Famous last words: “I know him and he’d never do this”. Blaming the victim, part 4,803.

As you know, Charlottesville is my favorite place. Ever. So imagine my ahem, dismay, in reading not only this story, but the comments. Not one person expressing sorrow for the alleged vic of Dillon Shifflett, a MySpace superstar. It’s always “where are the parents?” “he couldn’t have done this” and my fave, “Imah pray fo heeam”. Apparently, all of the Shiffletts decided to log on and weigh in.

OH, he apologized too. But once again, very low bond for a rape charge. This is not a part of the country that takes these crimes seriously and I do take offense at this. When you look at sentencing for far lesser crimes….well wait until my next post.

But can we talk about the commenters? Seriously.


  1. liz,with one notable exception, the commenters totally missed the point: the victim is underage, and therefore *by law* does *not* have the capacity to give consent, even if, hypothetically speaking, she did give personal consent!MARIO

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