Have you survived trauma? You need this book.

We are trying to make this blog more about helping people than about highlighting the flaws of our justice system – which is also helping people!

That said, I was given a book that changed my life. Click here to order “Invisible Heroes”. This book is terrific for anyone who has survived war, violence, sexual assault, a horrific accident, witnessing any of the above, a traumatic divorce, physical or mental abuse of any kind. You suffer from trauma if you have panic attacks, pain, flashbacks, PTSD, nightmares, etc. Trauma remains trapped in the body unless it is freed from the mind. This book is not meant as a panacea, but as a way to kick start your healing.

It will make you see that you need not suffer. It’s a groundbreaking book in that there is really nothing out there like it. The author, Belleruth Naparstek, is a therapist who works with guided imagery and the left brain theory. It really opened my eyes. Be well.


  1. No, but Im gonna run out on my lunch hour and get it at the borders down the corner from me. This is great! Thanks for the suggestion. I read when bad things happen to Good people but it didn’t talk about the science of the brain and different therapies that help.

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