Honestly – what is wrong with these women? Another murder of pregnant woman and baby.

Excuse, but I am supposed to use the word “alleged”. We’ve heard this before and I wonder if there is a medically/legally vetted word for this phenomenon.

Police were called to the home of this woman, where she and her boyfriend were found desperately trying to revive a newborn, who she claimed was her own. Upon further investigation (and a trip to the hospital), cops realized she had not been pregnant recently and found a young woman dead in the crawlspace of the home. The woman in custody had told friends and family she was expecting a child.

Women have been killing other women for their babies by using ruses such as hanging out in OB/GYN offices, trolling baby registries and such. Some say it’s due to the alleged murderers longing for a child of their own. I think it’s monstrous.

Thoughts? Prayers for the victims. Such a sad, sad ending to what should have been a joyous time.


  1. liz,

    i don't know whether to label these types of murderers as sick or evil!


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