Celebrity Crime Roundup – Part Four. Loose Fingered Louie again?

Times are hard, people!

Winona Ryder has had a “comeback” of sorts – not of the cinematic type, but of the drama in real life type. A few weeks ago, a health issue forced her to seek immediate medical attention after a flight. She recovered quickly (from the rumored Xanax overdose) in order to attend the Marie Claire Prix de la Mode Awards in Madrid, Spain.

There, she wore a beautiful diamond bracelet and ring, lent to her by Bvlgari. The jewels are said to be worth $125K. (PS – why don’t celebs just buy their swag? That really bugs me, although I understand the red carpet thing. The trickle down effect? I don’t see it. It’s not as if I’d go out and buy Bvlgari jewels because I saw some celeb wear them. It’s a matter of cash, baby!)

Anyhoo, Miss Thing claims she lost the bracelet. Which does happen. Stuff falls off and if you don’t have security, it gets lost. But here’s the rub: Wino claims she brought the jewels to the concierge of her hotel, who put them in the safe. The problem is, after reviewing all of the surveillance video (Winona’s Waterloo!), it seems Ms. Ryder never dropped anything off at said desk. I mean really, what’s she going to do? Sell it on eBay? Police are investigating!

Rut row. I’d like to hope for the best here and think the hotel messed up. But something tells me Miss Ryder still has her demons. Don’t we all? I am so not judging, I swear. What do you think?


  1. i too believe miss ryder is still struggling with her demons! after all, how can you argue with a video camera? MARIO

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