Forgiveness is overrated. Thank you, Elie Wiesel.

Elie Wiesel is one of the great humanitarians and heroes of our time. If you’ve not read “Night”, please run out and do so. Mr. Wiesel lost his fortune to Bernie Madoff.

He says he cannot and will not forgive Madoff.

This is not about me, but this is my answer to those calling for my head as they perceive my unwillingness to forgive my rapist. I’d much rather have lost all of my money. I can get that back. My virginity and dignity cannot be bought back or restored. Forgiveness is a word bandied about like so many these days and I refuse to be vilified for appropriate anger in response to a crime against my person and humanity. If Elie Wiesel (practically a saint, in my book) cannot do so, then I support him.

Enough said.


  1. Liz,This post mafe my morning. I get the same forgiveness speech, over and over again and I am fucking sick of it. I hear it day in and day out- my friends, my nutritionist, and every couch I have ever sat on.They just don’t get it. But I get Elie.

  2. liz,AMEN! very well said!i don’t blame mr. wiesel one bit for not forgiving madoff, just as no one should give you a hard time for not forgiving beebe or the other rapists.forgiveness is a *gift* that is given by the victim, *if* she/he wants to give it all. it’s totally the victim’s call. forgiveness is neither a right owed to the transgresser nor an obligation owed by the victim.and, it is between the victim and the transgresser–it’s no one else’s business.the only disagreement that i have with you is this: granted, your virginity can never be restored, but i believe that you got back your dignity a long time ago.MARIO

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