I survived. I thrived.

Last year, I was thinking about this. This year, it was there, a little fuzzier, but still lurking with cold, dead fingers dancing across my brain. It just IS. I kept looking at the clock, cradling my newborn and trying to banish the inner voice, saying “This time 24 years ago, I was getting dressed”, “this time 24 years ago, I was fed an illegal drug”, “this time 24 years ago, unspeakable things were happening to me.”

This time, in 2008, I am whole. I am happy. I survive. I am.

For you, Linds.


  1. liz,needless to say, you’ll always bear emotional scars for the rest of your life and have little demons way in the back of your mind!however, that certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t rise above those demons and be happy! in fact, as you pointed out, you *are* happy! you have more than survived–you have triumphed and thrived–you have won!LUV, MARIO

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