1-2-3 and go! Casey Anthony Verdict – your thoughts?

I did not watch the entire trial, but I did watch closing arguments as well as some of George and Cindy Anthony’s testimonies. Here’s my take: we all KNOW she did it, but the prosecution didn’t have much to work with, ergo, reasonable doubt. No DNA, no definitive motive, no method of death, a body that disintegrated far too long thanks to Police not listening to Roy Kronk, etc.

It will also, IMO, in extraordinarily bad taste for Baez and team to be yukking it up with Champagne right after the verdict. Such shades of O.J. Will Schadenfreude catch up with Casey in the form of perjury charges against Cindy and a big huge bill from the State of Florida? Or will she be wooed with interviews and book deals? All I care is that there is a dead precious baby and one or more of those folks know about it.

And what did you all think of Casey’s glamorous look at sentencing? The hair, the makeup, the broad smiles? Had I dodged that kind of bullet, I’d still be in my schoolmarm phase. OK, go!

Gang rape of West Liberian girl, 9, draws victim-blaming from her family.

This is one of the most egregious stories I’ve read in a while. A little girl (a refugee from Liberia, living in Phoenix) was gang-raped by a group of boys, aged 9-14 (the 14 year old will be charged as an adult) and get this: her family feels she “has brought shame” on herself and their good name. Both the victim and the perps hail from the African nation of Liberia where rape was only considered to be a crime in 2006.

I’ve got news for these savage folks; you now live in America, where rape is a crime. To criticize this poor child, who will be physically and emotionally scarred forever, is almost a bigger crime than the rape itself. Thankfully, when she is released from the hospital, she will NOT be going back to the home, but placed somewhere else by CPS. Liberian officials, including President Ellen Sirleaf (yeah, a woman) are trying to spin it as if they have no clue why the family’s attitude is such, but I am a bit skeptical. Animals.

Read carefully the older sister’s comments and tell me that the world hasn’t gone to Hell in a handbasket. She advocates that the suspects be released because “we are the same people”. Huh? There are days when I think that the United Nations, Angelina Jolie and Superman himself cannot change attitudes. It reminds me of Islamic honor killings and the like. Whatever dark age these people live in, it ain’t right.

Say a prayer for this little girl.

Hatred. Not cool.

Mondays are tough enough for many of us – parenting, working (or not, in many cases), taking care of ourselves and those we love. Most of us watch the news, and some of us watch too much news. As a news junkie, I realize the negative reports can be bad for a fragile psyche, or even a happy one!

Today, I am struggling with the shooting at the Holocaust Museum, the hinky election in Iran and – I won’t even name him – the asshat who called Michelle Obama the descendant of “gorillas” on Facebook. How stupid for a person in office to use Facebook for such an ignorant comment?

I know Mrs. Obama doesn’t read such crap, but I am sure she’s been made aware of it and will not dignify it for a moment. Why all the hate? What’s wrong with people today? Let’s all do something beautiful, giving, lyrical and magical for one person today. Recycle a water bottle, read to a child, call a sick person, restrain yourself from posting something hateful on Facebook or a blog.

Be well, friends.

John Hock – sick criminal of the month.

I often wonder why some stories that really shock me to the core don’t get picked up by mainstream media. This is one such story and I call upon my wonderful friends in the media to give it some airtime.

Rape cases when the victim is unconscious are not impossible to prosecute at all. That said, it’s difficult when memory is simply not there, or foggy, as defense will try to trip up a complaining witness – for example, “if you can only remember part of the assault, how do we know you’re being truthful about the totality?”. Yes, that sort of shit.

Well, John Hock makes it easy for prosecutors. He raped a woman repeatedly while filming it LIVE with his webcam, just as the Max Factor heir did. What he then did was stream the video onto the Internet. Can you imagine? The victim got texts from her friends and watched it herself.

John Hock – I hope you go away for a long time, you depraved stealer of souls. Just because you manage to get a woman drunk (or probably drug her, I am sure), does not mean you can rape her repeatedly and boast about it. Clearly, no one would ever consent to having relations with you.

