shimmer in a body lotion that gives serious glow. Cellulite disappears and limbs look long and skinny!
DiorShow Mascara in Blackout – best mascara, hands down. Perfection and worth it.
Sephora Brand Super Supreme Body Butter – smells like a dream, comes in a giant tub (wait til you have a bump!)and is made with all-natural ingredients. Great texture.
Essie Nail Polish in Bermuda Shorts – garish in the bottle, perfect on toes. I finally have broken from my pale milky pinks – everyone in the office wears this one!
The Body Shop White Musk – cheap, crisp, around for 20 years, still fresh
Korres Quince Lip Balm – so great and tastes divine. The whole line rocks.
Nars cream blush in Penny Lane – for the perfect flush, you need a cream.
Cargo Eyelighter in Gold – for the corners of your eyes, makes you look awake!
Tricia Sawyer Eye Slept balm – lacking sleep? Here’s the cure.
The Fit Flop – need we say more? Loving these!
Ted Gibson Hair Sheets – genius. I have a ‘fro unless I carry these around.
Stila Silk Eye Shadow Wash in Kitten – the perfect neutral, great on everyone
Boots No. 7 makeup remover towelettes – so cheap, anti-aging, deep cleansing

Retail Spotlight Friday – ooh, ooh, that smell!

My good friend Meredith owns the gorgeous and fabulous New York floral and decor design firm, Belle Fleur. She’s a wonderful talent, awesome girl, mom and wife. And that’s not why I am featuring this today. As a logical outflow from her bouquets (a favorite of such luminaries as Anna Wintour, Salma Hayek and Gilles Mendel), home scents made sense!

If you are a candle addict, as am I, you will love her candles. Packaged beautifully and thoughtfully in aqua and chocolate croc-embossed boxes with the matches already in there (!), the candles come in gorgeous chocolate brown glass containers and there are many choices. You can buy online here, or at your nearest Anthropologie, Barney’s or other retail store.

I’m a fan of Jasmine Verbena, among others. The great thing about Belle Fleur candles is that they fill the room with scent immediately and burn cleanly. Get yourself some today!

Retail Spotlight Friday – rest your weary head in this bed.

Since my Boffi bathtub lust has gone unrequited, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect upholstered white bed for our new Hollywood Regency bedroom. After considering having it custom made (hello, pricey!), I found this gem from Eurway. They also have a well-edited selection of other furniture – I bought a terrific Eames knock-off desk chair here as well. If you order between now and midnight June 22, you get 20% off.

Sweet dreams. Isn’t it glamorous?