Two female inmates in Oklahoma raped working at Governor’s mansion.

This is a terrible story of the rape of two inmates on work detail at the Oklahoma governor’s mansion. What makes it awful is that the suspects were merely fired and no charges are being brought against them, although it is clear the women were raped.

Are incarcerated people just not considered part of of society? What do you think?

VMI cadet accused of rape – first time ever a case there has gone to authorities

VMI – Virginia Military Institute, began accepting female cadets less than 10 years ago. One of my dearest friends is married to a VMI grad, so this has nothing to do with the school, and everything to do with the accused.

However, I will see that it seems, from reading the coverage on this case, that, on the face of it, female (or male) cadets who have been sexually assaulted are encouraged to keep it quiet. And as you read this report, notice that the VMI “police” are the ones who conducted the investigation.

As for the victim, she was “treated and back in class”? This just happened! Are you kidding me? Trauma takes forever and I hope she gets more help than this slapdash nonsense.

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) suggests AIG Execs “commit suicide” over bonus outrage.

This is the sickest thing – and rather akin to what I was saying about how we, as Americans, value money more than human life. Yes, AIG is a terrible scandal, but for this asshat to suggest suicide as a way of making amends is beyond the pale. I suggest Senator Grassley spend some time with a family that has lost a loved one to suicide.

Extreme days call for extreme measures. Why does no one suggest Josef Fritzl commit suicide? I would not condone such a message, but clearly, the priorities in this country are messed up. Do these people hear the stupidity before they open their mouths and say incendiary things? Now, he’ll always be known as the “AIG suicide suggester guy”. Lord.


UPDATE: The good Senator wants to clear the air and say he obviously didn’t mean the suicide suggestion.

“Women serving in the U.S. military today are more likely to be raped by a fellow soldier than killed by enemy fire in Iraq.”

A few months ago, I met with one of my Congressmen about the epidemic of military sexual assault after reading about the case of Lance Cpl. Maria Lauterbach who was raped and murdered by a fellow soldier and the rash of disappearances and rapes on military bases in the United States.

Once again, I was shocked because the military pretty much answers to its own body and not to civilian laws, as they have tools like court martials, military trials and the like.

I am a big supporter of our troops and I applaud the work Michelle Obama is doing as she has identified military families as one of her main platforms as First Lady. That said, I want to know why the numbers are so shocking and do we, as we train soldiers, foster a sort of aggression in these soldiers that transfers back home? My dear friend and college roommate is married to one of my favorite people and he is doing another tour in Afghanistan right now, so this is not a personal issue.

This comes on the heels of my new facet of hate mail writers – military people. I wish I knew why they target me and how they don’t realize I harbor no ill will towards the military, but of rapists and murderers. A military friend today let me know that our military now accepts recruits with criminal records. Just saying.

The heartbreaking custody case of David Goldman.

As a parent, I cannot begin to understand the depth of this man’s grief and I sincerely hope what is right is done in this case, now going on four years.

David Goldman, a New Jersey man, fell in love with and married a Brazilian national, Bruna. They had a child, Sean. On a vacation with Sean to her homeland, what was to be a 2 week vacation, Bruna called David and said she no longer wanted to be with him and was divorcing him.

Okay fine. But here’s the catch – she never returned and kept the boy in Brazil and nothing was done about it! The “divorce” she got in Brazil is not even recognized in the United States, where they married. She remarried, this time to a very prominent Brazilian attorney, Juao Paula Lins e Silva. She became pregnant with his child and died in childbirth. All the while, Goldman was denied seeing his son.

Now, Silva has attempted to remove Goldman’s name from Sean’s birth certificate as Sean continues to live with him. David Goldman has tried repeatedly to gain custody of a child he loved and cared for, to no avail.

What kind of world is this where a loving father cannot have his son? What sort of country is it that is depriving Goldman of his legal rights? He did not abuse boy and I am sure that Sean would like to be with his father – if he remembers him. Watch the video – it’s heartbreaking.

For more information on this case, and to help, click here.

I love Glenn Sacks – and I want you all to read this lively discourse.

Glenn Sacks is a wonderfully prolific author, blogger and commentator on the rights of men and families. Some of his blog commenters like to attack me about statistics and such and that’s cool – the blogosphere is a weird neighborhood and the issues get lost. What matters is that I like Glenn’s work and some people find that mystifying.

That said, his recent entry – guest blogged by Pierce Harlan – about Arkansas wanting to do away with the statute of limitations on rape is a good one. Semantics aside (acquaintance rape versus, um, “real” or stranger rape with DNA), go to the comments section for the lively discourse between Pierce and Georgia Girl. Good stuff.

My own issue of course, is that without the lack of a SOL on rape in Virginia, we wouldn’t have gotten our guy. Clearly, he remembered it as he contacted me with the date and details. Gee, thanks. And I DID remember every detail possible about it, 22 years later, not that that matters unless you must testify, which I did. No DNA. It seems to me we call all agree on one thing: there should be sanctions for those who falsely accuse. That said, there are not millions of falsely accused “rapists” behind bars. I would posit that there are more rapists walking around free because, wait for it – VERY FEW MEN OR WOMEN WHO HAVE BEEN RAPED EVER REPORT IT because the system is just too damn hard on the (real) victims.


