Roman Polanski still in Swiss jail.

You know my feelings on this. Extradition could take a very long time given Swiss extradition laws, but he will not be released so that he may live under house arrest in his Gstaad home.

As for the many in Hollywood, lining up to defend him: Scorsese, Winger, Allen, Ratner, Evans, Beatty, Weinstein, Adjani,, I don’t believe that their view of his artistic genius should impact the severity of the charges. Simply because one is a) talented, b) survived the horrors of the Holocaust and c) lived through a grave personal tragedy does not mean he goes free.

Let’s not even discuss Whoopi Goldberg’s “that wasn’t ‘rape-rape'” comment. It’s too stupid to give any time here. Feeding a child drugs and alcohol, then penetrating her vaginally, orally and anally while she begged for it to stop, is rape. Rape. Rape.

What if Sharon Tate’s killer had been set free? Would Mr. Polanski have found that okay? No. Nor would anyone else. I guess what I’m saying is that the moral depravity of some in the Hollywood community is shocking. Well, maybe not.

David Letterman vs. Sarah Palin

Let me begin by saying I really do not care for Sarah Palin. She was unqualified for the Veep nomination and her town charged rape victims and their insurance companies for rape kits (around $1200). Alaska has the highest incidence of rape per capita, by the way.

That said, David Letterman really crossed the line by his comments about Bristol/Willow/whomever. You don’t joke about them being raped, “knocked up”, having sex with older men, etc. Imagine if he had said any of this about Sasha or Malia Obama? I voted for Obama, by the way. Barack and Michelle would have his head on a platter.

What I mean to express here is that while late-night comics clearly use our messed up political follies as great fodder for comedy (and usually successfully!), he really didn’t need to go there. Leave the kids out of it. Whether calling Chelsea Clinton “ugly” or making fun of the Bush twins partying habits, it’s not a good practice and I think he’s wrong. What did you think of his jokes? His half-assed apology?

Madoff pleads guilty to 11 counts, is remanded.

Now, I have spent a great deal of time thinking about this and sharing with friends on FaceBook. This morning, I saw one of Bernie Madoff’s victims say “There is NO punishment great enough for Madoff to ease my injury, my anger, my sadness.”

The question I posited on my friend Lisa Bloom’s Tweet was “Why, as Americans, do we become the angry, bloodthirsty mob for this guy and yet not for rapists and murderers? Where is the outrage there?”

A girl posted on the thread sort of angrily to me and said that there is no hierarchy of victimhood and that Bernie Madoff is just as bad a criminal as any. I wholly disagree. You ask John Walsh, “do you think losing all of your $$ and losing your son is the same?” I think you know the answer. Given the chance of regaining my dignity and virginity and innocent life, I’d happily part with my money,

Listen, Madoff is a bad, bad man, but he’s not a child-toucher, rapist or murderer. He’s a killer of dreams, a betrayer of trust, but the fact that we had to watch his car, a la OJ Simpson, drive to Court this morning is ridiculous. Why not just as much howling at the moon at the mistreatment of our brothers and sisters in this country, not to mention overseas?! Children are beaten, starved, etc. If you read this blog, you’ve been exposed to some of the most heinous crimes and we never hear followup. Why? This is my theory – WE created Bernie Madoff. Greed and our obsession with money makes his crime worse in the eyes of the average American. This is not right.

Yes, Ruth knows all – she was his bookkeeper. Where is the money? Who else is involved? I mean, really – how does one guy get away with $65 billion?

Haleigh Cummings’ father engaged to 17-year-old girlfriend who saw her last.

While we do not sit in judgement here at Not Ranting, it would seem that Misty Croslin is way too young to marry Ronald Cummings. It would also seem that an engagement during this missing child saga is pretty tasteless, although the girl’s dad defends it in his statement to the press. Misty even shows off her new ring to the press corps. I think people react to tragedy in a multitude of ways.

I also think that married folks don’t have to testify against one another. Why does this story bug me so much? Why can’t they find this girl? I am not saying that the family is to blame, at all, but they need to figure it out, stat.

