John Hock – sick criminal of the month.

I often wonder why some stories that really shock me to the core don’t get picked up by mainstream media. This is one such story and I call upon my wonderful friends in the media to give it some airtime.

Rape cases when the victim is unconscious are not impossible to prosecute at all. That said, it’s difficult when memory is simply not there, or foggy, as defense will try to trip up a complaining witness – for example, “if you can only remember part of the assault, how do we know you’re being truthful about the totality?”. Yes, that sort of shit.

Well, John Hock makes it easy for prosecutors. He raped a woman repeatedly while filming it LIVE with his webcam, just as the Max Factor heir did. What he then did was stream the video onto the Internet. Can you imagine? The victim got texts from her friends and watched it herself.

John Hock – I hope you go away for a long time, you depraved stealer of souls. Just because you manage to get a woman drunk (or probably drug her, I am sure), does not mean you can rape her repeatedly and boast about it. Clearly, no one would ever consent to having relations with you.

I’d also like to know who watches this stuff? What site do people post this crap on? Am I the only person who thinks this is extraordinarily depraved? I wish healing thoughts to that poor victim, who was assaulted by Hock, then by having to watch it.


  1. Anonymous says

    They should be freed so they can be sent to Burma to protest against the military junta there.Film what happens to them in Burma and show it to the world.

  2. liz,

    john hock is clearly one DEPRAVED MF!


  3. I saw this earliar on your blog today, then on O'Rielly. I was surprised for once he did not blame the victim. Awful. HORRIBLE. Not only is he dumb as fuck, but he's Ugly as sin and sadly, probably the only way his ugly ass to get any is to rape a poor unconscious victim. AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL! I hope he gets the max.

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