1-2-3 and go! Casey Anthony Verdict – your thoughts?

I did not watch the entire trial, but I did watch closing arguments as well as some of George and Cindy Anthony’s testimonies. Here’s my take: we all KNOW she did it, but the prosecution didn’t have much to work with, ergo, reasonable doubt. No DNA, no definitive motive, no method of death, a body that disintegrated far too long thanks to Police not listening to Roy Kronk, etc.

It will also, IMO, in extraordinarily bad taste for Baez and team to be yukking it up with Champagne right after the verdict. Such shades of O.J. Will Schadenfreude catch up with Casey in the form of perjury charges against Cindy and a big huge bill from the State of Florida? Or will she be wooed with interviews and book deals? All I care is that there is a dead precious baby and one or more of those folks know about it.

And what did you all think of Casey’s glamorous look at sentencing? The hair, the makeup, the broad smiles? Had I dodged that kind of bullet, I’d still be in my schoolmarm phase. OK, go!

Where is Morgan Harrington?

Morgan Harrington was at the John Paul Jones Arena in Charlottesville, VA on Saturday night to attend a Metallica show. At 8:40, according to reports, she felt ill, went in search of a rest room, then exited the stadium to get some air. Stadium security would not let her back in. (more on this asinine policy later) She called one of the 2 friends she had traveled with to the show (Morgan is a Virginia Tech student) and told them what had happened. There are varying reports as to what she advised the friend (some say she said “I’ll meet you in the parking lot” or “I’ll find a way back home on my own”) on the phone, but she vanished. Her purse and phone (battery removed) were found by UVa police the morning after.

I understand that policies about reentry are made to protect everyone. Someone could (gasp) sneak into a show with a phony ticket stub. A crazed fan could leave, get a weapon and reenter the venue. The scenarios are legion. But when a young woman is separated from her friends and not feeling well, should it not be incumbent upon venue security to ensure her safety as well? Are they not called “security”? How many fans without tickets (and perhaps a taste for crime) could have been lurking outside, just waiting for a stray young disoriented woman to appear? What about the road crew of the two opening acts?

Please pray for the safe return of Morgan. Regardless of what happened to her, she’s been gone for 5 days and her family needs some answers, as does the community.

PS – have you ever heard your cell ring during a concert? I would think looking at texts to be far more important.

We will post some links later. The story is developing quickly and has just been classified by VA State Police as a “criminal investigation”.

OMG, my blog is sooooo boring looking!

Bear with me people. I am just learning to swim in the tech world. My eyes are so bored looking at this. I want to have a fabulously cool blog – although our subject matter is serious.

We’ll be working on this. Promise!

Sunday school teacher NOW accused of both raping and murdering baby Sandra Cantu.

I really cannot do this right now, but I will later. Too awful. Details on this and Spector to come.

Today – someone made a great point on the “Today” show as there is so much backlash because the perp is a Christian and her family is also in the Church business. When people identify that closely with their faith, many transgressions and, indeed, mental illness are excused with “prayer can help us” or “Jesus will help her” or “we are a Christian family and faith will guide us.”

Merely labeling onesself a Christian does not remove the fact that one may be a psychopath, sociopath, narcissist, murderer, drug abuser or any of the above. Being a fundamentalist or Evangelical does not excuse one from the laws of society. It does not mean that your faith will take care of your illness. As a Christian (Catholic) myself, I don’t spare Catholic priests when I hear of their abuse of children. Can someone please tell me why “Christians” are above the law and the first to comment on the transgressions of others? Honestly, I am curious to who holds the key to this mystery.

Domestic abuse, murders, rape all UP since economy tanked.

More on this later, but the week has brought far too many heartbreaking stories, the murder-suicide at the Michigan college, the stabbing at Gettysburg College, the murder of Sandra Cantu by a Sunday School teacher in Tracy, CA, the rape of an elderly woman by teens under age 16 in Florida.

I am hanging up my pen for the day. On this holiest of Saturdays, my heart just breaks.

A boy teen fell to his death at the Dalton School – breaking…

…developing. He was 17-years-old. We don’t know if he was a student at the posh school, if he was pushed, fell or was a suicide. The body is still in the street. More later.

Amanda “Foxy Knoxy” Knox’s trial begins in Italy.

More later on this. Must feed baby!

What’s Your Soundtrack Monday? Finally back!

As I’ve been finishing my manuscript, I’ve been listening to lots and lots of material as I “soundtrack” when I write. Some of today’s list is a bit dark – today was the first day I was able to leave the baby with our fantastic nurse and drive around today with some of my thoughts. I got to shake off yesterday and add some colour to what I’ve been writing. Here’s today’s playlist – hope you’ll add some of this to your iPod.

“I’m No Angel” – Gregg Allman. From his solo album. Who doesn’t love Gregg Allman? And wasn’t he fantastic as the drug kingpin in the movie “Rush”? Go rent it.

“Hunger Strike” – Temple of the Dog (Eddie Vedder/Chris Cornell). The best of Seattle’s poet prophets, together on this poignant track. Grunge heaven.

“Fragile” – Sting. Haunting and beautiful; I can finally face this song.

“Love is Blindness” – U2. A gorgeous, shimmery arrangement of what could sound like a funeral dirge. Give it a whirl.

“Jolene” – Dolly Parton. Smarter and more sinister than the songbird’s voice belies, this song is full of heartache and desperation; makes me give my husband the sideye.

“Lost in the Flood” – vintage Bruce. For my money, the tale of Gunner, Jimmy the Saint and the colorful characters of the Bronx win in this searing bio-ballad.

YouTube/video links a little later!

Have you tried GoodSearch?

Did you know that you can donate money to any charity, simply by using GoodSearch as your search engine? It’s powered by Yahoo, so it’s fast and easy. You can even download a toolbar. This year alone, we’ve made over $400 via GoodSearch. An elephant sanctuary in Tennessee (who knew?) made like $3K in 2006. I don’t even want to know how many people it took to raise that kind of money, but we’re hoping you can help STARS Fund – Sisters Together Assisting Rape Survivors.

To see how it works, click here!

So, even if you don’t feel like donating your dollars to charity, you can help us by surfing the ‘net.