Haleigh’s four year old brother says a “man in black clothes” came and abducted his sister. He’s four. He could have imagined it, could have seen it, could have been coached. Whatever the case, I hope this child is found.

UPDATE: after the photographed proposal at Chili’s (sorry), Ronald and Misty plan to marry today. Today! It’s Wednesday! What’s the rush? In the meantime, a new massive search for the child is underway today covering a 13 square mile area around the home. In addition, Haleigh’s mother has now retained Counsel.

Ron and Misty plan to have “another wedding” once Haleigh is “home with them”.

UPDATE: The married couple say the wedding is “what Haleigh would have wanted”. How many 5 year olds do you know championing wedding vows? You know what I think Haleigh would have wanted? TO BE FOUND.

Heather MacDonald thinks campus rape is a big fat lie.

I’d like her to come on the road with me and see the hundreds of girls who have, indeed, been raped. It seems that Ms. MacDonald thinks the “mass hysteria” created by Universities is nothing but “campus rape myth”. She thinks “TBTN” rallies and Sexual Assault Centers are bogus wastes of money since college girls are just boozy whores who cry rape because they regret “hooking up”. You know what? I know differently and I am entitled to call bullshit on her. Click here to read her article.

I’ve talked to fraternity boys around the country and even those that I know. When I tell them the definition of rape includes having sex with an unconscious girl, they are shocked to realize they have indeed committed rape. If you’ve drugged someone and they cannot say “NO”, it’s still rape. If they pass out in your bed because you lure them there and you proceed to “have sex” with them, it’s rape. Not just strangers jumping out of bushes rape. Desperate men, dying to get a notch on their belt and prove their virility commit rape because of peer pressure and yes, that’s rape!

Um, the University of Virginia doesn’t publish its rape statistics because they are HIGH! Last year, 16 sororities reported that a member was raped during fraternity rush week – it was on the front page of the Cavalier Daily and of course, there was no follow up article because the DOS office quashed it. Ms. MacDonald only cites one weak ass article written by a complete moron at UVa. She should have done more research to see the writings about sexual assault at the University. They – University brass – reclassify them as simple assault, but the Clery Act will catch them. The reason those girls in her article didn’t think they were raped is because no one on Grounds does anything about it. Notice the choices those students have. Not once is “Go to the City Police” an option, just like in my case.

And enough about Duke. We get it. She was a false accuser but she does not represent all of us. I’ve said time and again, false accusers should face charges.

But the worst part of Heather MacDonald’s piece? The way she mocks the rape culture and the words “survivor” “co-survivor”, “one in four” etc. She cannot stand that Yale Student (where I spoke at Take Back the Night last year) get involved with helping to prevent sexual assault and heal those that do. You can feel the sarcasm and venom dripping from her pen. That’s what hurts the most.

Clearly, she has two categories – “real rape” – where she feels a stranger climbs into a bedroom window, usually a black man raping a white woman and “fake rape”, where a girl who has been drinking or has been slipped a roofie is raped. Wow. No in between? I am betting she thinks I am one of those boozy sluts who lied. Imagine if William Beebe hadn’t confessed? I’d be lumped in with those harlots who went to a party. She is racist and sexist and she doesn’t even take into account the men who are raped on campuses.

Think about it. Sound off.

Revisiting the Jennifer Moore case – speaking of “blame”

Michele brought up a good point – what has happened to the case of Jennifer Moore, the young woman raped and murdered after their car was towed after spending a night at Guest House in Chelsea? “Law & Order: SVU” did a sendup of this case, much like the Imette case and, sadly, what may be the Laura Garza case. Here’s the Wiki on it.

Scroll way down to the Bill O’Reilly link…”She was wearing a miniskirt and a halter top…every predator in the world is gonna pick that up at two in the morning!”. Victim Blaming at its Red State finest. Ergo, my beef with Fox. This one time, I’m gonna side with Tucker and Keith.

As I see it, Draymond Coleman is still awaiting trial. He was assisted in Moore’s rape and murder by a prostitute, Krystal Riordan, who built her escort career on Craigslist.

