“Trial Mix”. Let’s talk about the George Huguely murder trial.

We’re now on Day 2 of jury selection in the trial of George Huguely, the University of Virginia lacrosse player accused of murdering his former girlfriend, fellow lacrosse player, Yeardley Love. I’d by lying if I said I didn’t have a dog in this fight for so many reasons. Mr. Huguely is represented by the same defense team that defended one of my rapists, and, seeing the coverage is certainly a bit of a trigger – it’s like time has stopped. Same courtroom, same Rhonda and Fran, same supporters of Miss Love, wearing pink, as my sorority sisters did in solidarity, much to the consternation and objection of Ms. Quagliana.

Courtesy: UVA Sports

It seems as though Judge Hogshire (same judge) is allowing the photographs of the crime scene, in a late decision this past Saturday night. Defense found these photos to be “prejudicial.” I daresay a jury should be allowed to see the photos of the alleged victim. Round One = Prosecution (same prosecutors, Dave and Claude).

In reading the excellent reportage from The Hook, The Daily Progress and WaPo, there seems to be a common thread among many commenters that they’ll be seeing Mr. Huguely “walking on the Downtown Mall” in about 10 years, due to the perception that Charlottesville juries are not so tough on defendants and that Charlottesville Circuit Court has a longtime history of short sentences for felony crimes. Feel free to comment on that one.

All I know is that my thoughts over the next few weeks are not with the ridiculous posturing and machinations of the defense team (they are, after all, doing their job) or how poor George had a terrible upbringing with an abusive, addict of a father and a pleaser of a mother. My thoughts are with Yeardley and her mother and sister and the notion that justice, even in the midst of a liberal jurisdiction and a media blizzard may be done.

May there be strength to all involved and prayers to the family – and wise choices on the parts of the jurors, prosecutors and Judge. I’ll be covering this and other subjects in the foreseeable future. It’s time we began to talk about this again – are University of Virginia (and other campus) women simply collateral damage behind the storied, ivied walls of a very traditional, Southern, sports-and-fraternity loving entity?

Two female inmates in Oklahoma raped working at Governor’s mansion.

This is a terrible story of the rape of two inmates on work detail at the Oklahoma governor’s mansion. What makes it awful is that the suspects were merely fired and no charges are being brought against them, although it is clear the women were raped.

Are incarcerated people just not considered part of of society? What do you think?

Well, let’s get this loophole closed. How hard can this be?

So, day care facilities and summer camps hiring workers cannot get access to any out-of-state criminal records of potential employees. Good job. Nice. So, pedophiles can live near schools and parks, aren’t closely watched by parole/probation, can sometimes have Facebook and MySpace profiles and clearly use Craigslist to find their prey. How about using the Internet for good, rather than helping to PUSH these people to find new victims?

How to solve this one? Hello – lawmakers? Hello?

Melissa Huckaby update – more victims?

I know the profilers are scratching their heads over this case (Sandra Cantu), but I am not. There are female predators. Melissa Huckaby is now under arrest for allegedly raping and murdering Sandra Cantu. Now, another mom has come forward, saying a woman (allegedly Huckaby) in a purple Kia Sportage took HER daughter to a Wendy’s, drugged her (there’s a hospital report where benzos were found in the child’s system)and did God only knows what. She was returned home, but she was ill, ergo, prompting the mother to take the child to the hospital. NO CHARGES were filed, although a report was made. There is a paper trail.

From what I understand, the mother went to Police and Tracy Police did no follow up. If all of this is true, COULD the Cantu murder have been prevented? What is going on here?


Seriously – this girl should NOT be considered a sex offender.

Until legislators figure out what a sex offender is (and it ain’t this girl OR a 19 year old man who has consensual sex with his 17 1/2 year old girlfriend), people are not going to take the term seriously and the sentencing, parole and probationary rules are going to be a big joke. True sex offenders need to be kept away from polite society and the folks they offend – children, women, whatever.

Even Maureen Kanka, mom to Megan of Megan’s Law agrees with me on the case of the girl who took nude photos of herself and posted them on the Internet. The girl’s an idiot but NOT a sex offender. She only hurt herself.

When will the cops and lawmakers get it right? Yes, we need compassion, but I really want action here.

