Hermes design house breeding own crocodiles for handbags.

Not my typical post, but this is certainly news of the odd. Hermes, known for the $50,000 (!!!) Birkin bag, has taken to breeding their own crocodiles for the coveted bags. Surely, Victoria Beckham is happy to hear this news. PETA, not so much.

“It can take three to four crocodiles to make one of our bags so we are now breeding our own crocodiles on our own farms, mainly in Australia,” says Patrick Thomas, chief executive of the luxury line. “Hermes already faces a major challenge producing 3,000 crocodile bags a year. The world is not full of crocodiles, except the stock exchange!”

OH, bring the LOLs, Mr. Thomas! But seriously, it takes 3-4 crocodiles to make one of those bags? Crikey! Thoughts?

Revisiting the Jennifer Moore case – speaking of “blame”

Michele brought up a good point – what has happened to the case of Jennifer Moore, the young woman raped and murdered after their car was towed after spending a night at Guest House in Chelsea? “Law & Order: SVU” did a sendup of this case, much like the Imette case and, sadly, what may be the Laura Garza case. Here’s the Wiki on it.

Scroll way down to the Bill O’Reilly link…”She was wearing a miniskirt and a halter top…every predator in the world is gonna pick that up at two in the morning!”. Victim Blaming at its Red State finest. Ergo, my beef with Fox. This one time, I’m gonna side with Tucker and Keith.

As I see it, Draymond Coleman is still awaiting trial. He was assisted in Moore’s rape and murder by a prostitute, Krystal Riordan, who built her escort career on Craigslist.

May she rest in peace and her family not suffer as we investigate this latest Chelsea club disappearance. Dorrian’s Red Hand, anyone? Not much has changed since the 80’s.

Sick T-shirt (and even dumber model agreeing to smile and get paid).

Well – this is fabulous. Tell me, everyone, do you see these on college campuses everywhere? I don’t. I wonder what the sales figures are. I am not surprised that Todd lives his three dogs.

While we’re on topic, check out the other offensive T-shirts (and desperate models who obviously have no idea what they’re selling)David & Goliath are selling. Everyone should be offended by this. It’s not a feminist issue. Just one of dignity, good taste, common sense.

Feel free to write to these fine citizens here to be heard (or ignored).

Am I to wear this to the gym?

I’ll make this brief. Jennifer Baumgartner created this shirt. Discuss.

1) Um, she’s not a survivor – perhaps she should leave this to us.
2) I wouldn’t wear it and that’s just a personal choice.
3) Maybe, just maybe, the idea is right, but the execution is poor.
4) Yeah, it’s written across the BOOBS. And is that a microwave? A safe?