The University of Virginia rebuked by the Fed for attempting to silence sexual assault victims.

Four years after the college safety nonprofit Security on Campus filed a complaint against UVA for its mishandling of sexual assault cases, the Department of Education has ruled that the university has, in fact, violated federal law by threatening victims of sexual assault with punishment if they spoke about their cases.

I cannot say enough kind words about Security on Campus, the Clery Act or Annie. You can read about it here.

UPDATE: A huge “thank you” to Susan Russell, whose efforts spearheaded what happened in this case. She is a concerned mom to a survivor, an activist and the founder of an amazing website that I wish didn’t have to exist. You can check it out here.

Jerry Garcia would NOT be proud. (subtitle: What A Pisser!)

In the annals of badly behaved politicians, the Jersey chapter, we have this lovely story. Seems Jersey City Councilman Steven Lipsky was at the 9:30 Club in DC (I knew that place well!) at a Ratdog show (that’s a Dead tribute band), not Darkstar Orchestra or Bobby Weir’s band.

Dude had the audacity to just let if fly and literally urinate from the balcony onto the crowd below. A politician pissing on the people, if you will. What I love is that he or his rep then denied it, saying he had accidentally spilled a drink on the crowd.

Now, comes the inevitable
“I’m sorry, I’m an alcoholic, I thought I could have a few drinks, I wasn’t working my steps”. We’ll see him in rehab in 3…2…

This is ALMOST as good as the other Jersey pol story I found. It seems Mayor Jerramiah Healy of Jersey City has been involved in a big ole scuffle in a Bradley Beach bar and was once found drunk, passed out and nude on his front porch. I did not click on any of the picture links. Wow, Jersey City!

PS – Please tell me he didn’t do it during “Box of Rain”. That’s my favorite song.

Running scared – witness tries to threaten me without much success.

About two months ago, I sent a letter to one of the main witnesses in my case after having read his Police file to see if he could help me further to understand what happened to me. He – the witness – was uncooperative during the investigation at best and phone calls had to be made to his father, a Congressman from Virginia, to get him to talk. Know that he was not one of the perpetrators of the crime against me, but a witness. He balked, stalled, went to London for a bit. The Congressman hired him a Charlottesville lawyer, as this witness lives in New York and actually works at the same firm as Mr. Notranting – I know. Odd – I didn’t know why he wouldn’t talk. Investigators told me he really held out. He provided the Police with very little information, generally acting superior to the whole mess. That’s fine. One does not need to speak to Police is one is questioned. I outlined some hope for us in my post about the phone call.

In July of this year, I wrote to this person, telling him I understood how difficult and scary it must have been to have been questioned and that I did not blame him in any way for what happened to me, but that if he could remember anything, it would help me greatly as he was a key witness. It was a letter that I, in my naivete, thought would help us as a family bring some closure to this incident. I believe most people are good and want to help others. NOT THE CASE with this person. Some people wake up with armies of lawyers at the ready, hoping to scare people like me and they are indeed the lowest form of human. I started this fight as I care about people, about victims. He’s just making himself look really badly and, in turn, his father.

Today comes a letter threatening legal action against me for sending that letter to this person. Of course, this attorney called my office anonymously asking for my home address – do they think my staff is somehow impaired or stupid? Like I give out my address? Puhleeze. My letter, I might add, was pretty darn charitable in tone. A letter asking for help from one student to another. The length to which these douchebags will uphold their wall of silence is amazing to me. What they are is scared – scared that in an election year, I will “out” this man as a witness. Who cares? He didn’t DO anything. Right?

If you’re just a witness, why are you having your lawyer threaten a 9-month pregnant gang rape victim? Publishing houses don’t publish books without rigorous legal vetting. I would never print something that was untrue. I’m just going by what I have read in the file and what authorities have told me. Facts. Facts. Facts.

PS – if you’re going to threaten to sue someone, you may want to send the letter certified. I didn’t even open it. Who’s to say I even read it? I fully expect to receive more of these letters. At least I had the guts to try to send a calm and sensible letter asking for help.

Story Update: Tanya Hollander, UVa-educated “Hooker Booker”, pleads guilty.

So, Tanya Hollander, the booker for the disgraced Eliot Spitzer’s escort agency and the fine folks who brought us Ashley Dupre, pled “quilty” today to charges of consipiring to violate the Federal traveling act. Hey, I didn’t write it that way – the AP did. Quilty! Ms. Hollander (who, by the by, shares a surname with Xaviera Hollander, “The Happy Hooker” – come on, you all KNOW who I mean)is Mr. Notranting’s exact age and went to the University of Virginia the same year.

He claims not to know her. Maybe he was Client #8! Just kidding. She claims she needed extra money and is actually a new age hippie-type healer, therapist, etc. Kind of like Rielle Hunter. I think she looks rather like Alanis Morrisette, don’t you? She’s not expected to serve any jail time. She also had no contact whatsoever with Client #9.