Haleigh Cummings’ father engaged to 17-year-old girlfriend who saw her last.

While we do not sit in judgement here at Not Ranting, it would seem that Misty Croslin is way too young to marry Ronald Cummings. It would also seem that an engagement during this missing child saga is pretty tasteless, although the girl’s dad defends it in his statement to the press. Misty even shows off her new ring to the press corps. I think people react to tragedy in a multitude of ways.

I also think that married folks don’t have to testify against one another. Why does this story bug me so much? Why can’t they find this girl? I am not saying that the family is to blame, at all, but they need to figure it out, stat.

Haleigh’s four year old brother says a “man in black clothes” came and abducted his sister. He’s four. He could have imagined it, could have seen it, could have been coached. Whatever the case, I hope this child is found.

UPDATE: after the photographed proposal at Chili’s (sorry), Ronald and Misty plan to marry today. Today! It’s Wednesday! What’s the rush? In the meantime, a new massive search for the child is underway today covering a 13 square mile area around the home. In addition, Haleigh’s mother has now retained Counsel.

Ron and Misty plan to have “another wedding” once Haleigh is “home with them”.

UPDATE: The married couple say the wedding is “what Haleigh would have wanted”. How many 5 year olds do you know championing wedding vows? You know what I think Haleigh would have wanted? TO BE FOUND.

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