Disappearing wife, part 8,342. Liza Murphy’s cold case.

This devoted wife and mother had an argument with her husband, stormed out without any of her belongings (purse, cell, cigs) and has never been seen since August 2007. Her husband, an Irish immigrant named Joe Murphy, tried to kill himself in the days that followed.

What is hinky here is that a) he has lawyered up and is no longer cooperating with Police (yes, you can do that), b) he has full custody of the 3 children, c) she was suffering from depression and fibromyalgia, thereby suggesting suicide and not focusing more on the husband. He also will not let the children see their maternal grandparents. Why not?

I don’t mean to point the finger at the husband, but FBI statistics and good old common sense tell us to look at the intimates first. He was very possessive, didn’t like when she went to visit friends…what do you think?


  1. My bet is the hubster is involved.

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