I took a long vacation from blogging!

I hope you all don’t mind – it’s been a tough year. That said, I expect to return to blogging with the release of my book, “Crash Into Me”. The book will be out on January 4 in stores and is now available for pre-sale. I have much to say about justice and injustice and I will provide you with links to other worthy sites. To say I’ve been lazy is not true – just raising two young babies, writing, running a company and moving to a new place.

I love all of you. Thank you for following! I promise to update – there have been so very many egregious cases in the news. Tell me what you want to discuss!


  1. sheila.weaver says

    Glad to hear from you! Looking forward to your book 🙂

  2. michele told me last nite that you'll be blogging again! i'm so glad! i've missed the blog!


  3. I just read your article in Marie Claire. I went to University of Richmond and wrote an article in Style Weekly about so many friends/friends of friends who were date raped and never found justice. Did a lot of research at the time and found so many things brushed under the rug–UVA being one of them. Congrats for being brave.


  4. You can better understand the behavior of men like George Huguely, the father who raised him that way, his defense counsel Fran Lawrence and Rhonda Quaglioni, and many of their enablers in the world of academia if you think of the human species as just another species of predatory animal; nothing special, people are just like dogs and chimpanzees.

  5. bring back the blog! bring back the blog! *chuckles*


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