The Boss – maybe you can stop mocking my love of the old man now.

Many people giggle and tell me I’m ridiculous that I adore the Boss. Let me tell you, like most silly white folks, I also love Lil Wayne, Jay Z and Coldplay. If I dig deeper, I am a music addict with some pretty impressive chops – I love everything from Keane to John Mayer to Nada Surf to Diana Ross to Earth, Wind & Fire. That said, I am ridiculed all the time for my love of The Boss. I think it’s a generational thing, a geographical thing, a first concert I ever went to thing. Leo – he was born while “A Promised Land” was playing. Yep, true story.

Of COURSE, I got my tickets today for the new shows in the spring this morning. Sleeping baby in my arms, I got frustrated with Ticketmaster’s site crashing, but gosh knows I probably got the last 2 seats in the nosebleed section. Did you watch the Superbowl? Dude looked hot. Clarence looked like Andre Leon Talley. Seriously!

He’s riding a lovely wave of renewed popularity these days – stumping for Obama, playing the Inaugural, releasing a new album, winning a Golden Globe for “The Wrestler”, being nominated for an Oscar for the same song, etc. What’s not to love? Here’s a pic of him that my friend took at Inaugural when Bruce was backstage at the concert at the Lincoln Memorial. Lucky guy.

Michael Phelps – am I the only person who doesn’t think it’s a big deal?

OK, so Michael Phelps, the golden boy, was caught smoking a bong at a party in South Carolina in November and the photograph was published in some tab called “News of the World”. Why don’t I think this is a huge deal? I am not a drug user, not even recreationally, (plus what does that matter) and I understand he’s a role model for kids – I had to explain to my little one what he was doing, oh boy. But I am thinking there’s a whole lot of nothing here.

That said, our new President (and past two) admits to recreational drug use when younger. How is this much different? Surely, in the eyes of the sponsorships, it seems problematic on the surface, but he is 23 and didn’t touch a child or murder someone. I don’t mean to minimize it, but he should be careful if he wants to go out and do “hoodrat stuff”. Perhaps take along a trusted advisor and beware of camera phones and people who want to cash in on his bad judgements and fame.

As a society, we love to tear down our icons, build them back up. It’s sort of troubling. He seems a little lost and hellbent on enjoying his post-Olympic glow. Maybe it’s time he just focus a little more and concentrate on his next steps.

Besides, I am told that cereal endorsements are the perfect fit for a pot smoker. Synergies, people! Sound off.

UPDATE: some swaggery Sheriff is thinking of charging Phelps. Um, don’t you need more than a photo? I think he should lay off. That said, Phelps best have his defense attorney ready just in case.

UPDATE: Kellogg’s has dropped Phelps as a spokesman for their products.

RIP, Christian Wolffer

One of my favorite people, Christian Wolffer, died tragically while vacationing. He was swimming when a boat prop ran him over on New Year’s Eve in South America. Friends tried to save him, but the blood loss was too grave. Horrible. Christian was a true bon vivant, ladies’ man and owner of the most wonderful place, Wolffer Vineyards in Sagaponack.

He lived his life to the fullest and died doing what he loved – basking in the sun and enjoying a swim on vacation.

You can contribute to his charitable foundation by visiting here. Most of all, he would have wanted you all to visit his vineyard and sit out on the deck and look at the grapes and the sunset. Cheers.

Why didn’t I think of this? Brilliant. Juno/Juneau.

After tonight, no more, I promise! Did you all see Levi get off the plane with his conservative attire and new haircut? Love it.

Unexpected windfall for Jay McInerney,

If you grew up in the 80s, as I did, you spent a lot of time reading “Lit Pack” authors Jay McInerney, Bret Easton Ellis and Tama Janowitz, whose nightly exploits at the Odeon in TriBeCa were legendary. They made James Frey look like a preschooler taking a juice and graham cracker break. Anyhoo – I am not going to comment at all on the John Edwards scandal. I’m not surprised, I’m not shocked, I am sorry for his wife, I never trusted “Mr. End Poverty” with his $400 haircut (seriously, what man needs a $400 haircut?), but at the end of the day, powerful and not so powerful men sleep around. It’s wrong, but it is what it is and I cannot pretend to get caught up in it. I feel for Elizabeth, I do – she should be mightily mad and I doubt he told her. He’s lying about it in the smarmiest way, so just don’t ever vote for him (as if he can run again). And I totally think the child is his. Enough about that. It has nothing to do with anything but American hypocrisy and Puritanical craziness.

Anyway, according to the New York Post, the mistress, Rielle Hunter, “has had other famous boyfriends, including author Jay McInerney, who has said he based the promiscuous character in his 1988 novel, “Story of My Life,” on Hunter. Boosted by the scandal, the novel is out of stock after shooting up to No. 470 on’s best-seller list – prompting its publisher to print another 2,500 copies.”

The character’s name is Alison Poole and I pictured her much differently! Good for Jay. I see him in Greenwich, I see him and the kids in East Hampton. People give him so much grief for who he is. I don’t know him. He writes lovely books about wine now and is married to heiress Anne Hearst. Let’s hope he keeps it together!

Surprise music break – Gnarls covers Radiohead.

