Retail Spotlight Fridays – are you a gladiator?

Let’s be warriors! I need to lighten up.

As I am not a big fan of SATC (I know, but I am irritated by the fact that people move here from Nebraska and think NYC is like this all the time), I did not get to fawn over the Dior Extreme Gladiator worn by SJP in pretty much each scene. Rumor has it that my new favorite store, Bellhaus, in Wainscott, has them. Otherwise, preorder for fall here.

So, my aversion to SATC can be summed up by: 1) Carrie’s ridiculous wardrobe, 2) Carrie’s ear-bending screech, 3) Charlotte’s crazy-eyed prissiness, 4) Samantha’s ridiculous caricature of sex-starved cougar with the Mae West voice and everything being a double entendre, 5) Miranda’s constipated look at everything, 6) the hype, 7) I’d like them all to listen to more music and read more books, 8) the fact that they seem small and petty and not generous, 9) they are given boyfriends, for the most part, that make them seem desperate and clingy.

There, I’ve said it. Love Mr. Big, love the gay characters, love Magda, loved the cameos (hello, talking about you Mr. McConaughey in the “Los Angeles” epi!). But the shoes? Freaking fabulous.

Retail Spotlight Friday – a tad belated – Little Boy Blue

As I am expecing a little boy soon, I have become enamored with all things that do not have trucks, airplanes or baseball motifs. Of course, if I had it my way, poor Baby Boy Seccuro would probably have wayyyy too much girlie stuff. Terrible!

I found the most darling cotton/cashmere blend hoodies, baby gowns and blankets for him by Lucky Jade Baby Cashmere – feather, twig and owl have become part of our collection and I just can’t stop. I’ve balanced the sweetness with lots of vintage rocker and skull tees, just in case his father freaks out!

Check out this site, Jen Klair Kids, for other gorgeous baby gifts. Yum!

Retail Spotlight Friday – light up your world

So, back to the fluffy commentary for now. I’m a firm believer that lighting is so important in one’s home – it’s the (relatively) cheapest way to make a huge impact on a room. Remember, hang chandeliers low, like 30″ from a table. I found this gem while redoing our abode from West Elm – the wood and metal chandelier. You like? It’s going in the dining room, where finally, I’ll be able to entertain again after covering the chairs in a fantastic black and white peacock feather fabric.

Enjoy – very chic in person and minimal shipping!

Retail Spotlight Friday – a tad belated – summer’s perfect dress!

Okay – back to affordable, darling and looking forward to the summer. As it’s still chilly and rainy here in the Northeast, I must admit I found the perfect inexpensive summer dress with which to dream of balmy days, coral pedicures and coconut-scented tanning oil. I adore anything that is white, navy or eyelet and doesn’t make me look like a child.

Thank you, GAP! Purchase here. It’s even on sale. Darling with metallic gladiator sandals and simple gold bangles and a knuckle-duster cocktail ring.

Object of lust – the Boffi “Po” tub

Every once in a while, survivors tell me that lounging in a bathtub filled with bubbles is the only way to shake the demon. If that’s so, this is where I want to do it.

This is the “Po” by Boffi. I actually looked at it in D.C. a few weeks ago while on my morning hike. Sweet jeebus – it costs as much a car ($30K), but it looks like it would make all the bad stuff go away, right? I’d have a party in there. Kenny, my interior designer loves it too. No way, man. No way. But someone should put it in a movie.

Retail Spotlight Friday – a little indulgence for Mother’s Day!

Generally, I like to spotlight things that are affordable, responsible in some way/giving back, etc. but today, some serious indulgence for the Mom, mom to be or mom “in your head”. You can be a mother without being one. Let’s recognize them with some luxury, shall we?

The Tali Gilette “Mama” jewelry range – I am so hoping for a necklace, but probably for the birth of my son. My husband is so busy, I don’t expect anything but sleep! These are just gorgeous and a great alternative to the ubiquitous baby shoe charms.

Also, I have the Mauri Pioppo “Love Letters” necklace with an “A” for Ava from last year’s Mother’s Day. You can choose the discs and initials with tiny diamond and also the color of the stones. Affordable luxury. I’ll be adding a disc soon!

Handbag lust – I am drooling over Miu Miu’s large quilted Chevron hobo in ivory. Big enough to be a diaper and work bag and still look stylish. Plus, you can take it on the plane as a carry-on.

Shoe lust – Also drooling over Tory Burch’s Miller flats in silver or gold. So cute!

Luxe sheets – I am a Frette fan, but now currently hooked on Restoration Hardware’s Italian Hotel Satin Stitch Bedding – I ordered them with gorgeous silver gray “Ash” trim as I’ll be spending at least two hours a day on bedrest. Plus, what Mom doesn’t deserve nice sheets and a nice lie-in on Sunday? By the way, 200 thread count is all you need. Those folks who claim 600 thread count? It’s actually a fallacy and doesn’t change the quality or “hand” of the fabric.

For the beauty junkie Mom, or the Mom who likes to smell great. Marc Jacobs’ Limited Edition Splashes – Basil, Grapefruit and others can all be ordered at Sephora. There’s even free shipping for orders over $50! I bought my Mom the limited edition Marc Jacobs Modern Gardenia Perfume.

For the Mom To Be: Mia Bossi’s Maria Bags – I adore them in “Exotic Shimmer”, “Godiva” and “Giraffe” from Little Dudes and Divas – free shipping and great discounts. It can even fit my laptop (you can order an extra laptop carry case to fit inside) as well as Junior’s stuff. There’s a faux fur, washable changing pad and it’s super stylish and pratical. Be sure to throw in a bottle of Elemis’ Japanese Camellia Body Oil – it totally prevents stretch marks and she won’t be offended.