I’d also like to know who watches this stuff? What site do people post this crap on? Am I the only person who thinks this is extraordinarily depraved? I wish healing thoughts to that poor victim, who was assaulted by Hock, then by having to watch it.

Where is Brittanee? The new Spring Break case.

Brittanee Drexel (what is UP with the way parents spell names – sorry, I digress) is 17-year-old girl from Rochester, New York who went to Myrtle Beach for a spring break trip and has disappeared. There is video of her walking into her hotel alone as well as leaving alone and walking along the street. Foul play is suspected.

Brittannee’s parents were in the midst of a stressful divorce and her mother did NOT give her permission to go to Myrtle Beach. She did anyway and the parents suspect that she was depressed over the impending divorce, which is why she went with her friends on the trip despite their wishes.

Police are now dragging a nearby river. What do you think? Another Natalee Holloway? Drugged, murdered? Suicide? Doing okay but just needs some time to think? Being held captive somewhere in a hotel? Sold into the sex trade?

It’s horrible, no matter what. My thoughts and prayers out to Ms. Drexel and her family. Discuss. And please don’t blame the girl or her parents. It would be so easy to, but we don’t judge here unless blame can be squarely placed. Teens who are depressed will defy their parents. Parents who trust their kids won’t double check – I think.

The awful murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom

Okay – I want to thank Anonymous for bringing this case to light. I had never heard of it in my life and, due to the horrific nature of this crime, I am rather nonplussed that the media has not covered this at all.

I’ll roll it down briefly, but click here for the details. It is simply the most heinous and brutal crime I have read about in recent years. Channon and Christopher went on a dinner date, were carjacked, then brutalized and murdered in ways I cannot describe here. I pray for these poor souls hourly.

It seems that many folks believe, because the perps are black and the victims white, that this is a “hate crime”. You know what? I don’t care what color anyone is – this is a hate crime. The points being made – “where is the Al Sharpton here?”, etc., certainly ring true in that there is no “white” activist as vocal or outspoken as Sharpton. At the end of the day, I am color blind when it comes to crime. I want to know what was going through these perps heads when they did these unspeakable things to the victims.

I call upon the national media to cover this story, not as a racially charged one, but to do honor to the victims, whose lives were cut short in the most horrible ways possible. My prayers to the families. I don’t think I would survive this had it been my child. No way.


Way to Go, Erie County Corrections! Human Error frees criminal who then rapes.

People always ask why I question the system. We hear a lot about “The Innocence Project” and not enough about these cases where wrongfully freed criminal offend. My own rapist was misclassified in prison, according to reliable sources and was let out early. Why? Sometimes it’s human error and sometimes, if you are a model prisoner without a record, we need to make room for the overcrowding caused by the new manditory drug sentences in America. When a jail is at 150% capacity, it’s easier to let out the guy who has “found God” and said “he’s sorry”, regardless of the severity of the victims’ families protests. We wonder why they then reoffend because the chain lengthens – there aren’t enough probation and parole officers interested in monitoring white, non-career criminal types and sometimes, this is an epic fail ending with someone raped, dead, tortured. This is all because of the manditory drug sentencing and our nation’s Puritanical look at some of the more benign drug crimes. I am talking about marijuana. The methheads need to go straight to prison.

I’m not pro-drug. I am pro-common sense. Until we wake up, build more prisons, get charged for them and do away with 10 year sentences for pot possession, sex offenders and killers are going to get out sooner than they should.

That said, here we have a genius at the Erie County Corrections Facility. God help these people.

Hayleigh, Caylee – it’s Florida again!

Or, as the late Tim Russert would say – “Florida, Florida, Florida”. Sorry – I like Florida. BUT:

1) Hayleigh Cummings – where is her mom?
2) Why is her dad living with a 17 year old Misty Croslin?
3) Why does the 17 year old sleep in the same bed as Hayleigh and her little brother?
4) I’m sorry, isn’t the 17 year old thing statutory rape?
5) Why is she changing her story?
6) Why didn’t she call 911 right away?
7) Is the family involved?
8) Why live with 2 small children in a trailer park with 44 sex offenders?

This story is not going to end well, but could someone weigh in on these questions? They’ve stopped the “ground search”, which means the cops must have a) a body or b) a suspect.

