Come see me at BookHampton Sag Harbor 8/21 at 5 PM!

Hi, lovely summer friends! My favorite bookstore in the world, Bookhampton, is hosting me on Sunday, August 21st at 5 PM in the Sag Harbor store. Come one, come all as I discuss how being in the Hamptons pretty much saved my sanity in the onset of The Letter and the years that followed. I’ve come full circle and am very excited.

Later that evening, RAINN is hosting a wonderful “Bowl for RAINN” event from 6 to 11 pm at East Hampton Bowl with Mick Foley, our wonderful supporter. So tie on your bowling shoes after the book party and head on over for drinks, dancing and support of RAINN. Couldn’t be a better Sunday out East, now could it?

Whoa. Bummer.

Just a reminder to support local surfing – the makers of boards, instructors, etc., rather than the big guys. Surfing has become sort of a douchebag sport in that every middle aged white guy now thinks he’s a surfer and it’s becoming totally commercialized, but once this baby is out, I’m back on the board with the real folks.

I know Channel Island makes great boards, but seek out a hand-crafted board if you can. I use a local guy out of Newport, CA. Your local surf shop can guide you to the artisans and it will cost you much less.

In the meantime, enjoy the Gary Busey magic.

Breathe. Today’s image – the Green Room. Exhale.

Everyone should have a guru!

Mine’s name is Tony Caramanico…he came to me in the midst of a panic attack in Amagansett on September 8, 2006, one year to the day that I received the letter. I am proud to say, he got me back up on the board and introduced me to a community of wonderful folks.

Tony is also an artist of great repute. His works recall Jean-Michel Basquiat and Peter Beard. Check them out here. If you’re lucky enough to visit his studio in Montauk, consider yourself blessed.

Surfing is soothing to the soul in this way – you don’t think about the past or the future, you think about the moment (the present)when you ride up on that wave. God is there. God is there. Thank you, Tony, for giving me myself back. Aloha – L.

My new board

Today’s a good day, as my new board is back from the infirmary. Here’s what it used to look like. Well, there’s a ding on there that I’d love to say was from a shark. Actually, it was just the shipping from Newport.
The ocean teaches us lessons of respect and spirituality. Most of all, it teaches us that we cannot control what’s happening in this world. This past week has taught me that no matter what is right and how hard we try, sometimes you have to let go and let the Universe take care of it.
With that, I hope to catch some waves soon. May your day be one where you go with the flow and let go.