I don’t think “Boo” the sex offender was hosting a chili cook-off OR a Bar Mitzvah. Damn.

Have we become so unwilling to track sex offenders that we now issue them “rave” permits? We all know what raves mean – bring your pacifier, your Cookie Monster backpack and your Ectasy. While the city of Phoenix thinks “Boo” is nothing more than an event planner of sorts, he is a sex offender hosting raves where drinking, drugs, sex and young people are!

What the heck?

Way to Go, Erie County Corrections! Human Error frees criminal who then rapes.

People always ask why I question the system. We hear a lot about “The Innocence Project” and not enough about these cases where wrongfully freed criminal offend. My own rapist was misclassified in prison, according to reliable sources and was let out early. Why? Sometimes it’s human error and sometimes, if you are a model prisoner without a record, we need to make room for the overcrowding caused by the new manditory drug sentences in America. When a jail is at 150% capacity, it’s easier to let out the guy who has “found God” and said “he’s sorry”, regardless of the severity of the victims’ families protests. We wonder why they then reoffend because the chain lengthens – there aren’t enough probation and parole officers interested in monitoring white, non-career criminal types and sometimes, this is an epic fail ending with someone raped, dead, tortured. This is all because of the manditory drug sentencing and our nation’s Puritanical look at some of the more benign drug crimes. I am talking about marijuana. The methheads need to go straight to prison.

I’m not pro-drug. I am pro-common sense. Until we wake up, build more prisons, get charged for them and do away with 10 year sentences for pot possession, sex offenders and killers are going to get out sooner than they should.

That said, here we have a genius at the Erie County Corrections Facility. God help these people.

Passive GPS monitoring really seems to work. Not. Another nod to our friend who says sex offenders don’t repeat. Ahem.

A while back, an anonymous poster (very well-written, too) claimed that the recitivism rate for sex offenders was very low. We’ve been told as a society that this is simply not true – and anyone who has seen “The Woodsman” or “Little Children” know that many sex offenders simply cannot control their criminally sick urges. I was too lazy to look up the statistics, but I find statistics to be a little dry and sometimes, faulty. Plus, it’s not my job. I’m no lawmaker or journalist, nor do I pretend to be.

I’m going to highlight a few cases I’ve seen this week about offenders re-offending. This one is just horrible. The man was wearing a GPS tracking monitor (just as mine did), but was being “passively” monitored – which means probation checks their movements after the fact. So, Shia LaBoeuf’s character in “Disturbia” has cops ALL over him in one second because he went over the line while wearing his bracelet due to hitting his Spanish teacher, but rapists are not monitored in real time? Let me guess. There’s just not enough money to have probation and parole monitor these people.

Now, this little girl is dead. Fought for her life to avoid being raped. Darrin Sanford may be eligible for the death penalty.

Caveman Carter. Um – this is for those who think sex offenders are not dangerous.

We have some commenters who believe the recitivism rate for sex offenders is very low. I disagree, but show me some stats and I’ll listen. This is a vile story about a convicted sex offender who was caught hosting sex parties for teens. I’m guessing he fed them alcohol, then watched them have sex. It’s going to come out that he taped them, I’ll bet my life on it.

Where are these kids’ parents? What is wrong with society? Where’s Caveman’s probation officer? Probably too busy with his/her case overload.

Tell me what you think of this one. I’m too horrified to weigh in. While we focus on the Puritanical (alcohol, marijuana), our country is killing our children. MADD, I’m talking to you. We’re so busy vilifying A-Rod, Michael Phelps and even those ridiculous poster girls for bad behavior (Lindsay, Britney, Paris) that we don’t even notice the real problems.

Professor resigns over stolen bike. University brass still keep jobs despite rape and murder.

In this story, a USF professor was caught on tape stealing a bicycle (hey – you make over $350K a year – buy your own!)belonging to a student. The student wanted to press charges and Rao, the prof, pressured him not to. Good Lord!

Now, he’s stepping down over the embarrassment. Fine. Great. What I want to know is how Universities continue to violate the Clery Act and cover up rape and murder. Does anyone know anything new about the DeAnza rape case? The latest Virginia Tech murder? Nope – I didn’t think so.