May she rest in peace and her family not suffer as we investigate this latest Chelsea club disappearance. Dorrian’s Red Hand, anyone? Not much has changed since the 80’s.

Oh my gosh! Sunny von Bulow is dead after 28 year coma.

More on this later. So much to say. While Claus was convicted of attempted murder, it was overturned on appeal. He was then acquitted.

Since there’s no double jeopardy in attempted murder, can he now be tried for her murder? Are those charges the State can now bring or is it beating a dead horse. Much more on Sunny, Claus and the whole shooting match later. Hurry up and get “Reversal of Fortune” before Netflix runs out! Somewhere, Dominick Dunne is sharpening his pencils for Vanity Fair.

I love Helen Mirren as an actor; but she is an effing moron as a woman and I now loathe her for setting us back.

In this interview, she discusses being date raped and how you “didn’t report it in those days”. I can’t tell if she’s being an activist, saying she was wrong to not report it, saying rape is terrible. It’s just very matter of fact, but it’s a bombshell, nonetheless. I want to say how sorry I am for her experiences but she is horribly wrong on so many counts.

Also, why use the term “date raped” anyway? Rape is rape, whether stranger, spousal, date or otherwise. Honestly, I cannot see the difference. Forced sex without consent is rape. She seems to think there are many grey areas. Idiotic!

I also want to say it’s irresponsible for CNN – or whichever media outlet reports it – to lump in her admission of cocaine usage as part of the British GQ interview, thereby taking away from the power of her revelation.

I don’t know – it just seems all over the map and it could be a terrific opportunity for an A-lister to get behind a cause. If that’s what she’s doing. Confused?

UPDATE: Check out Michael K’s take on this. Helen also never reported the incidents to the police. She said, “No, you couldn’t do that in those days. It’s such a tricky area, isn’t it? Especially if there is no violence. I mean, look at Mike Tyson. I don’t think he was a rapist.” Mike Tyson thanks you for that comment, Helen.

Helen said that if a woman takes a dude to bed, gets naked, and then tells him “no” at the last second and he ignores her, it’s rape. But she went on to say, “I don’t think she can have that man into court under those circumstances. I guess it is one of the many subtle parts of the men/women relationship that has to be negotiated and worked out between them.” Negotiate?! Like over milk and cookies?

News? I can’t, I just can’t.

I reallllly hope they are paying Matt and Al of the Olympics, er, “Today” Show a ton of sheckels, because besides the photo above, this has to take the cake. I became addicted to morning news – CNN and MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” of late – years ago. It all began with “Today” and was filled with hard hitting news. Now, I watch pretty much anything, but have realized a four hour show has about 25 minutes of news and then, cooking and “scaring parents” or “heat up your sex life” segments. Is this what middle America wants to see? That and they create segments around news that has broken about, oh, three weeks ago. That Kathie Lee, though – she’s priceless. I’d watch the fourth hour just to watch my fellow Greenwich neighbor and her wine rack.

Having appeared on many of the television news shows, I understand the need to pull in ratings, but this….well, this actually brightened my day the more I think about it.

Right now, I just don’t know what to think. But enjoy. Especially the Brian cameo.

Rape does not belong as a Page Six “Just asking” item.

While I love reading Page Six first thing as much as the next guy, the New York Post needs to realize that the following blind item, if true, is terrible, awful, serious, criminal behavior. Instead of having everyone scratch their heads saying “Hmm…wonder who it is?”, they should have asked the tipster for some evidence before printing it not only for libel/slander reasons but also to pass onto the Police. This is not salacious gossip. This is criminal and shows how marginalized rape has become in our culture.

“August 18, 2008 —

WHICH hunk in a summer movie is a violent, closeted homosexual? The heartthrob snuck into his ex’s apartment a few months ago and raped him so violently, the ex ended up in the hospital – and the actor paid him $500,000 to keep his mouth shut.”

The tabloid media is always going too far, but this (and tell me if you agree) really scared me on so many levels. I hope the truth comes out. Speeding healing thoughts to the victim, who knows that the payoff won’t fix his psyche.