Go home, say a prayer for Hayleigh Cummings and hug your precious children today. I am so enraged as I type this post that tears are dripping onto the keyboard. These folks are stealing our future, murdering and raping our precious children, the most innocent of all. Who does this sick stuff? I just can’t. I’m almost ready to stop blogging because, during all of my happiness about “hope” and Obama, I forgot the real world marched on.

UPDATE: Here is the 911 call transcript. Interesting.

UPDATE: Here is Haleigh’s mother’s MySpace page. Interesting.

Heather MacDonald thinks campus rape is a big fat lie.

I’d like her to come on the road with me and see the hundreds of girls who have, indeed, been raped. It seems that Ms. MacDonald thinks the “mass hysteria” created by Universities is nothing but “campus rape myth”. She thinks “TBTN” rallies and Sexual Assault Centers are bogus wastes of money since college girls are just boozy whores who cry rape because they regret “hooking up”. You know what? I know differently and I am entitled to call bullshit on her. Click here to read her article.

I’ve talked to fraternity boys around the country and even those that I know. When I tell them the definition of rape includes having sex with an unconscious girl, they are shocked to realize they have indeed committed rape. If you’ve drugged someone and they cannot say “NO”, it’s still rape. If they pass out in your bed because you lure them there and you proceed to “have sex” with them, it’s rape. Not just strangers jumping out of bushes rape. Desperate men, dying to get a notch on their belt and prove their virility commit rape because of peer pressure and yes, that’s rape!

Um, the University of Virginia doesn’t publish its rape statistics because they are HIGH! Last year, 16 sororities reported that a member was raped during fraternity rush week – it was on the front page of the Cavalier Daily and of course, there was no follow up article because the DOS office quashed it. Ms. MacDonald only cites one weak ass article written by a complete moron at UVa. She should have done more research to see the writings about sexual assault at the University. They – University brass – reclassify them as simple assault, but the Clery Act will catch them. The reason those girls in her article didn’t think they were raped is because no one on Grounds does anything about it. Notice the choices those students have. Not once is “Go to the City Police” an option, just like in my case.

And enough about Duke. We get it. She was a false accuser but she does not represent all of us. I’ve said time and again, false accusers should face charges.

But the worst part of Heather MacDonald’s piece? The way she mocks the rape culture and the words “survivor” “co-survivor”, “one in four” etc. She cannot stand that Yale Student (where I spoke at Take Back the Night last year) get involved with helping to prevent sexual assault and heal those that do. You can feel the sarcasm and venom dripping from her pen. That’s what hurts the most.

Clearly, she has two categories – “real rape” – where she feels a stranger climbs into a bedroom window, usually a black man raping a white woman and “fake rape”, where a girl who has been drinking or has been slipped a roofie is raped. Wow. No in between? I am betting she thinks I am one of those boozy sluts who lied. Imagine if William Beebe hadn’t confessed? I’d be lumped in with those harlots who went to a party. She is racist and sexist and she doesn’t even take into account the men who are raped on campuses.

Think about it. Sound off.

George Anthony tried to off himself. What is next?

I never know what to think about Casey Anthony’s parents in this whole mess. They’re either dumb as fuck or totally in the know, in which case, they should be held criminally liable as well. Or, maybe just Cindy Anthony knows. Sidebar: I’d like to know why their unemployed daughter was able to pass off a story that she had a nanny. A nanny they never met. Well, a job Casey never had – and all the while, she and the child were living with them. That part is the part I cannot wrap my brain around,

There have also been stories floating out there that Lee Anthony, Casey’s brother, was actually Caylee’s father. What in Sam Hell? I digress…

George Anthony finally cracked under the pressure of the whole mess and went missing for a few days. He was found in a hotel room two counties away, having texted goodbyes to family members and having left a 6-page alleged suicide letter.Does George know something? Is George just another victim in his daughter’s tangled web? Is he simply heartbroken? As a retired cop, I had hoped he could pry something out of Casey. Sadly, this whole mess boils down to one thing – a beautiful and innocent child was killed and Casey Anthony and Jose Baez seem to be capitalizing on it.