David Letterman vs. Sarah Palin

Let me begin by saying I really do not care for Sarah Palin. She was unqualified for the Veep nomination and her town charged rape victims and their insurance companies for rape kits (around $1200). Alaska has the highest incidence of rape per capita, by the way.

That said, David Letterman really crossed the line by his comments about Bristol/Willow/whomever. You don’t joke about them being raped, “knocked up”, having sex with older men, etc. Imagine if he had said any of this about Sasha or Malia Obama? I voted for Obama, by the way. Barack and Michelle would have his head on a platter.

What I mean to express here is that while late-night comics clearly use our messed up political follies as great fodder for comedy (and usually successfully!), he really didn’t need to go there. Leave the kids out of it. Whether calling Chelsea Clinton “ugly” or making fun of the Bush twins partying habits, it’s not a good practice and I think he’s wrong. What did you think of his jokes? His half-assed apology?


  1. I thought it was disgusting and terribly out of line. What if someone made a crass crack like that about his kid? Maybe he'd think it was funny. It was a sick thing to say and in very poor taste.

  2. liz,

    i'm glad you brot up this topic, becuz i was gonna bring it up in my political group today!

    on the one hand, i'm a big-time fan of david letterman, and have always believed that the suits at nbc blew it bigtime by giving johnny carson's tonite show spot to a glorified mediocrity like jay leno over a true comic innovator–if not genius–like letterman!

    on the other hand, like you, i don't agree with palin's politics and also felt that she wasn't qualified to be VP, and also thot it was appalling that wasilla charged rape victims for rape kits!

    having said all that, i too think that letterman's remarks were inappropriate, and that his “apology”, such as it was, was half-ass!

    as obama himself said during the campaign last year: people's families are off-limits, whether it's palin's kids or obama's kids!

    if i may add one more thing: despite my political opposition to palin, she, like hillary clinton during the primaries, was subjected to nasty and mean-spirited sexist and misogynist remarks by cable news commentators, political bloggers, and *democrats*, including being hung in effigy, which i found to be abhorrent! and so, despite my political differences with her, a part of me was sympathetic to what she was subjected to!


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