Evangelist “Tony Alamo” convicted of sex offenses – says prosecutors basically hate Jesus.

Sometimes I always wonder why rape victims draw the ire of evangelicals. I’ve been on the end of some serious hate mail from evangelicals who tell me to burn in Hell and all of that nonsense (that doesn’t seem very “Christian”, does it?). People drunk with power and their perceived close relationship with Jesus have been in the news a great deal these past years for unspeakable acts against their fellow man. Hey, let’s hear it for hypocrisy!

Well “Tony Alamo” – real name, Bernie Hoffman, who has evangelical churches in three states was convicted of sexually assaulting a number of young girls over the years.



  1. Liz, Even though I'm a Christian the ignorance of these idiots makes me barf.

    This reminds me of a conversation I was having with my cousin about radical preachers and she told me that her preacher was giving a sermon and during the sermon he told rape victims “to just get over it.”

    She said she got up and left and never attends on Sunday, but still partipates in some of the activities. It is a Church she has attended since she was a child.

  2. Liz and Levi,
    Same here.

    I am as church going and church involved as they come… But I have zero tolerance for attitudes like this, and I do not shy away from being very blunt about it amongst my church group friends. I WILL NOT let my fellow christians bully me or make me feel guilty for beliving that rape should be a crime punished to the max. Why the hell should I “forgive” a crime that I did not commit when frankly, I am the one suffering from the after math of it being comitted against me for the rest of my life?

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