As a massive fan of Radiohead – and Thom Yorke’s ethereal voice, I was so thrilled to see Cee-Lo, of Gnarls Barkley, cover one of my favorite tunes, “Reckoner” from In Rainbows. “Reckoner” is one of those tracks I listen to over and over – whether in the shower, doing yoga, writing or driving. That someone dared cover it with so much soul is a feat. Love it or hate it, soak it in. Track starts at approximately 1:05.

I promise to come back with “What’s Your Soundtrack Tuesdays” – promise! I’ve been listening to a lot of great stuff while nesting and such, as I think all children, born and unborn, benefit from a fparent’s passion for music. Talk to you all tomorrow. And to all of my LA pals – glad you’re OK. xo

Well, that made my week – thank you, E Street Band.

So I went to see Bruce Springsteen last night and it was a barn-burner. The set list was all over the map, the arrangements were surprising, Bruce was in top form and the audience was fantastic. It was dark and brooding, wild and lighthearted, filled with longing and a summery spirit. I loved that they didn’t perform a whole lot of “Magic” – he culled the set list heavily from the past – “Growing Up”, “Tenth Avenue Freezeout”, “Spirit in the Night” and a lot of great stuff he doesn’t do normally, like “Janey Don’t You Lose Heart”, “Atlantic City”, “Mary’s Place” and a great cover of “Summertime Blues”. He played at least a three hour show, ran, flipped, did backbends over the crowd, preached, sprayed water on the crowd, collected requests, mugged for the cameras, flirted and played his heart out, as did each band member. PS – who knew Max Weinberg had so much hair?

That will probably be his last show at the old Giants’ Stadium. As a season ticket holder, I’ll miss the old clamshell. I’ll miss seeing Bruce and the band there as well.

Living in post-9/11 New York, I still shiver watching them do “The Rising” live. Those of you who think Bruce is all about “Born in the USA” (in my opinion, his weakest yet very popular album), try to listen to the older stuff (first three albums) and go to a live show. It’s a wonderful thing – it’s a religious experience. Thanks for giving this incredibly pregnant “superfan” a special night – and thanks to all of the really great Jersey fans seated with us who were so careful to give me space, dance with me and not drop beers on me. You were all so much fun.

If you didn’t make it, click here to watch the first three songs! – and here’s the set list, for those who care:

Tenth Avenue Freezeout, Radio Nowhere, Lonesome Day, No Surrender, Adam Raised a Cain, Spirit in the Night, Summertime Blues, Brilliant Disguise, Atlantic City, Growin’ Up, Janey, Don’t You Lose Heart, I’ll Work for Your Love, Youngstown, Murder Incorporated, The Promised Land, Livin’ in the Future, Mary’s Place, Working on the Highway, Tunnel of Love, The Rising, Last to Die, Long Walk Home, Badlands

Girls in Their Summer Clothes, Jungleland, Born to Run, Bobby Jean, Dancing in the Dark, American Land, Rosalita

Photos courtesy of – the ultimate fansite.

So many times, it’s a cop. When you call for help, you don’t expect rape.

When you’re pulled over for “speeding”, what are you to do? When you need the help of Police, aren’t you supposed to trust the officer who comes to your door? These bad eggs do not make the carton, but can you imagine feeling uneasy and refusing to speak to a cop? This guy seems to have abused his power more than once. Do you know of any police corruption stories?

To the men and women in blue that I’ve offended; keep your department clean and we’ll keep fighting. You’re supposed to be on our side.

Debbie Cuevas Morris and the “Dead Man Walking” case.

No doubt, many of you are familiar with the book by Sister Helen Prejean, “Dead Man Walking”, which became a award-winning motion picture starring Susan Sarandon and Sean Penn. Mr. Penn played Robert Lee Willie, death row inmate. He, with an accomplice, murdered the boyfriend of Debbie Morris and raped and tortured Ms. Morris, then 16 years old. Much of the movie focuses on Sister Helen’s ministering to Willie and his redemption. I remember not thinking at all about the victims, just the story of Willie and Sister Helen. Which, now, irks me to some degree, but I understand, more than anyone the need for dramatic license and for us the journey that Willie took.

To which I say, “What about Debbie’s journey? She was the only survivor of these fiends!” Ergo, her book, “Forgiving the Dead Man Walking”, which many view as a book of faith and forgiveness. While true, it’s so much more than that and I urge any survivor to read it. Debbie contacted me a while back and I was so humbled to hear her story and share my own. That website crashed and I’ve lost her information. Debbie, if you ever read this, I’d like to chat again.

She’s not his lover – but give him a record deal.

This is my first year watching “American Idol”…I was never one for reality television and never understood the whole thing, but AI is good, clean fun and Ava adores it (by the way, “Ava Adore”, a terrific Smashing Pumpkins song). I’ve discovered once you begin watching, you are, quite simply, hooked. It’s great when you’re on modified bedrest, too. Simon Cowell? He just tells the truth. I rather like him.

David Cook, the 25-year-old Missouran rocker who did that fantastic rock version of Lionel Richie’s “Hello” and sublime “Eleanor Rigby” cover, just brought it home with the most insane high-octane emo/rock arrangement of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”. I don’t know how he did it or how he came up with the concept, but it was beautiful, daring and moving. Loved it. Someone call Clive Davis or L.A. Reid stat.

UPDATE: some friends have written to remind me that Chris Cornell does a very similar version of “Billie Jean” to the one Cook performed last night. Well, alrighty then. J’adore Chris Cornell – I should have known that.