Hatred. Not cool.

Mondays are tough enough for many of us – parenting, working (or not, in many cases), taking care of ourselves and those we love. Most of us watch the news, and some of us watch too much news. As a news junkie, I realize the negative reports can be bad for a fragile psyche, or even a happy one!

Today, I am struggling with the shooting at the Holocaust Museum, the hinky election in Iran and – I won’t even name him – the asshat who called Michelle Obama the descendant of “gorillas” on Facebook. How stupid for a person in office to use Facebook for such an ignorant comment?

I know Mrs. Obama doesn’t read such crap, but I am sure she’s been made aware of it and will not dignify it for a moment. Why all the hate? What’s wrong with people today? Let’s all do something beautiful, giving, lyrical and magical for one person today. Recycle a water bottle, read to a child, call a sick person, restrain yourself from posting something hateful on Facebook or a blog.

Be well, friends.


  1. liz,

    i missed the “gorilla” story.

    re the museum shooting, as i said on your facebook page, the shooter's own son said he wished his father had died in the attack, and so do i.

    the shooter was nothing more than an embittered, hateful loser in life, as most of those wackos are.


  2. liz,

    i found that “gorilla” story and posted it to FB. what a racist, neanderthal asshole.


  3. Mrs. Securro, I know this is off the topic, and you will hate me for watching the Erin Andrews video.However, she was caught naked ironing her pants, then she is shown making phone call in the nude…Ma'am, it looks like this is a Paris Hilton wannabe looking for some zillionaire husband?If she set this up, she must be very bored with arrogant dumb jocks?The entire video seems like a beautiful and talented reporter who might be auditioning to be a housewife–ironing!–or a live-in girlfriend for some zillionaire who has more brains and maturity than conceited professional jocks, and can provide her with financial security at the level of a Paris Hilton?
    I'm not a pervert or sicko, but most red-blooded heterosexual males like me just can't resist this modern-day Lady Godiva?I think she knows that?
    Have nice day, ma'am!

  4. if u google erin andrews and gq, you will get dirty pix.she posed for gq in april.they are being released right before the football season starts.what a coincidence!DUH!
    she also mentions in her gq interview that she wants to cover the nfl in new york.football players make less money on average than baseball players do, and she already covers the majors.she goes on to mention in gq that she would like to get married in the future…
    one conclusion is that she is looking for a rich guy who may or may not be a jock. maybe somebody outside sports???
    what erin andrews needs the most right now:
    she needs to get a good and honest certified financial planner who will not steer her towards a bernie madoff-type of investment strategy.she also needs a good tax attorney, because she will be NO DOUBT be making more than the magic-obama number of $250k/year.
    she should stay away form ubs and any tax havens until she consults with an attorney.the british virgin islands as well as the cayman islands are good alternatives to ubs swiss accounts.belgium also has a good reputation for not asking qs about the source of $.

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