Judge Hogshire strikes again.

So, Judge Hogshire, the judge in my case, who, by the way, would not allow my family to make any Victim Impact Statement in open Court, sentenced this thug to 2 consecutive 15 year terms (with much withheld) for gang-related beatings and trying to be a Crip or a Blood or whatever.

Nor did he read the statement I had submitted to the Court (as per law) weeks before. He had to take a recess and read it in Chambers. Which took all of 5 minutes. After I spent about a month with my famiy working on said statement.

Aggravated sexual assault? Ten years with all but 2 suspended and 5 months and change served. Perhaps the good judge ought to get out more or at least be aware that his actions do have repercussions and feelings leftover for victims’ families. Beating and gangs, obviously bad. Rape? Much worse.


  1. liz,would you be willing to share your victim impact statement with us?MARIO

  2. Oh Good Lord- Judges/lawyers… don’t get me started. I am with you. Rape is abesolutely barbaric and for a man who admitted that he did it to you and then have his lawyer come out and say oh… he was just trying to “avoid conflict”- I watch that piece all the time on my DVR because you are my hero- is abesolutlely disgraceful. I hated the judge in my case too… Your honor, please instruct the witness to answer the question as directed. Answer the question Ms. X. I did answer the question. Why did you buy my client Pizza? My answer was, not so he could rape me. To this day- I can not eat, touch, or be ANYWHERE around pizza without freaking out. Do you know how hard that is in NYC?I think every victim of rape should have their day in court to state how that kind of invasive crime can turn someone’s life upsidedown and inside out. It certainly did for me. I was recently reading about the Tory Bowen case and they said it is now becoming a “growing trend” for judges to ban words like “rape” “Sexual assault” “Assailant.”When I read that, I was outraged. So what, they want us to commit purgery? Why shouldn’t an (and again I hate to use this word) “alleged” victim be able to tell her version of what “allegedly” happened to her from her point of view?The defendant has the right to state or NOT state his version- as we saw with Alex Kelly who never once took the stand. But, as my good old ADA told me when I bitched about how unfair the system is, why am I on trial, what did I do wrong except tell the truth, “The court system is designed to protect its weakest member, and that is him, not you.”So he loses a few years of his life in a prison cell. What about what I have lost? Years and years of sleep, relationships because after what he did to me, men I have dated can’t deal with my sexual hangups and classify me as damaged goods. The most important thing I lost was my dignity. But I don’t think the judges and the DA’s really care. I feel your anger, my friend.Michele

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