Once again, to those who send me hate mail….

To send missives filled with such hate to a woman, a mother, a rape survivor is just wrong and sick. To have that kind of time to contribute hatred to the world is lovely and you must have been raised well. That said, I can pretty much identify the owner of any email address – makes you think before emailing a stranger, right?

I also want all senders of slanderous, hateful mail to read this and know that the emails also get forwarded to our team of attorneys and the CBI. Do you really think we don’t have the resources to punish you?

The heartbreaking custody case of David Goldman.

As a parent, I cannot begin to understand the depth of this man’s grief and I sincerely hope what is right is done in this case, now going on four years.

David Goldman, a New Jersey man, fell in love with and married a Brazilian national, Bruna. They had a child, Sean. On a vacation with Sean to her homeland, what was to be a 2 week vacation, Bruna called David and said she no longer wanted to be with him and was divorcing him.

Okay fine. But here’s the catch – she never returned and kept the boy in Brazil and nothing was done about it! The “divorce” she got in Brazil is not even recognized in the United States, where they married. She remarried, this time to a very prominent Brazilian attorney, Juao Paula Lins e Silva. She became pregnant with his child and died in childbirth. All the while, Goldman was denied seeing his son.

Now, Silva has attempted to remove Goldman’s name from Sean’s birth certificate as Sean continues to live with him. David Goldman has tried repeatedly to gain custody of a child he loved and cared for, to no avail.

What kind of world is this where a loving father cannot have his son? What sort of country is it that is depriving Goldman of his legal rights? He did not abuse boy and I am sure that Sean would like to be with his father – if he remembers him. Watch the video – it’s heartbreaking.

For more information on this case, and to help, click here.

Amen, Connecticut! Sex offenders should not have MySpace profiles.

Thanks to Dick Blumenthal, we now have 90,000 less MySpace folks – all sex offenders. The logic is that sex offenders cannot be rehabbed and why are they “friending” young people? I agree. If you are a serious person, you go to FaceBook, not MySpace. MySpace is for high schoolers.

MySpace had initally refused to comply with the request to name their sex offender members, citing privacy and First Amendment laws. That said, parents need to know. The Internet is the biggest breeding ground for crime right now. I spent a few hours at a CT SVU department discussing Internet crime and I was shocked at how easy it was – one of the detectives taught me – to track someone and figure out exactly where they are and what they do. This is how young people are abducted. They are online so they can be “cool” and they “friend” strangers.

Thanks, Dick Blumenthal, Atty General of Connecticut! And for any parents reading this blog who are clueless about texting and Internet acronyms – please study up and know these.

Not too serious today – we all need to laugh. “Guido Beach”.

Someone sent me this link and Mr. Notranting and I have been howling about it. In New York (or the metro area), we have had a term of endearment for a certain group. NOTE: this has nothing to do with being Italian, although the origin is as such. Mr. Notranting is Italian, and so I am an IBM – Italian By Marriage and we don’t bust on our own kind.

The “Guido” can be found all over this great land of ours but is slightly concentrated here. A Guido can be of any ethnic origin. Most notably, they are known for lack of intelligence, profusion of hair gel and muscles, tank tops, silly accents and high career aspirations. They love watching “Entourage” and hanging out at GNC. They are, as you’ll see, rather racist. The girls are just as bad. Check out the girl who says “I’m a girls’ guy!”

Feast your eyes on the “Gold. Liquid Gold” that is the pilot for reality TV series Guido Beach – which is actually Ortley Beach in New Jersey. Definitely NSFW with language, so close your door. That last girl? And her mom? And the guy who took the jar of painkillers and went clubbing with the torn ECL (what is that)? Priceless. I like the second generation bouncer myself. This is effing hilarity.

Retail Spotlight Friday – where, oh where is the BlackBerry Bold?

My BlackBerry is a clunky, yet beloved dinosaur – the BB has no GPS, very limited WiFi and, get this, a trackwheel and not a trackball. It also has no camera. Can you imagine? I have been marching into the store once a week, asking for the new one. The new one – the BlackBerry Bold (watch the video). I am not an iPhone fan, simply because I love my iPod. I know, so silly. Also, as a long-term BlackBerry customer, I actually get a free upgrade. My phone is so totally busted right now, however, they’ve pushed back the debut from July to September 1. Aargh! At least our neighbors in Canada have theirs. So pretty!

It has 5 interchangeable color backscreens, great speakers, GPS and a host of great features. Please, I can stay addicted to criminal justice news and find the perfect cupcake shop in a flash. If you don’t know which smartphone to get, consider jumping on the BBB bandwagon. $300-500 with plan.

Why blog?

Sometimes, I wonder why we blog. It’s not like journaling – that’s very private stuff. Someone asked me once why I bothered to blog and that got me thinking.

At the end of the day, the justice system in our country works sometimes and doesn’t work other times. I am not here to complain about that fact – you generally won’t see me trying to affect change, but I will highlight inequalities in the system. Change takes a long time to happen and in some cases, there won’t ever be change but I want people to understand that it’s fine to learn to accept realities. Most of all, I really believe that most people are drawn to read this stuff because

a) we believe most people are good
b) we don’t understand how bad things can happen
c) we want better for our children and loved ones
d) just because someone’s had a bad experience, it doesn’t doom them forever

I have had the misfortune (and great learning experience) of being a witness in a notorious case that polarized people. Most of you don’t agree with the outcome, but in the end, I am a joyous, thankful and lucky person and I want to share my story of what it’s like to go through the system. The stories of others matter to me a great deal, too. The media loves to (it’s their job) put a very salacious face stories of murder, rape, injustice, etc. Who’s the victim, who’s the perp, how badly were they hurt, what did the body look like? How are they acting? Are they too emotional? Too passive? We tend to judge what we see and read – I do it too, so I can’t complain if some nutty people blog about how I deserved the crime that happened to me. It’s a big world out there filled will all kinds of people. With computers.

The media also picks and chooses what stories they deem fit for publication and airing and I understand that so much. That is not a criticism at all. Sometimes I wonder why a story doesn’t get more play, then a week later, I see it everywhere.

Some days, I’ll blog about completely uplifting or trivial things. We’re not trying to save the world or run for office here.

So, spread the word, suggest a story idea and know that, at the end of the day, I’m going to try to make you think, make you happy about your life, make you hopeful, make you laugh and that’s about it. No one really takes blogging seriously, least of all me.

Laughs for a cold December night

Kelly is a genius. Well, Liam is. I dedicate this to my college roommate, Tiffany. Work it, marathon-running woman! I borrowed your tops and I know you borrowed mine.

Note the cameos by Margaret Cho and Dave Navarro!

If you have time, check out “Kelly’s” other vids, like “Shoes” – so great. Be well, L

For parents of little ones – good news!

Firefly is coming out with a phone targeted to children aged 5-8 that will allow them to press one of three buttons – Mom, Dad and 911. It is called the Firefly GlowPhone. While I don’t agree with children having cell phones, I think it’s a brilliant idea for security purposes and for teaching children empowerment without scaring the daylights out of them.

Ava is only four years old, and she attended a Red Cross Safety Camp this summer, so she is already learning the basics about fire, Police, knowing her address, not ever speaking to strangers (which gets dicey when you have strangers dressing as cops and firemen approaching children – don’t get me started) and she is truly excited about it. Teaching children about safety while neither sugarcoating it nor becoming hysterical is key in this day and age.

The phone will cost $50 and be available at Target Stores beginning October 10. What do you think? Would you give your small child this phone?