Sweet treat: Very Vera Red Velvet Cake. Hands down, the best. My inner Southern girl is giddy with anticipation. A must.

To all the moms, children, those without moms, those who know mom-like figures, those remembering moms who have passed on, those trying to be moms and those who struggle with motherhood, be good to yourself this weekend. We all came from somewhere, right?

Have a new baby? Do some good today via eBay’s Celeb Moms auction for Johnson’s.

Please, like I need a reason to buy more baby things. However, this intrigued and excited me. A group of celeb moms – Julianne Moore, Mariska Hargitay, Jeri Ryan, Poppy Montgomery – are auctioning some of their gently used baby things on eBay. I think they need more moms to donate, as I believe there are only 8 thus far. Sponsored by Johnson’s, the profits will benefit Global Giving. here’s their Mission Statement:

GlobalGiving allows you to find and donate directly to locally-run social and environmental projects around the world. From promoting female empowerment in Afghanistan to providing accessible healthcare in rural Uganda, GlobalGiving opens up the world to people who want to make an impact on global issues at the grassroots level.

How badly do I want that Stokke high chair for my little one? Bid on!

I know – we forgot Retail Spotlight Friday and then some.

I’ll be blogging later tonight to fix the above and also, the answer (most) of the fun questions I’ve gotten via STARS email – such as “do you still have panic attacks?”, “what are your pregnancy cravings?”, “what’s your favorite indulgence?”, “when is your book coming out?”, “is your hair color natural?” “what song did you listen to when getting ready for Court?”…that sort of stuff. I won’t answer the obviously creepy and weird questions, but those will all go in the book. Sometimes, this blog needs to be about frivolous, cool, chic, awkward and silly, you know? Sometimes, we all need a little respite.

Just so you know, thanks to Vinny Gorgeous, below posting, I have a craving for authentic carbonara. I’ll post my recipe for you later! (Clue: no cream – that’s for amateurs!) Just so you know, I learned how to cook by hanging out with chefs on gigs. That and a healthy dose of Giada DeLaurentiis (love her) and Ina Garten (worship her). As a matter of fact, my prosecuting attorney Claude and I spent months discussing food, recipes, etc. as he is no slouch in the kitchen and it helped ease the stress of prepping for trial.

In the meantime, two birthday parties, T-Ball and an unfinished chapter need my attention. Have a terrific, healthy, happy, peaceful Saturday. Remember to meditate Try it, you’ll be glad you did.

Retail Spotlight Fridays!

In honor of Earth Week (and gosh knows I could certainly reduce my carbon footprint, though I try in earnest), I wanted to spotlight these amazing products on the Kimpton Hotel Group website. I enjoy staying in Kimpton properties in the DC area, but their online shop is even better!

Candela Flameless Candles are a must if you a) are forgetful, b) want to reduce carbon emissions, c) have children, d) are clumsy. I first discovered these at a restaurant in East Hampton, Citta Nuova, and went mad for them! Now, we use them at parties when the Fire Marshal doesn’t allow open flame.

If you don’t already practice yoga or meditate (everyone should breathe in silence for at least 15 minutes a day – try it! Download free meditation podcasts on iTunes), you should try. It’s even more fun on these eco-friendly and adorable yoga mats. I have the Wood Plank one and it’s so cute. All proceeds benefit The Trust for Public Land, which helps ensure parks and open spaces for us and our kids.

Photo: cred. Gawker

If you’re local – please support our local merchant, Le Wine Shop

Le Wine Shop has two locations – Greenwich (on East Elm Street) and Larchmont, New York (on Palmer Avenue). Le Wine Shop is a wonderful experience for anyone who wants to taste wine, buy wine, learn about wine, etc. We shop there personally and for our company. If you don’t know a Shiraz from a Sancerre, this is the place. And you won’t get any ridiculous mass-produced product here. Only the finest. It is they who convinced me that Billecart is a finer Champagne than Veuve. Please. I sound like a rapper.

My friend Etienne Touzot is the owner and he and Geraldine are terrific people. They will soon be expanding their Greenwich shop to include an upscale charcuterie, fromagerie, etc. You can also join the “Friends of Le Wine Shop” group on Facebook!

Etienne and crew are donating all of the fine wines to this year’s “Raise Your Glass – Raise Awareness” fundraiser for the Sexual Assault Crisis and Education Center, serving the communities of Lower Fairfield County.

SACEC is the first line of defense for many survivors. Cherri Murphy of Charlottesville kindly and swiftly referred me there for help when Mr. Beebe was arrested. They have individual and group therapy for victims of sexual assualt, rape, incest and the like. The counselors help victims at hospital with rape kit exams as we have only 2 dedicated S.A.N.E. nurses in the State (someone please correct me if I am wrong, but I was shocked to hear that!). I have clients who have gone there. The Central Park Jogger was helped there and continues to volunteer. SACEC is staffed by amazing professionals and is largely funded by private donations. We don’t have the lobby of breast cancer, AIDS or other huge and worthy causes, but this past fiscal year, over 8,593 people sought help at the Stamford office alone.

Please please support Le Wine Shop – do your imbibing and purchasing at a place with a conscience. And for those of your ready to pounce on me and talk about how alcohol contributes to sexual assault, good grief, we’re all adults here.