George Anthony tried to off himself. What is next?

I never know what to think about Casey Anthony’s parents in this whole mess. They’re either dumb as fuck or totally in the know, in which case, they should be held criminally liable as well. Or, maybe just Cindy Anthony knows. Sidebar: I’d like to know why their unemployed daughter was able to pass off a story that she had a nanny. A nanny they never met. Well, a job Casey never had – and all the while, she and the child were living with them. That part is the part I cannot wrap my brain around,

There have also been stories floating out there that Lee Anthony, Casey’s brother, was actually Caylee’s father. What in Sam Hell? I digress…

George Anthony finally cracked under the pressure of the whole mess and went missing for a few days. He was found in a hotel room two counties away, having texted goodbyes to family members and having left a 6-page alleged suicide letter.Does George know something? Is George just another victim in his daughter’s tangled web? Is he simply heartbroken? As a retired cop, I had hoped he could pry something out of Casey. Sadly, this whole mess boils down to one thing – a beautiful and innocent child was killed and Casey Anthony and Jose Baez seem to be capitalizing on it.


  1. I wrote whole thing on not about the Dad, but those tapes of her and her stupid crying fit. This family is nuttier than a fruitcake. I don’t know what the hell they know, but if they didn’t do anything, why do they want immunity? That lawyer is also being investigated by the FL bar. He seems like an ass. He wants the fame. He should convince her to plea. She’ll die if she doesn’t.

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